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Dubai Culture

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. Creatopia by Dubai Culture Local Launch The brief: Develop the identity and launch campaign for Creatopia – an online platform by Dubai Culture for artists and creatives in the Middle East to share their work, interact with peers and source opportunities. Unique Selling Point: A first-of-its-kind platform in the Middle East, providing a rewarding and engaging experience for the local creative community. We positioned it as: A digital community of creative individuals that brings people together and provides opportunities to support and grow a local culture of creativity.
  2. 2. Creative solution: We developed a comprehensive brand identity, designed the website and launched the brand with a grand opening event and integrated ATL campaign. Highlights included: - Fun, interactive direct communications material - Large-scale launch event - Print campaign material was sourced through crowd- sourced art from members of our online platform - Recruitment of artists through activities in art centres, galleries, universities, and a paid media campaign using a contextual and pragmatic approach. Results: KPI of acquiring 3000 Creatopians acheived. Creatopia by Dubai Culture Local Launch