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Wavelength USA 2012 final_pdf

  1. 1. Wa Vis vel ea n d it s o m Ad m e o i r e f Am d c eri ngt hU o m cA’ pan s m i e s o st Sa 24 – 2 pi o n e 9 J er un ing 201 e2 0 12 , s u c ce 2 ss f ul
  2. 2. the Wavelength USa effect A faScinating and valUable trip. I learned much which I have applied in my oWn company both by learning from the companies we visited and from colleagues in different sectors who were on the programme. Wavelength USa was far superior to any in-company corporate learning that I have done because of the diversity of participants. The companies we visited were carefully selected to offer insights Wavelength enables you to see amazing individually as well as the mix, drawing companies with your own eyes which is out some key themes for success in US absolutely not like listening to them at a businesses at a time of great economic conference. You get the UniqUe opportunity uncertainty and digital transformation. And it to see right inSide these companies was great fun too! coming away with a basketful of inSightS and ideaS stolen with their blessing! Natalie-Jane MacDonald MD Health and Well Being, BUPA Tracey Ashworth Davies HR and Board Director, Molson Coors02 | Wavelength USa 2012
  3. 3. Wavelength USa offers one of a kind learning opportunities for senior practitioners. The programme is designed to expose participants to new business models, new ways of thinking, and practical case studies built on cUtting edge technology and insights. The opportunity to interact with industry leaders and network with colleaguesi am Still bUzzing! I found it a hugely from around the globe is unparalleled.valuable week – partly being able to They were timely and relevant, enablingstep back from the day job has been me to effect change immediately.priceless, but also the stimulus from Julie C. Lyleboth the participants on the programme Chief Marketing Officer Prudentialand the amazing companies we saw Corporation Asiahas been ‘awesome’! I really do feellike I have a new source of energy,enthusiasm and determination to makesome of this stuff happen – thank youfor that!Diane HerbertDirector of Human Resources, Channel 4 Wavelength USa 2012 | 03
  4. 4. What iS Wavelength USa? In June 2012, Wavelength will provide you with a unique opportunity to get inside some of America’s most pioneering, innovative, successful and disruptive businesses. Meet the entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought At Electronic Arts (EA) we will get inside the leaders in the companies on the frontiers of world’s most successful games company that service excellence, employee engagement, has had to continually reinvent its business product and service innovation, and corporate model to stay ahead. venturing, who are using social media platforms to transform markets and industries. At Google, we will take you inside one of the most influential, innovative and disruptive In Los Angeles, we will have unique access companies on the planet. to the world’s best known and iconic entertainment brands at DisneyToon Studios. And at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, we will find out how a luxury brand with 40,000 staff globally inspires As guests of eBay and PayPal we will see and sustains a culture of service excellence. how innovation is re-defining a brand. The composition of the delegate group In Silicon Valley, we will meet an amazing will provide a rich and diverse range of group of people who are keeping the Valley experiences, perspectives and insights. It will at the leading edge of innovation and the comprise senior executives from the corporate digital revolution. sector, leading social innovators and highly 24 only successful entrepreneurs. Join US for a Week and placeS experience a lifetime of learning. available04 | Wavelength USa 2012
  5. 5. Why yoU mUStcome With US1 Step outside your industry and gain insights into and an understanding of alternative business models and cultures.2 Understand how the web and social media are disrupting traditional business models and changing patterns of consumption, employment and customer service.3 Gain insights into how to engage the hearts and minds of your employees to drive business growth.4 Acquire the practical tools and techniques for putting customer service excellence at the heart of your organisation. Wavelength USa Special gUeSt! Andrea McCall is Senior Vice5 See how step change innovation processes are designed President at Dreamworks and executed. Studios in Hollywood and part of Stephen Spielberg’s inner team responsible for some of the best movies of all time.6 Develop an external network of business leaders across She will share her insights on how to tell stories industries. which captivate the world and how she negotiates the relentless battle between art and commerce!yoU Will be re-energized, refreShed, inSpired,edUcated and challenged by yoUr time With US! Wavelength USa 2012 | 05
  6. 6. Who’S thiS for?Wavelength USA is for Chief Executives,MDs and other senior executives with theappetite and authority to change things intheir businesses.the core themeS of the WeekService Excellence, Social Media, Innovation and EmployeeEngagement are relevant to most disciplines and all sectors butwill be especially pertinent to leaders:> with responsibility for driving customer service excellence> challenged by how social media platforms can best be integrated into employee engagement and customer interactions> with a human resources / talent development brief> charged with driving innovation in products and routes to marketJoining the group will be a select number of leaders frompioneering social enterprises, passionately focused on findingsolutions to some of society’s biggest challenges, succeedingagainst the odds in creating sustainable change. They will addunique, challenging perspectives. Wavelength USa 2012 | 06
  7. 7. Where yoU Will be going Mountain View 20,000 people changing the world. Los Angeles Themes: innovation culture; employee engagement; ‘the acceleration of everything’. The most famous entertainment brand on the planet. This multi-billion pound company of 20,000 people has changed the world. Its very name has entered the Themes: language as a verb – ‘to google’. the power of collaborative storytelling and At the HQ of one the world’s most iconic companies you creativity; radical employee engagement. will get insights into how the digital revolution is causing ‘the acceleration of everything’ and thus how we build With Pixar, DisneyToon is part of Walt Disney Animation businesses, consume and interact with the world will be Studios responsible for producing direct-to-video features. radically changed. Our host is Meredith Roberts, SVP and General Manager, Google sets the standards too as an exemplary employer. who oversees the creative culture of DisneyToon Studios For the fourth consecutive year, Google has achieved a alongside John Lasseter, the legendary Pixar genius top five ranking in Fortune Magazine’s prestigious ‘100 responsible for smash hits such as Toy Story and Cars. Best Companies to Work For’. Innovative benefits, flexibility and the opportunity to pursue ideas that challenge the For Meredith, it’s all about the culture. Her counter intuitive status quo are just a few of the attributes that have human resource strategies – no-one has a contract so continued to keep Google as one of America’s most in leaders must make it a great place to work or talent walks demand companies for top talent. – are designed to attract creatives in an industry where the competition for the world’s best could not be more A not to be missed opportunity to get inside one of the intense. DreamWorks is only four blocks away! world’s hottest, most iconic and disruptive companies.07 | Wavelength USa 2012
  8. 8. San Jose Two online businesses transforming commerce and money flows around the globe. Half Moon Bay Themes: continuous innovation; business model Redwood City reinvention; redefining a brand.The world’s leading luxury hotel brand. The eBay story is that of how to re-invent an iconic brand to The world’s leading independent developer and ensure relevance and growth in a rapidly changing world. publisher of video games.Themes:service excellence; employee engagement; Its spectacularly successful acquisition of PayPal and Themes:‘you can’t be a legend without a great story’ CEO John Donahoe’s turn around strategy have seen the business model reinvention; sustaining business increase revenue by 32% (Q3 results 2011) – itsWith 37% market share, Ritz-Carlton Hotels leads the innovation; the ‘game-ification of everything’. biggest year on year gain since 2006.ultra competitive luxury hospitality market. The Ritz-CarltonHotel Company employs 40,000 people across 82 Its move into mobile platforms is redefining the brand. For more than 25 years, Electronic Arts (EA) has beenproperties in 25 countries and has received all the major The company sold almost $2 billion worth of goods via at the intersection of rapidly changing technology, fickleawards the hospitality industry and leading consumer smartphones and tablets in 2010, more than double the teen tastes and the demands of Wall Street. Today, EA isorganisations can bestow. total sales from 2009. the world’s leading independent developer and publisher of video games for all platforms and is the top publisherHosted by Sue Stephenson, part of the executive Donahoe has identified “Innovation” as his biggest across Apple’s mobile devices.committee reporting to the president and CEO, we will get competitor. His mission to innovate his company to the headbehind the scenes and see for ourselves how an array of of the pack is reflected in eBay’s ranking on Fast Company’s EA’s fascinating story is of a long established globalclever processes, structures and behaviours ensures the list of 50 of the world’s most innovative companies. company having to constantly reinvent its business modelvision and values are brought to life, employees are totally to adapt to new technologies and competitors arrivingengaged and customers wowed. How do you inspire and The reinvention and repositioning of a global brand is one at frightening speed! How has the first mover into thisengage staff in an industry renowned for low morale, poor of hardest things in business to pull off. Come with us sector continued to innovate, attract talent and staypay and high turnover? Sue will also provide insights into to eBay to learn lessons from a leadership team that is ahead of the game when its competitors are Google,Ritz-Carlton’s global sustainability ambitions. achieving this. Apple and Facebook? Wavelength USa 2012 | 08
  9. 9. inSide Silicon valley IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Silicon Valley has been a global leader in innovation for more than two decades. Some of the most influential and successful businesses in the world have their roots deep in this area, south of San Francisco. Over the course of an amazing 24 hours we will meet a cross-section of the leading designers, venture capitalists, marketeers, inventors, entrepreneurs and commentators who will provoke and inspire. Wavelength is delighted to be partnering with Silicon Valley Bank. SVB banks 70% of all US venture backed companies across technology, life sciences and cleantech. Over 70% of all US VC funds are banked by SVB. In 2011, they banked seven out of ten of the Wall Street Journal’s top tech start-ups.09 | Wavelength USa 2012
  10. 10. the plan in detail people yoU Will meet:1 Greg Becker dinner President and CEO, SVB Financial Group and Hosted by Greg Becker, Silicon Valley Bank’s President Silicon Valley Bank and CEO, we will have dinner with some of the Valley’s leading players. Greg has held a variety of senior roles within the Group since joining in 1993 and became President and CEO in 2008. One of the leading2 inveStor’S forUm The complex eco-system of angel investors, venture capitalists, introductory agencies, universities, commentators and entrepreneurs is the architecture of figures in the Valley’s investment community, Greg is a board member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group which was set up to address the major public policy issues affecting the economic health Silicon Valley. Ideas finding money is its lifeblood. We and quality of life in Silicon Valley. will attend a pitching session and see first hand how entrepreneurs win over the investors they need to grow Lisa Gansky their businesses. Entrepreneur, thought leader and activist Lisa is author of The Mesh: Why the Future of3 corporate ventUring Multinationals open offices in the Valley to access an innovation pipeline. One of the most experienced investors in this area is Russell Pyne of Atrium Capital Business is Sharing. She is never happier than when she is “breaking the edges of formerly happy business models and bringing together not-so- likely characters in the form of new offerings, who, for many years, has helped shape the eco-system teams and partnerships.” of big business, entrepreneurs and venture capital. A warts and all insight into how such venturing can work so James Gutierrez everyone benefits. Co-founder and CEO, Progreso Financiero James is a serial entrepreneur and social innovator4 Social innovation who, backed by Silicon Valley Bank, started Progreso The Valley is producing innovative solutions to large- Financiero in 2005 to provide financial services to scale social problems. We will hear from leading social the vast underserved market of low income Hispanics innovators such as James Gutierrez, the founder and CEO in the USA. After graduating from Stanford, James of Progreso Financiero, a for-profit microfinance business worked at Morgan Stanley, Bain & Company, and as providing loans and credit to the low income Hispanic a venture investor before committing himself to the residents of California and Texas. It is expanding rapidly cause of the unbanked. and aims to be a billion dollar business within five years. Wavelength USa 2012 | 10
  11. 11. on the groUnd: an overvieW of the programme SUNDAy: DAy 1 MONDAy: DAy 2 TUESDAy: DAy 3 WEDNESDAy: DAy 4 THURSDAy: DAy 5 FRIDAy: DAy 6 Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Half Moon Bay, California Mountain View, California Redwood City, California San Francisco, California Who’s on the bus? Visit to DisneyToon Visit to Ritz-Carlton Visit to Google, Visit to Electronic Arts, Inside Silicon Valley, in Studios, Glendale Hotels Mountain View Redwood City partnership with Silicon A facilitated session to Valley Bank introduce the group to Experience counter- Unique, behind the Visit the HQ of the Experience the world’s itself, agree terms of intuitive employee scenes access to business that has shaped largest, most successful You will meet a cross- engagement, and run engagement in the and insights into this the way we all use the computer games section of the leading through the detailed world’s most famous iconic customer service internet. business. venture capitalists, logistics of the visits. entertainment brand. business. entrepreneurs, Visit to eBay, Welcome to Silicon commentators, inventors, Welcome to Debrief sessions Debrief sessions San Jose Valley Dinner social innovators and Wavelength USA designers who are Meet the leadership Hosted by Greg Becker, keeping the Valley at the An in-depth briefing on the of eBay and PayPal – CEO Silicon Valley Bank leading edge of innovation companies and detailed and see how they are and the digital revolution. preparation to ensure you redefining a brand. will derive maximum value Final debrief sessions from the trip. and action planning An Insider’s Guide to Hollywood, hosted by the British Consulate11 | Wavelength USa 2012
  12. 12. landing the learningSWavelength offers you world-class stimulus but reallearning requires structure: we don’t do pointlessinspiration. We ensure that real learning happensso when you return to work you can make the mostof the experiences.Before you Go On the GroundOne of Wavelength’s team will speak with you Hosts will be comprehensively briefed aboutto understand why you are coming, what your the make-up of the group and the issueslearning style is, to answer any questions you you are keen to understand and dig into. Allmay have, and to talk through how you will sessions will be as interactive as possible.communicate your experiences when you get We not only meet the leaders but also tourback to the office. the facilities and meet frontline staff to get as full a picture as possible. After each session, there will be facilitated time for reflection andThe week before we travel, we will send learning, and the last afternoon is given over toyou a learning handbook with details of the action planning for return to work.timetables, background information on thecompanies and hosts, biographies of thegroup, and suggestions about how to record Capturing the Weekand process the wealth of incoming stimulus We will be filming, audio recording,you are about to receive. photographing and blogging the inputs, insights, ideas, and actions on a range of social media platforms, which will be available to your people back at base immediately and for use on your return. Wavelength USa 2012 | 12
  13. 13. the detailS Cost £18,500 + VAT Social enterprise and ‘not for profit’ price and terms on application. DATES: starts 9am Sunday 24 June ends 5pm Friday 29 June 2012 The price quoted EXCLUDES all flights to and from and within the USA and all hotel room incidentals. Wavelength USa was an amazing experience exceeding all my expectations. I can’t believe the access you got us and the quality of people and organisations that we met. Jimmy Barber Director of Operations, Royal Sun Alliance13 | Wavelength USa 2012
  14. 14. aboUt Wavelength Wavelength provides leaders with access to some of the world’s most admired, successful, and socially innovative companies. We provide leaders with the opportunity to connect with, learn from and be inspired by these remarkable At the heart of our work with leaders organisations through: is Wavelength Connect, a membership club which brings together leaders from • Experiential visits and study tours: visits to the across sectors. boardrooms and shop floors of best-in-class companies. Wavelength operates a cross-subsidy • World class speakers: real leaders, with real stories, business model enabling social who’ve been there and done it. enterprise, charity and other non-profit leaders equal access to world-class • Bespoke events: highly participatory workshops, events inspiration, education and connection and visits. typically only open to senior executives from the private sector. • Leadership development programmes: bringing together leaders whose professional paths would not www.thesamewavelength.com normally cross. www.wavelengthlive.comCOMPANIES WE WORk WITH: Wavelength USa 2012 | 14
  15. 15. Wavelength THE SMALL PRINT 1 Wavelength USA 2012 events will take place in Los Angeles, San 8 You should take the necessary steps to meet the visa or travel Jose, Half Moon Bay, Mountain View, Redwood City and San Francisco. authorisation requirements which apply to you at the earliest time. Transfers between hotels and venues will be in private, luxury coach. Confirmation of eligibility under the Visa Waiver Programme can beUSa 2012 2 High-end accommodation will be provided, as follows: obtained in some cases in under 72 hours. However, confirmation might 2.1 In Los Angeles at The Four Seasons: the hotel’s features and take significantly longer than this, and it may be the case that you amenities include business centre services including high-speed wired are not eligible to enter the United States under the Programme and & wireless internet access; a spa salon; a fitness centre and swimming therefore require a visa. Most visa applications require an interview at a facilities. US consulate authority. You should check with your local US consulate 2.2 In Half Moon Bay at the Ritz Carlton Hotel: the hotel’s features authority about the current visa application completion time. In most and amenities include in-room wireless, high-speed Internet access cases a fee will be payable.Contact us to book a place and computer and fax outlets; an executive business centre; a spa and beauty salon; fitness centre with complete Cybex gym and yoga studio; Medical treatment in the USA can be very expensive, and there are no special arrangements for British travellers. You should ensure thator ask questions and swimming, tennis and golf facilities. you have comprehensive medical insurance, which includes hospital 2.3 In San Francisco at the Hotel Vitale: the hotel’s features and amenities treatment and medical evacuation to the UK. You should seek medical include in-room wireless, high-speed internet access and laptop safe; a advice before travelling to the USA from your GP, practice nurse or fully equipped business centre open 24-hours; a fitness room and spa. travel health clinic, and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are 3 All meals (i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included commencing with up-to-date. Additional health requirements may apply to travellers fromadrian@theSameWavelength.com breakfast on Sunday 24th June 2012 and ending with lunch on Friday outside the United Kingdom, and you should check with your local US 29th June 2012. consulate authority about what the relevant requirements are well in+44 (0) 7966 193 343 4 Passport and Visa requirements: all travellers to the USA must hold a valid advance of travel. passport. Travellers to the USA will also require a visa unless: 9 The full fee for the tour must be paid to Wavelength Companies Ltd no • They are eligible to enter without a visa under the Visa Waiver later than Friday April 1st 2012 and failure to do this may result in theliam@theSameWavelength.com Programme (please note that you will still be required to obtain a travel authorisation through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, 10 cancellation of the delegate’s place on the tour. There is a minimum number of 15 delegates required for the tour to take+44 (0) 7714 521 061 which can be accessed via the US Embassy website); or • They are exempt from the visa requirement. place. If the tour is cancelled because of insufficient numbers delegates will be informed no later than 30 days before the scheduled tour start of 5 For more information about these categories for British passport holders May 25th 2012. please see the US Embassy’s website: http://london.usembassy.gov/ 11 As delegates are responsible for their own outward and homeward nonimmigrant-visas.html transport no arrangements have been made by Wavelength in the event 6 British passport holders may be eligible to travel to the USA under the that those outward or homeward journeys are delayed. Visa Waiver Programme, details of which are to be found at http://london. 12 All monies paid to Wavelength Companies Ltd in respect of Wavelength usembassy.gov/vwp.html. The failure to determine your eligibility for USA 2012 will be held in a trust account. travel under the Visa Waiver Program may result in you being denied the 13 In exceptional circumstances Wavelength may need to alter the details opportunity to travel to the USA. given in this brochure. If any changes to these details are required then 7 Delegates based outside the United Kingdom must contact the Wavelength will make these changes clear to delegates. appropriate US consulate authority in their country of residence for full details of the relevant visa or travel authorisation requirements. WWW.theSameWavelength.com