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Wavelength Connect Brochure June 2012


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Wavelength Connect Brochure June 2012

  1. 1. 2012CONNECT
  2. 2. CONNECT 2012 | 02 >WELCOME TO WAVELENGTH CONNECT 2012! On behalf of the Wavelength In 2012 many excellent leaders have agreed to share team, a very warm welcome their experiences and learnings with you, from world to Connect! renowned companies such as Disney, Red Bull Formula 1, The Eden Project, LEGO and Apple to You are one of some 100 brilliant ‘hidden gems’ like Grundfos, Kiva, Aravind and leaders drawn from a Pets At Home. diverse and exciting mix of industries and sectors. I am Our job at Wavelength is to help you get as much as looking forward very much to possible from these encounters so you can developgetting to know you as part of the Connect 2012 cohort. and deepen your leadership insights and practices.The purpose of this brochure is to give you a strong So, please have a careful read of this brochure. I’m suresense of the quality and focus of the programme and you will be as excited as we are about the leaders you willto let you have the dates and logistics for all events up be meeting. Come to all Wavelength events with an opento and including June 2012. mind and an open heart, willing to learn and help others learn, and you will get massive benefit from Connect.We believe that leaders learn best from leaders,that you can learn much from sectors very different But right now, the most important thing is that you getfrom your own and that nothing beats hearing – the dates in your diary! The next page gives you all youwarts and all – from those on the front line leading need to know…successful businesses. TAMMY POTTER CONNECT WELCOME
  3. 3. CONNECT 2012 | 03 > WHAT IS YOUR TIME COMMITMENT? We know that the more you attend the more you will get out of the programme, and the better relationships you will build. To take part in everything you will need to block out 10 days in your diary.JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE BEST IN CLASS 12 BIC 1: 01 – 03 RECONNECT 1: BIC 2: 02 – 04 Leading for Innovation BIC 3: 14 – 16JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER BIC 4: 28 – 30 NOVEMBER11 18 – 19 9 BIC 5: 28 – 31 RECONNECT 3:OLYMPIC LUNCH RECONNECT 2: SKILLS MASTERCLASS 3/4 day modules to world The Business of Social class companies InnovationLunch at the Olympic park Leading in a connected Mastering the power of (you will attend 1 Best world storytelling In Class module)
  4. 4. MAY | BEST IN CLASS CONNECT 2012 | 4 > May is Best In Class month, when, in groups of 20 or so, you will get access to some of the world’s most iconic organisations with much to teach about customer service, employee engagement, leadership and social innovation. Some are well known like Apple and Google, others are the hidden gems like Pets At Home, Grundfos and Unimerco. All will open their doors to give us not to be missed insights into how they do things and maintain their places as industry leaders. OVER THE 3/ 4 DAYS OF EACH MODULE, YOU WILL: • visit three Best In Class companies • have facilitated time to draw out your learning and actions • over dinner reconnect with your fellow members BEST IN There are five modules in May – you will have the opportunity to go to one. There is lots of information to share about Best In Class – about the hosts and how your places will be allocated – and this will be sent to you in a separate brochure in the New Year.
  5. 5. MAY | BEST IN CLASS CONNECT 2012 | 5 > BEST IN CLASS COMPANIES WE WILL BE VISITING: BIC 1: 01 – 03 May Lars Kolind, Grundfos, Virgin Atlantic BIC 2: 02 – 04 May Fifteen, Eden, Four Seasons BIC 3: 14 – 16 May Unimerco, Apple, Lovefilm BEST IN BIC 4: 28 – 30 May John Lewis, Livity, innocent BIC 5: 28 – 31 May Sol, Pets at Home, Google
  6. 6. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 6 > RECONNECT 1 – INNOVATION Whatever sector you lead in, creating and sustaining a culture of innovation is a huge challenge. How are people, money, and time best used to bring great new ideas to successful, profitable life? We have brought together companies renowned globally for their innovation spirit and success. They will be sharing honestly how they organise themselves to ensure they keep innovating – and winning. RECONNECT 1
  7. 7. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 7 > LEGO It is less than a decade since the LEGO Group was near bankruptcy. RED BULL RACING FORMULA ONE Many of its innovation efforts – theme parks, craft sets marketed Red Bull Racing is simply the best in the world and is to girls, a TV action figure called Galidor – were the one they are all trying to catch. unprofitable or had failed outright. Today, as the overall toy market continues to decline, LEGO’s revenues and There are no big bang, huge jump forward innovations profits are up and climbing. This turnaround has been in the fiercely competitive, high stakes world of F1. attributed to how LEGO now organises innovation. It is all about incremental innovation. Steve Nevey, Relationship Manager for Red Bull Racing, who is We have invited Paal Smith-Myer, Head of New responsible for developing and managing relationships Business at LEGO, to explain how the company splits its with the Formula 1 Team’s technical sponsors and innovation efforts into eight distinct types, from product suppliers, will take us inside the culture which has development to business – model innovation. taken Red Bull to the very top. With a background in Computer Aided Engineering, Steve was responsible for the computer hardware and software that the team uses for designing and manufacturing the race cars. And having worked RECONNECT 1 as a Design Engineer back in the days of Senna, Mansell and Prost, when teams were smaller and the cars were much simpler, Steve has witnessed the innovation, team-work and relentless focus necessary to get the best out of the best.
  8. 8. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 8 > DANONE In recent years this multinational has stepped IDEO in a big way into investing in social innovation projects all over the world. Through its 100 million Euros Danone The world’s leading design firm, IDEO creates Communities Fund it invests in high impact social innovative products, services, spaces, and experiences entrepreneurs aiming for system change to enable the for such companies as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, poor access to water and nourishment. Its portfolio and Samsung and helps companies build cultures includes social businesses in Bangladesh, Senegal, of innovation. Since 1991, IDEO has topped Business Cambodia and Mexico. This is no CSR or corporate Week’s annual list of winners of the Industrial Design philanthropy exercise but a core part of Danone’s Excellence awards and in 2011 made the top 10 of Fast innovation strategy. Company’s world’s most innovative companies list. Emmanuel Faber, Vice Chairman of the business with One of IDEO’s young stars, Tom Hulme, will share what responsibility for innovation, will speak about how he is learning about how businesses that believe they his social business programme has become a hotbed need to be more innovative can best go about this. He of innovation for Danone. Faber does not believe his will be joined by one of his corporate clients who will company should give money away so has abolished its share how they learned how to be innovative again. CSR department! RECONNECT 1
  9. 9. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 9 > WHEN REGISTRATION Tuesday 12 June We will assume you are attending unless you let us 08:30 – 19:30 know otherwise. Please bear in mind we cater for you so if you can’t come we need to know ideally before the end of May. VENUE Sunbeam Studios, 79 Barlby Road, London W10 6AZ GETTING THERE: The closest tube station is Ladbroke Grove on the IF YOU NEED TO STAY OVERNIGHT Hammersmith & City Line. The walk from tube station IN LONDON? to the venue is 20 minutes so Wavelength will be We have a relationship with a lovely boutique hotel – No. providing minibus transfers from the tube station. Ten Manchester Street (www.tenmanchesterstreethotel. These will run from 07:45 – 08:45 in the morning and com/) in Marylebone. We have negotiated a preferred from 18:30 – 19:30 at the end of the event – look out corporate rate of £165 plus VAT for B&B, and you just for the Wavelength team at the tube station. need to say/or enter code: Wavelength. WHAT TO WEAR Business Casual is fine (yes jeans are fine, whatever you would like to come in – whatever you are comfy in RECONNECT 1 is fine!).
  10. 10. 11 JULY | CONNECT PAST AND PRESENT MEMBERS LUNCH CONNECT 2012 | 10 > In a fantastic venue overlooking the Olympic Park we will be hosted by Deloitte Partner Heather Hancock. Connect members from 2010, 2011 and 2012 will be invited to this lunch so it will be a great chance to meet new people. We are delighted to be joined by Rob Trimble, a Connect Alumnus and the CEO of the Bromley By Bow Centre, and Paul Bricknell, the Executive Director for Regeneration and Community Engagement at the London Legacy Development Corporation. Rob and Paul will be talking to us about the micro and macro impact of the 2012 Olympics on East London, the largest area of regeneration in the world. We will also hear from current Connect member Phil Fearnley, General Manager News & Knowledge, Future Media at the BBC, who amongst many other things has OLYMPIC responsibility for defining and delivering the BBC’s online digital services for the London Olympics in 2012. LUNCH
  11. 11. 11 JULY | CONNECT PAST AND PRESENT MEMBERS LUNCH CONNECT 2012 | 11 > WHEN towards the Olympic Park or Westfield Stratford City. Exit the station into Westfield Shopping Centre. Take Wednesday 11 July If using the exit of the underground station that brings the lift or escalators to the first level and follow signs to 12:00 – 16:00 you straight into the Westfield Shopping Centre you The Street/Chestnut Plaza. Jamie’s Italian Restaurant will see an EAT café – go to the right and follow the should be on your right. Continue straight towards set of escalators up to the first level. If you have exited the artificial waterfall feature. At this point head right VENUE the underground using the Stratford bus station exit, towards the Olympic Stadium and Chestnut Plaza Deloitte House, Westfield Stratford City, Montfichet you need to use the main bridge over the train lines restaurants. PRADA will be on your left and you need to Road, London E20 1GL heading towards the Westfield Shopping Centre. Follow head left down the alley between Wahaca and PRADA, signs to John Lewis and Chestnut Plaza, walking with Deloitte House situated at the end of this walkway. straight down the external walkway passing shops GETTING THERE: such as Samsung and Mini until you reach the artificial Please read carefully as the postcode doesn’t currently waterfall feature. At this point head right towards the work on satnav/google etc – apparently the address Olympic Stadium and Chestnut Plaza restaurants. does not exist, although Deloitte assure us it does! PRADA will be on your left and you need to head left down the alley between Wahaca and PRADA, with If arriving by taxi please ask to be dropped off at one Deloitte House situated at the end of this walkway. of these stations: From Stratford International From Stratford Underground High speed 1 train from St Pancras/Kings Cross takes If you have arrived in Stratford by either the Jubilee 6 – 7 minutes direct to Stratford International. Line or Central Line then please follow the exits MEMBERS LUNCH
  12. 12. 11 JULY | CONNECT PAST AND PRESENT MEMBERS LUNCH CONNECT 2012 | 12 > REGISTRATION Please read carefully as the postcode doesn’t currently **please note we will be sending an eventbrite invite work on satnav/google etc – apparently the address for this event, and we are inviting Connect Alumni does not exist, although Deloitte assure us it does! too so its important to please remember to register if you would like to attend!** WHAT TO WEAR Business Casual is fine (yes jeans are fine… whatever you are comfy in is fine!). IF YOU NEED TO STAY OVERNIGHT IN LONDON? We have a relationship with a lovely boutique hotel – No. Ten Manchester Street (www. in Marylebone. We have negotiated a preferred corporate rate of £165 plus VAT for B&B, and you just need to say/or enter code: Wavelength. MEMBERS LUNCH
  13. 13. SEPTEMBER 18 – 19 | RECONNECT 2 LEADING IN A CONNECTED WORLD CONNECT 2012 | 13 > LEADING IN A CONNECTED WORLD Digitisation. Personalisation. as leaders? Should you be on Social media. Facebook. Twitter. Twitter?! Is Facebook just for your LinkedIn… We lead in an teenage kids? Will Facebook even increasingly connected, disrupted be here in two years time? and immediate world. Relationships with consumers, employees and Adrian and Liam have been busy peers are being revolutionised. again scouring the world for people Entirely new business models and who can inspire, educate and technologies are being created challenge us. which threaten extinction for many traditional ways of doing business. What does all this mean for us as leaders, managers of supply chains, recruiters, consumers, innovators? RECONNECT What about our “personal brands”
  14. 14. SEPTEMBER 18 – 19 | RECONNECT 2 LEADING IN A CONNECTED WORLD CONNECT 2012 | 14 > From Silicon Valley, we’re SVB is not like From Kenya’s “Silicon delighted to have George any bank we’ve Savanna” we can’t wait Anders, a Pulitzer Prize encountered to hear John Waibochi, winning journalist and best before. Their clients love them (!) and as the banker entrepreneur, innovator and selling author who writes of 75% of start ups in the USA – and the first banker founder of Virtual City in for the New York Times and of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Cisco – it has Nairobi. In 2010 John was Harvard Business Review. unrivalled insights into what is coming out of the awarded Nokia’s £1,000,000 George will share his valley which will transform the commercial and social prize for innovation for insights into how social media is transforming the ways landscape for us all. his work inventing supply chain applications which top companies are recruiting talent and how leaders use empower and enrich distributors and retailers of Fast (or do not use) Twitter and other platforms to manage Moving Consumer Goods in emerging markets. their public profiles. From LA, we will be joined by Hamilton Chu, Director Also flying in will be leaders from Facebook and Silicon of Strategic Initiatives at Valley Bank (SVB). Blizzard. This phenomenon would simply not exist without the technologies of a Facebook will showcase connected world. Founded by three UCLA graduates how they partner with in 1991, it is now a huge online video gaming business businesses to transform probably best known for its World of Warcraft franchise they ways they interact with customers to increase which has some 12 million monthly subscribers. RECONNECT sales and market share.
  15. 15. SEPTEMBER 18 – 19 | RECONNECT 2 LEADING IN A CONNECTED WORLD CONNECT 2012 | 15 > Erik Hersman, a Senior Nick Jeffery, CEO of Vodafone TED Fellow, is a globally Global Enterprise Ltd will also be respected technologist, joining us. We have asked Nick to blogger and innovator speak about how the revolution specialising in the impact in mobile technology and use is and application of technology transforming how businesses do their business and throughout Africa. He runs he will be giving specific examples from industries and two popular websites – sectors relevant to Connect members. WhiteAfrican and AfriGadget – and is based at the iHub (which he created) in Nairobi which brings together 6,000 entrepreneurial innovators across East Africa. He is Co-Founder of Ushahidi (“testimony” in Swahili), a groundbreaking crowd sourcing website created to map incidents of violence during the 2007–2008 Kenyan crisis. Ushahidi has since been used around the world in a wide range of initiatives from reporting violence in Madagascar to election monitoring in Afghanistan. RECONNECT
  16. 16. SEPTEMBER 18 – 19 | RECONNECT 2 LEADING IN A CONNECTED WORLD CONNECT 2012 | 16 > WHEN HOTEL THE CASA HOTEL WHAT TO WEAR Starts: 08:30 18 September 2012 Price £70 / night This one may involve wellies again…! We’ll Ends: 16:00 19 September 2012 keep you posted! Ref Book by phone quoting reference Wavelength Address Handford Lane, Yateley, Camberley West, Hampshire, GU46 6BT VENUE Tel: +44 (0)1252 873275 Rivervale Barn, Mill Lane, Yateley, Hampshire GU46 7SS Web GETTING THERE: Wavelength will be providing coaches between the hotels HOTEL THE BROOK WATERLOO and the venues. Further details to follow. Price £70 / night Ref Book by phone quoting reference BK21896 HOTELS Address Duke’s Ride, Crowthorne, Bracknell, We have held rooms at the following two hotels. Please Berkshire,RG45 6DW ensure you book your own accommodation and quote the Tel: +44 (0)1344 777 711 reference listed to ensure you get the rates Wavelength E: has negotiated. Please note that for any cancellations we Web strongly suggest you confirm by email. hotel-bracknell Given the early start (08.30) on the 18th Sept we expect most people will stay overnight on the 17th, although RECONNECT 2 there will be no formal Wavelength dinner that night.
  17. 17. OCTOBER 09 | SKILLS MASTERCLASS CONNECT 2012 | 17 > Martin Narey. Jude Kelly. Tim Smit. Bobby Loeb. Gerard van Grinsven. What do they have in common? They are great story tellers. They know how to draw in an audience and get their messages across in highly engaging ways. We might not all get to be as good as Tim or GVG, but we can all learn how to be better at communicating to our teams, SKILLS companies and beyond. MASTER– CLASS
  18. 18. OCTOBER 09 | SKILLS MASTERCLASS CONNECT 2012 | 18 > This Connect session will be very much Every month Rob and his team reach about practical tips and insights. millions of young people in the slums and rural areas of east Africa with messages Leading us into the heart of storytelling about health, well being, and positive we have Rob Burnet. A Brit, he went social change. This is not done with worthy, traveling in Africa after university and authority-knows-best dullness, but through never came back from Africa! He now brilliantly realised comic books, compelling runs an Emmy award winning multi media characters radio shows and a very clever communications business based in Nairobi integration of Twitter and Facebook. called A Well Told Story. In Cannes in April, A Well Told Story Says Rob: “We combine the power of good picked up an Emmy – Kenya’s first – at stories with strategy, creativity, deep analysis the International Academy of Television SKILLS and hard science, to design and produce Arts & Sciences annual awards ceremony communications that spur positive social changes that can be proved and measured.” This will be a fun, inspiring, participatory session – with a couple of surprises. MASTER– CLASS
  19. 19. OCTOBER 09 | SKILLS MASTERCLASS CONNECT 2012 | 19 > WHEN IF YOU NEED TO STAYING OVERNIGHT Tuesday 09 October 2012 IN LONDON? Timings: TBC (likely to go on into the evening) We have a relationship with a lovely boutique hotel – No Ten Manchester Street www.tenmanchesterstreethotel. com/) in Marylebone. We have negotiated a preferred VENUE corporate rate of £165 plus VAT for B&B, and you just One Alfred Place, 1 Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EB need to say/or enter code: Wavelength. GETTING THERE: Goodge Street/Tottenham Court Road are the nearest tubes. Alfred Place is parallel to Tottenham Court Road, off Store Street. To find Store Street look out for Metrobank and Carphone Warehouse on its corners. One Alfred Place is a big glass fronted building set back from the pavement and the club is on the second floor. SKILLS Wavelength will be providing coaches between the hotels and the venues. Further details to follow. MASTERCLASS
  20. 20. WWW.WAVELENGTHLIVE.COM CONNECT 2012 | 20 > WAVELENGTHLIVE was developed to capture as much of the Connect magic as is possible. We launched the site in 2011 so you can already explore our huge back-catalogue: videos of the best of our speakers, their presentations, interesting background reading and links, as well as full details about Connect events and how to sign up. Live is searchable by Connect Event or by topic area (e.g. leadership, innovation, social innovation etc), is updated regularly and is a free resource of great bite size pieces of inspiration and learning available for you to use and share with your teams. CONNECT ONLINE
  21. 21. CONNECT 2012 | 21 >RECONNECT 21 Reconnect 2 will take place at the Rivervale 5. Food: Wavelength will provide light refreshments 7. There is no minimum number of persons Barn, Mill Lane, Yately, Hampshire GU46 lunch and dinner on day 1, and light required for the event to take place. 7SS. Please note that this is a fairly remote refreshments and lunch on day 2. Members will location within Hampshire and it is very unlikely need to organise their own breakfasts. 8. As Connect members are responsible for their that there will be any reception for mobile own outward and homeward transport no communication devices. 6. Passport and Visa requirements: any Connect arrangements have been made by Wavelength members who do not hold a British or EU in the event that those outward or homeward2. Connect members are responsible for organising member state passport should contact the journeys are delayed. their own transport to the venue for the appropriate consulate authority in their country beginning of Reconnect 2 on day 1, and their of residence for full details of the relevant 9. The proportion of Connect members’ return transport home at the end of the event visa or travel authorisation requirements, membership fee attributable to Reconect 2 will on day 2. Please note that we do not accept any and any health requirements that apply for be held in a trust account. liability to Connect members if they are unable to travel from that country to the UK. Connect enjoy part or all of the event because of the delay members who do not hold a British or EU 10. In exceptional circumstances Wavelength may or failure of transport that is not provided by us. member state passport should ensure that need to alter the details given in this brochure. they have comprehensive medical insurance, If any changes to these details are required3. Connect members are also responsible for which includes hospital treatment and medical then Wavelength will make these changes organising their own hotel accommodation for evacuation. You should seek medical advice clear to Connect members. Reconnect 2. before travelling to the UK from your doctor, practice nurse or travel health clinic, and4. Wavelength will provide transfer by coach to ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are and from the venue to members’ hotels during up-to-date. Reconnect 2. THE SMALL PRINT