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Live Mupis

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Lurpak Live Mupis The brief: Position Lurpak as the ‘champion of good food’ and raise awareness about this mission within the regional context in a disruptive manner. Unique selling point: Lurpak does not only enable good food by being a key ingredient, but also empowers moments of delight by being a brand that inspires food lovers to get into the action. We wanted to creatively express this positioning to food lovers. We positioned it as: Built on the creative platform of ‘Game On, Cooks’, the campaign inspired food lovers through a unique point of view: Now more and more we are browsing food pictures online, reading recipes, liking posts, watching shows i.e. consuming food visually & passively. It’s time to stop looking and start cooking, and enjoy the sensorial thrills of the kitchen!
  2. 2. Lurpak Live Mupis Creative solution: Mupis are a common sight inside and outside malls in the region. The standard fare on the mupi is an adaptation of the creative print visual. We decide to stir things up a bit. ‘Grab Lurpak and let’s bake’ said every mupi, while transforming itself into a real cooking station. A real person was stationed in the mupi space with ingredients, utensils and Lurpak, of course. Bringing the creative of the mupi to life! A promoter interacted with passers-by and offered freshly created food, engaging them in a very unexpected way. The implementation cut through the clutter of mall communication and received an overwhelming response in terms of engagement in a high-footfall arena.