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Final Assignment for IX564-01-Design of Learning Enviornments

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  1. 1. The Design of T.A.M Learning Management System
  2. 2. What is T.A.M? T.A.M is a LMS (Learning Management System) that will: •T-Teach •A-Achieve •M-Maintain Knowledge
  3. 3. T.A.M Learning System T.A.M will teach learners, they will in turn achieve, and maintain their newly acquired knowledge. There are 2 versions:  T1 Version- Supports educational institutions.  T1 Version-Corporate Version
  4. 4. T.A.M System Model
  5. 5. Learning Tools TAM will be equipped with internal and external tools. Below are just a few: • Jing • Discussion Boards • Blogs • Individual and Group Instant Messging • Video Clips/Youtube
  6. 6. T.A.M Course Delivery Tools Course Tools:  Podcasting  Blackboard  Lesson Builder  Screen Casting
  7. 7. T.AM.'s Hardware Tools Twenty-four hour help desk Twenty-four hour help desk Page specific help icon. Vendor Server Back-up
  8. 8. Staffing  Support Network for Students  Tutoring Sessions on ground and virtual  Writing Center  Plagiarism software,  Online math tutorials,  FACS (Faculty & Curriculum Support)  FACS will provide digital imaging, Illustrations, and Graphics
  9. 9. T.A.M's Budget The defined budget for TAM (Open Source) is as follows:  Budget Amount- $25,000  Possible Annual/Monthly Fees  Feeds for upgrades and patches to the program  Customization Fees  Maintenance Cost  LMS Administrator
  10. 10. References rning_Tools.pdf