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Florida Federation of Young Republicans - May not Be Most Current version.

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FFYR Platform

  1. 1. FLORIDA FEDERATIO OF YOU G REPUBLICA S 2008 Issues Platform (as approved at the 2008 FFYR September Quarterly) I. ECO OMY A. We believe that government should have a balanced budget unless it would otherwise harm national security. B. We oppose state income taxes. C. We oppose any state minimum wage, price controls and increased government regulation. D. We support welfare reform and welfare to work programs. E. We support the repeal of the Florida State Intangible tax on investments, legislative statutes, mutual funds, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. F. In a current tax system, whether federal, state or local, we support reductions in tax rates. G. Excluding securing property for government use, we oppose application of eminent domain law by private entities II. SOCIAL SECURITY A. We support the rights of individual employees to opt out of the Social Security system by choosing responsible private tax deferred or defined contribution alternatives. B. Until such time as the federal income tax is eliminated, we support tax deductible alternative retirement plans such as IRA’s. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP’s), 401(k)’s and other programs which encourage savings and investment to meet retirement needs. We support increased tax deferral limits on IRA’s to $5000 per person per year. This is a sound fiscal alternative and offers stability to the individual planning retirement. We oppose the special privilege of members of Congress and other government employees to refuse to participate in the Social Security system, a right that is not afforded to the working men and women of America. III. E ERGY & E VIRO ME T A. We support the exploration of environmentally sensitive policies that will enhance our nation’s ability to be increasingly energy self-sufficient, while decreasing our reliance on foreign suppliers. B. We support the responsible exploration of oil drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and in the Gulf of Mexico, including off the coast of Florida beyond the coastal line of sight. C. We support the prudent use of Florida’s natural resources to support continued growth and the stewardship of those resources ensure renewed opportunities for man and animal to flourish. D. We support cleaner sources of energy and transportation. E. We support timely and just compensation based on appraised market value for property devaluation caused by any government action whether such property is taken or not and re- establishment of the 3% cap if applicable. F. We support research of alternative fuel sources encouraged by tax incentives and capitalization of research and development expenses. IV. TAXES A. We oppose a state personal income tax. B. We support incentives in the state and federal income tax law to encourage private development of the infrastructure. C. We oppose any state or federal value added tax except as a potential replacement for the federal income tax. D. We oppose any tax on personal property. E. We support the abolition of the capital gains tax and repeal of the Tax Reform Acts of 1990 and 1993. F. We support the immediate repeal of all estate and gift taxes. G. We oppose any form of inheritance, death, and/or wealth transfer taxes. H. We support the permanent abolition of the marriage tax penalty. I. We support the Fair Tax and/or a flat tax. J. We oppose the $50,000.00 homestead exemption.
  2. 2. K. We support the repeal of the tax stamp fee on National Firearms Act Weapons. L. We support the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution V. EDUCATIO A. We support charter, magnet, and home schools as a way to promote public school choice and the school voucher program as a way to promote competition between public and private schools. B. We support a mandatory offering of the pledge of allegiance including the words “UNDER GOD” in all public schools within the state of Florida. C. We also oppose the adoptions of textbooks that include historical revisions or political correctness. D. We support increase emphasis on civic education at all grade levels. E. We fully Support Governor Bush’s A+ Plan. F. We support an amendment to repeal the Class Size Amendment. G. We support the right of teachers to post the Ten Commandments in the classroom if the teacher chooses. H. We support the students’ right to freedom of speech (i.e. saying prayer or mentioning God in speeches). I. We support continuing education and testing for all public educators. We support pay scales commensurate to the achievement on those competency tests and National Board Certification and not based solely on the longevity of employment. Passage of such tests should be a requirement for employment in Florida public schools. We believe that the pay scales within the State of Florida should be adequate to attract and retain the most competent educators possible. J. We oppose the concept of “social promotion.” K. As part of civic education, we promote a comparison of the American ideals of government and capitalism to the failed philosophies of communism, socialism, and fascism. L. We support legislation establishing English immersion education and oppose the current bi- lingual education system. M. We oppose the involuntary use of teachers’ union dues to support or fund candidates for political office or their campaigns. N. We support the principle that 65% or more of state education budgets be spent in the classroom instead of in administration. O. We support the dismantling of the U.S. Department of Education P. We support the option of educators to include Intelligent Design in public school curriculum VI. LIFE A. We believe the unborn child has a fundamental human right to life from the moment of conception, which cannot be infringed upon. We, therefore, endorse legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection also applies to unborn children, for which the Declaration of Independence included in its guarantee of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. We oppose using public revenues for abortion and will not fund organizations that advocate it. We affirm our support for the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of human life. We oppose any effort to legalize physician- assisted suicide or any other form of assisted suicide. B. We oppose all attempts to clone a human being in their entirety. C. We oppose all embryonic stem cell research and support adult stem cell research. D. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, we support a ban on abortion in Florida except where the mother’s life is in jeopardy and the baby is not viable. VII. HEALTH A. We support mandatory testing of all those seeking citizenship for HIV or any disease that poses a serious public health risk based on CDC guidelines and the expulsion of all those who test positive for any of these. B. We oppose the teaching of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle choice. We call for the collection, monitoring, evaluation and application of accurate statistical information on teen
  3. 3. pregnancies, teen live births, teen abortions, and teen AIDS cases as a means to measure the success or failure of health and well-being programs. C. We oppose socialized medicine and support free market reforms to the current health care system. D. We recognize the right of the individual states to regulate practitioners and providers of health care services as necessary. E. We oppose sex education in public schools without the parents’ prior approved notification and support the teaching of abstinence-only education. F. We support “moral objections” by medical professionals in any abortion procedures. G. We support reforming the Federal tax code to make it easier for consumers to use Health Savings Accounts (HSA's). VIII. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS A. We oppose any regulation by federal, state, or local governments regarding the sale or ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. B. We support reciprocity of concealed carry permits nationwide. C. We support the instant background check system to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. D. We oppose ballistic finger printing of firearms. E. We absolutely oppose the registration of firearms. F. We oppose the re-authorization of a 1994 crime bill that bans assault weapons. G. We support the lifetime concealed or open carry permit to be issued in the state of Florida with only an initial background check and education requirements. H. We support the sale and purchase of automatic weapons under the same restrictions and guidelines that govern the sale and purchase of handguns in the state of Florida. IX. CRIME A. We support increased penalties for crimes committed with or involving firearms. We support trying juveniles as adults when they commit felonies. B. We affirm that the purpose of imprisonment is punishment. C. We support capital punishment and initiatives to limit extensive appeals. We oppose the filing of involuntary appeals. D. We support the implementation of federal capital punishment provisions to include cases of conviction for treason. E. We oppose the policy of premature parole for prisoners. F. We affirm that stalking should remain a state crime. G. We support the expansion of the prison industries program to put prisoners to work in shops, farms, and other productive work on prison grounds so that prisoners may help pay the cost of their incarceration. H. We support life imprisonment for statutory defined career criminals through efforts such as the “three strikes” amendment and the “10-20-Life” bill. I. We support a citizen’s right to defend himself against criminals, with deadly force, if necessary. J. We support reform of the penal system to include expanding the role of restitution and other forms of penalties and alternative sentencing mechanisms, as appropriate. K. We oppose the filing of frivolous lawsuits by prisoners. L. We oppose laws that refer to “hate” crimes because we believe that the victims of crimes are equally violated regardless of the causes of the crime. People can only be treated equally under the law when people are first recognized as being equal under the law. M. We oppose the degradation of personal privacy in electronic media without due cause. N. We support the use of boot camps to discipline, punish, and reform juvenile offenders with the exception of voluntary manslaughter. O. We support a double murder ruling for pregnant women who are murdered. P. We support drug awareness education beginning in the first grade in all public school systems. Q. We support assigning drug offending minors to boot camps, scared straight programs, and other alternative sentencing mechanisms.
  4. 4. R. We support the elimination of seizure powers of law enforcement upon law-abiding citizens, and support the creation of safeguards to protect the private property rights of innocent property owners. S. We support mandatory life sentences for individuals convicted of sex crime against a minor. X. DEFE SE A. We oppose any further cuts in defense spending that weaken U.S. military readiness; and, we support the rebuilding of our military strength to a level sufficient to meet the requirements of the possibility of two major theater wars in overlapping time frames, the occupation of one of the belligerent countries, and a limited number of smaller scale contingencies. B. We support competitive bidding for all non-strategic items purchased by the Department of Defense. C. We support the exclusion of homosexuals from serving in the United States armed forces as a matter of good order and discipline. D. We oppose the deployment of American troops under the command or control of any non- U.S. Military commander. E. We oppose the use of U.S. military personnel and/or services for non-military purposes other than those of primary U.S. interest. F. We support any necessary funding for development and deployment of a ballistic missile defense system. G. We support U.S. efforts to defend against and preempt terrorism. H. We support the use of the U.S. Military against foreign drug cartels. I. We support oil drilling of the coast of Florida for the purpose of lessening our dependence on foreign oil as it relates to our national security. J. We oppose the FBI’s indiscriminate monitoring of domestic email and text communications. K. While recognizing the importance of women in the military, we support women in combat only if they are held to the same high standards that already exist for men. XI. FOREIG POLICY A. We recognize the need to assist new republics and countries in the development of healthy free market economies and we support these new democratic governments, however, we do not condone offering assistance, which compromises the strength of our economy and domestic military requirements. B. WE support requiring any corporation issuing stock within the state of Florida to disclose in writing, via prospectus, any direct or indirect business connections with any nations hostile to the U.S. C. We support media information dissemination efforts to spread the word of liberty to oppressed persons around the world. D. We support the exclusion of all persons found to be members or supporters of terrorist groups from gaining or maintaining entry into the United States. E. We support the dismantling of the United Nations. F. We condemn all governments that support the reprehensible practice of human slavery as well as the practice of ethnic and political cleansing. G. We support our government’s policy of aggressively seeking to end terrorism throughout the world. H. We support Israel’s right to self-preservation, which includes refusal to cede land and the right to take any action necessary, military or otherwise, to ensure safety and an orderly society for its citizens. I. We oppose most favored nation status to the People’s Republic of China unless and until the government of China holds free, multi-party elections. J. Until the end of Communism on the Island; we support the embargo against Cuba; we denounce the dictatorial rule of Fidel Castro. K. We oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). XII. SOCIAL ISSUES A. We believe that the concept of “marriage” can only apply to union between one man and one woman. B. We oppose the adoption of children by homosexual couples.
  5. 5. C. We believe that all able-bodied welfare recipients should be required to do productive work in order to receive benefits. Such a policy would restore dignity to those who want to contribute to society. D. We support equal rights for everyone and special rights for no one. E. We support English as the official national language of the United States. F. We oppose any changes or amendments to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America as amended by the addition of the words “ Under God” by a joint resolution of Congress in 1954. G. We support the end to Affirmative Action as a form of any policy f our state and nation. H. We oppose the so-called UN Treaty on the “Rights of the Child” as its ratification would constitute an infringement on parental authority and national sovereignty. I. We oppose all forms of reparation. J. We support simplification and increased flexibility in the adoption process. XIII. IMMIGRATIO A. We support clear and consistent standards and policies regarding immigration and citizenship, so that those involved will understand their rights and responsibilities, and not be subject to the whim of individual administrators. We believe that the law should provide a greater incentive for those who seek to work within the legal immigration system than for those who attempt to enter the country illegally. B. We support legislation to require schools to notify USCIS when immigrants with student visas leave school early, and employers to inform the USCIS when employees end their term of employment. C. We oppose all welfare benefits for non-citizens. D. We support limited immigration of those people seeking better opportunities that emigrate to the U.S. bringing with them their work ethic and desire to pursue citizenship through learning the English language, laws and principles of this country and have proven patriotism and devotion to this country above all other nations. E. We support securing our borders. F. We oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. G. We support the construction of the border fence for which Congress has previously approved funding. XIV. POLITICAL ACTIVITY A. We oppose the public financing of political campaigns. B. We oppose non-partisan elections, excluding judicial elections. C. We support closed primary elections. D. We oppose all efforts to abolish the Electoral College. E. We oppose the abolition of the Second primary in Florida. F. We support full disclosure of financial responsibility for all issue ads. G. We oppose the conversation of campaign funds for personal use. H. We support paycheck protection for union and non-union employees. I. We support the right of U.S. citizens and corporations exclusively to financially support the political campaigns of federal, state, and local candidates. J. We oppose the “Campaign Finance Reform Act” of 2000. K. We support a Constitutional Amendment protecting the flag from desecration. L. We support calling a Constitutional Convention to revise the Florida state constitution and eliminate the rubbish that has accumulated since its ratification (e.g. the infamous “Pregnant Pig Amendment.”). M. We support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits for Congress. XV. JUDICIARY A. We support additional tort reform for the State of Florida.
  6. 6. We the undersigned, being of sound mind and body, do hereby certify that this, 2006-2007 FFYR platform, was adopted according to all rules and regulations as provided for by the Constitution and/or By-Laws of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans (FFYR). ______________________________________________ FFYR Platform Committee Chairman ______________________________________________ FFYR Secretary