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Posrche Macan


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Regional Launch

Published in: Marketing
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Posrche Macan

  1. 1. Porsche OUR WORK Porsche Macan Regional Launch The brief: Launch the new Porsche Macan in the MENA region. Unique Selling Point: World’s first sports car in the compact SUV segment. We positioned it as: A sports car that made modern, urban everyday lifestyles more exciting and dynamic. Creative solution: We turned the region blue with a -360degree, Through The Line campaign, using our local experience and insights to target the right people at relevant touchpoints, such as universities, cinemas, shopping malls, beach, retail stores and fashion shows.
  2. 2. Life, intensified. MENA-wide campaign including print, OOH, direct marketing, POS, magazine special operations and customer engagements. Partnership with Fitness First A new intensified workout called the Macan TUFF Challenge, providing participants an opportunity to get rewarded. Results: %60 more enquiries in the first 2 months. 2,247 new contacts acquired for our database. 236 leads generated. 78 sales made. Life, intensified. ComThe new Porsche Macan. Local activations Idea: UNIVERSITIES Activation designed to appeal to the emotions of the young, savvy target audience. We recommend partnering with a renowned university. Concept and Staging: We stage an ‘intense’ experience within the university. A bungee jumping event. Pre-Launch Implementation: a) A few days before the event, we place floor stickers in the hallways and a giant inflatable cube in the campus with a teaser message. b) On the M-Day, we bring the crane, and brand the whole area with Macan. Roaming Porsche promoters encourage people to register on the Macan hub. Those who participate in the bungee jump, get a chance to be invited for the exclusive Macan launch. Various cameras will be placed to shoot and provide live feed of the bungee jump on a large screen. a) b) Porsche OUR WORK ٤١ Idea: WATER SPORTS Addressing the needs of our target audience and building greater relevance to the Macan theme, we create an outdoor event concept that can be implemented across the region. Concept and Staging: Bring to life the core promise of ‘Life, intensified.’ through a series of thrilling beach activities. Pre-Launch Implementation: a) We set up a Macan-branded ‘intense zone’ at the beach that will be the central hub. b) Porsche registration booth with a promoter to encourage people to register on the Macan hub. c) Mini mobile stand with the augmented reality app. a) b)c) Porsche Macan Regional Launch