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Connect 2012 brochure v2


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Connect 2012 brochure v2

  1. 1. 2012CONNECT
  2. 2. CONNECT 2012 | 02 >WELCOME TO WAVELENGTH CONNECT 2012! On behalf of the Wavelength In 2012 many excellent leaders have agreed to share team, a very warm welcome their experiences and learnings with you, from world to Connect! renowned companies such as Disney, Red Bull Formula 1, The Eden Project, LEGO and Apple to You are one of some 100 brilliant ‘hidden gems’ like Grundfos, Kiva, Aravind and leaders drawn from a Pets At Home. diverse and exciting mix of industries and sectors. I am Our job at Wavelength is to help you get as much as looking forward very much to possible from these encounters so you can developgetting to know you as part of the Connect 2012 cohort. and deepen your leadership insights and practices.The purpose of this brochure is to give you a strong So, please have a careful read of this brochure. I’m suresense of the quality and focus of the programme and you will be as excited as we are about the leaders you willto let you have the dates and logistics for all events up be meeting. Come to all Wavelength events with an opento and including June 2012. mind and an open heart, willing to learn and help others learn, and you will get massive benefit from Connect.We believe that leaders learn best from leaders,that you can learn much from sectors very different But right now, the most important thing is that you getfrom your own and that nothing beats hearing – the dates in your diary! The next page gives you all youwarts and all – from those on the front line leading need to know…successful businesses. TAMMY POTTER CONNECT WELCOME
  3. 3. CONNECT 2012 | 03 > WHAT IS YOUR TIME COMMITMENT? We know that the more you attend the more you will get out of the programme, and the better relationships you will build. To take part in everything you will need to block out 10 days in your diary.JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE 06 – 08 18 and 25 BEST IN CLASS 12 ON YOUR MARKS LEADERSHIP BIC 1: 01 – 03 RECONNECT 1: MASTERCLASSES 2.5 days residential on the Up close and personal BIC 2: 02 – 04 Leading for Innovation Berkshire Downs with 4 great leaders BIC 3: 14 – 16JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER BIC 4: 28 – 30 NOVEMBER11 18 – 19 SKILLS MASTERCLASS BIC 5: 28 – 31 RECONNECT 3:CONNECT LUNCH RECONNECT 2: Mastering the power of 3/4 day modules to world The Business of Social storytelling class companies InnovationLunch at the Olympic park Leading in a connected (you will attend 1 Best world In Class module)
  4. 4. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 04 > ON YOUR MARKS! On Your Marks kicks off the Connect programme We are bringing in leaders from all over the world to for 2011. This three day residential takes place at a share their stories of how to build and sustain high fabulous venue, far from the madding crowd, in the performing organisations loved by employees and middle of the Berkshire Downs. Your mobile phone customers; how as a leader you effectively network won’t work there. That’s deliberate – we need your and develop resilience in ever demanding roles; and full attention! how business and enterprise can be deployed to create social value in the world. At On Your Marks we will explore what being a Connect member is all about, help you understand how to make On the following pages you will get a sense of who is the most of your year and give you lots of opportunities coming and why we have invited them. to meet and connect with your fellow members. Because this gathering is critical to the creation of a powerful, energized and connected community, ATTENDANCE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE! You must get to On Your Marks. ON YOUR MARKS
  5. 5. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 05 > BOBBY LOEB – THULASIRAJ SENIOR DIRECTOR RAVILLA, OF OPERATIONAL EXECUTIVE TRAINING, DIRECTOR, ARAVIND SOUTHWEST EYE CARE SYSTEM, AIRLINES, DALLAS MADURAI, INDIA MEREDITH ROBERTS – SVP & GM Southwest is in all the Inspired by McDonald’s DISNEYTOON, LOS ANGELES business books, cited for (yes, that McDonald’s) its for its amazing culture of service innovation and Aravind provides world-class eye care and surgery to Disney is arguably the most famous entertainment obsession with its people. 35,000 staff, 3,400 flights a some of India’s poorest people. brand on the planet. With Pixar, DisneyToon is part day, 88 million passengers and 38 consecutive profitable of Walt Disney Animation Studios responsible for years of trading. No wonder they received 145,000 CVs in The network of hospitals and vision centres performs producing direct-to-video features. Meredith oversees 2010 from people who wanted to join them. 300,000 eye surgeries each year – 70% for free – and the creative culture of DisneyToon Studios alongside treats over 2.5 million out patients using broadband John Lasseter, the legendary Pixar genius responsible With over ten years at the heart of Southwest’s connections to on-call doctors in city hospitals for for smash hits such as Toy Story and Cars. training culture, Bobby will help us understand how instant diagnosis. in a such a tightly regulated, unionised, low margin For Meredith, it’s all about the culture. Her counter industry you go about creating and sustaining a Thulsi – a world renowned and award winning intuitive human resource strategies – no-one has a culture of “Positively Outrageous Customer Service”. social innovator – will explain how this amazing contract so leaders must make it a great place to work organisation – which is not a charity – manages or talent walks – are designed to attract creatives in not only to serve the poor but create world beating an industry where the competition for the world’s best service and product innovations which are now being could not be more intense. DreamWorks is only four copied around the globe. blocks away! ON YOUR MARKS
  6. 6. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 06 > GERARD VAN MARTIN NAREY CAROLE STONE GRINSVEN – CEO – CHAIR, & PRESIDENT Martin has led in some YOUGOVSTONE, HENRY FORD WEST of the toughest, most LONDON BLOOMFIELD exposed environments. HOSPITAL, As Director General of the With more than 40,000 MICHIGAN, USA prison service in England names in her electronic and Wales he had the most address book she’s been What happens when you thankless and difficult called London’s networking take the service philosophy of Ritz Carlton into the of all public sector leadership roles. A hostile and queen – and is famous for putting people together health sector? By taking on the engrained ‘can’t do change-resistant prison warders union on one side, to their mutual advantage. Carole calls that ‘good that’ attitudes of senior doctors and transforming the hang ‘em and flog ‘em Daily Mail on the other and networking’. the behaviours of frontline staff, Gerard – with two responsible to the snake pit of Westminster politics, decades of senior Ritz Carlton leadership behind him Martin used his time in prisons to bring decency and Carole speaks frankly and hilariously about how to – is re-inventing the very concept of what a ‘hospital’ fairness to a system lacking both. build and leverage your network as a leader. Never is and how it serves the needs of staff, patients and again will you stand nervously in the corner, nursing their families. “I’m creating the Cirque de Soleil of In 2005, he took over Barnardo’s and turned its fortunes your drink and unsure how to work the room! healthcare”, says Gerard, a leader who refuses to abide around, transforming and also running the country’s by conventional wisdom. biggest provider of help to poor and abused kids. Martin will talk about how you hang on to your personal values (and sanity) when the culture you lead is doing everything to destroy them. ON YOUR MARKS
  7. 7. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 07 > JUDE KELLY JULIE HANNA – – ARTISTIC CHAIR, KIVA, SAN DIRECTOR, FRANCISCO SOUTHBANK CENTRE, LONDON Julie is a very successful Silicon Valley tech Jude Kelly is Artistic entrepreneur who has Director at Britain’s largest created and sold numerous cultural institution, the companies. She is also a Southbank Centre. A maverick thinker, an advocate for passionate advocate for technology as a tool of social creative leadership and an ambassador for the arts. and political liberation. She is an award-winning director of over 40 productions KIVA connects individual lenders with grassroots for stage and screen. In her 30-year career, Jude entrepreneurs around the world. $1million is loaned founded Solent People’s Theatre, the Battersea Arts every 5 days and 600,000 people have lent more than Centre, and then West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds. In $300 million. Julie’s target for this amazing social 1997, she was awarded the OBE for her services to the enterprise is $1billion within the next three years. theatre and in 2001 won the Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Musical Production. As Chair of the company and mentor to its two young founders, Julie is brilliant on what it takes to disrupt Jude is a brilliant speaker on how to bring your an industry and create a culture willing to take on the whole self to work and how to build the resilience numerous challenges which a genuinely innovative of all leaders – no matter what sector – by learning idea must face. to develop to survive in highly pressurised and ON YOUR unforgiving circumstances. MARKS
  8. 8. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 08 > GREG DYKE In January 2000 he became Director-General of the BBC and in his four years at the BBC he started four After an early career as new digital television channels, five new digital radio a journalist, Greg started channels, opened two new BBC regions, launched his broadcasting career in the BBC’s interactive television services and helped 1977 and rose to be CEO in create Freeview. 1991 at London Weekend Television. After leaving the BBC in January 2004 in a blaze of international publicity, Greg became Chancellor In 1994 Greg moved to of the University of York ans Chairman of HIT, a Pearson Television as Chief Executive, guided the large international television production company consortium which created Channel 5 and became its specialising in programmes for the under fives first Chairman. During this early period of his career in 2005. In January 2006 he became Chairman of he was also Chairman of GMTV and at various times a Brentford Football Club. He is also a member of the director of Pearson plc, Channel Four Television, ITN supervisory board of ProSiebenSat.1, one of Europe’s and BSkyB. largest free to air broadcasting groups. Greg will be joined at this masterclass by a second leader. At the time of writing we are finalising details with her. Full details will be available at On Your Marks. ON YOUR MARKS
  9. 9. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 09 > LARS KOLIND – CHAIR, GRUNDFOS, DENMARK Founded in 1945, Grundfos, with 17,000 employees in 45 countries, is one of the world’s leading water pump manufacturers and one of Denmark’s most admired and successful companies. They are committed to staying at the forefront of technological development, investing more than 4.5% of turnover in R&D to constantly introduce innovative product solutions. In LIFELINK it has created a unique business model that combines mobile phone technology, microfinance and Grundfos’ systems to enable people in Base of the Pyramid (BOP) markets to gain access to safe drinking water. Lars will talk about why Grundfos has entered the ON YOUR field of “corporate social innovation” and what the company is learning as their innovation spreads to more than 100 places in Kenya. MARKS
  10. 10. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 10 > WHEN 12 noon Tuesday 06 March 2012 until 4.00pm Thursday 08 March 2012 By Train Didcot Parkway and Swindon are nearest to VENUE Sheepdrove, Newbury is nearest to the Hilton hotel. Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Lambourn, Berkshire, RG17 7UU Sheepdrove is a stunning Eco Centre in the middle of an organic farm. This is not at the end of a tube line! Please ensure that you plan your travel well in advance and leave lots of time to get there on the day. GETTING THERE: By Car 75 mins from Heathrow WHAT TO WEAR 30 mins from the M4 This will be a workshop style event and Sheepdrove is a 2 hours from London working organic farm. What this means for you is plenty of gorgeous organic food but no high heels or smart NB: If you use Satnav please input ‘Sheepdrove Road, suits are necessary! Business casual is fine and please Lambourn’, not the postcode. bring sensible shoes and warm clothes so you can take every advantage of the beautiful countryside. ON YOUR MARKS LOGISTICS
  11. 11. MARCH 06 – 08 | ON YOUR MARKS CONNECT 2012 | 11 > HOTELS HOTEL THE BEAR HUNGERFORD We have held rooms at the following two hotels. Please ensure you Price £110 B&B book your own accommodation and quote the reference listed to Ref Book by phone quoting reference BK 29356/1-38 ensure you get the rates Wavelength has negotiated. Address Charnham Street Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0EL HOTEL HILTON NEWBURY NORTH T: +44 (0) 1488 682512 Price £100 B&B E: Ref Book by phone by calling Luke or Laura on Web +44 (0)1256 316975 – Ref Code: AWAVE – Quote the Hotel Name: Hilton Newbury North NB: Any hotel rooms not booked by Friday 03 February 2012 will be – Have a credit/debit card to hand to guarantee the released – after this date Wavelength cannot guarantee availability room/s (payment is to be made on departure). or rates. Or book online via the Hilton web site: – visit – Go to Check Availability at the top of the page ON YOUR – Add dates, then on the right hand side under GROUP CODE put in the Ref: AWAVE Address Oxford Road, Newbury RG20 8XY T: +44 (0) 1635 247 010 MARKS Web
  12. 12. APRIL 18 AND 25 | LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES CONNECT 2012 | 12 > In April we will be running two masterclass sessions – one on the 18 and one on the 25 April. You will be invited to one of these sessions, but for now please hold both dates in your diary. Our Leadership Masterclasses promise no guru speak. No ‘I’ve been to the mountain top’ rhetoric. This is a unique opportunity to hear some highly accomplished leaders speak off-the-record about what they do, day in and day out, to keep their vision alive and what they are learning about leading. LEADERSHIP MASTER-
  13. 13. APRIL 18 | LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES CONNECT 2012 | 13 > PATRICK MCKENNA He also chairs The Young Vic Theatre, is a Board Trustee Since then more than 13 million people have come – CEO, INGENIOUS of NESTA, a Board Member of the British Council and is to see what was once a sterile hole in the ground MEDIA Chairman of the Advisory Board for Goldsmiths College turned into a cradle of life containing world-class Institute for Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship. He is horticulture and startling architecture symbolic of Patrick is founder and CEO a Fellow of the RSA and a member of BAFTA. human endeavour, contributing over £1 billion into of one of the UK’s leading the Cornish economy. media investment and advisory companies. His TIM SMIT KBE Before Eden Tim spent ten years in the music industry clients include Time Warner, – CO-FOUNDER as composer/producer in both rock music and opera, Channel 4, the BBC and Virgin Media and he famously AND CEO, THE and in 1987 moved to Cornwall where he and John backed James Cameron’s 3D block buster ‘Avatar’. EDEN PROJECT Nelson together ‘discovered’ and then restored the Prior to forming Ingenious Patrick was Chairman & Lost Gardens of Heligan. Chief Executive of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Really Tim is the provocative, Useful Group and, before that, was a Deloitte Partner unconventional and by age 28. visionary Chief Executive and co-founder of the multi- Patrick has been responsible for deals involving Robbie award winning Eden Project in Cornwall. Eden began Williams and Simon Fuller and has advised production as a dream in 1995 and opened its doors to the public companies such as RDF, Shed Media and Hat Trick, of in 2000. which he is a stakeholder and chair. LEADERSHIP MASTER-
  14. 14. APRIL 25 | LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES CONNECT 2012 | 14 > LORD DAVID From 2002-2009 he was President of UNICEF UK and Lin moved to Suffolk County Council as Chief Executive PUTTNAM played a key role in promoting UNICEF’s advocacy, in 1998 before joining Birmingham City Council as awareness and fundraising objectives. Chief Executive in 2002. David Puttnam started his career in advertising and then In 2006, he became Deputy Chairman of Channel Four Lin joined the civil service in 2005 and has since been famously spent 30 years as and, Chairman of Futurelab. In April 2007 he became the in charge of the most complex and controversial areas an independent film producer. Chairman of Profero, becoming Deputy Chairman in 2009. of Government. She began as the Director-General You have probably seen one of for the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the his award-winning films: The Home Office. Mission, the Killing Fields, Local Hero, Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express, Bugsy Malone and the Memphis Belle. LIN HOMER – The Home Office was reorganised in 2008, with the CHIEF EXECUTIVE formation of the Border and Immigration Agency, He was head of Columbia Pictures from 1986-1988 and AND PERMANENT later renamed the UK Border Agency, and Lin was retired from film production in 1997, when he was then SECRETARY, appointed as the agency’s first Chief Executive. appointed to the House of Lords. Puttnam now focuses HM REVENUE & on his work in education and the environment. He is CUSTOMS In 2011 Lin was appointed as Permanent Secretary at Chancellor of the Open University, was the founding the Department for Transport, and appointed to her Chair of National Endowment for Science, Technology Starting her career as a current post as Chief Executive of HM Revenue and and the Arts (NESTA), and for 10 years chaired the lawyer in 1980, Lin joined Customs in January 2012. National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. Hertfordshire County Council rising to become He has served as a Chair or Trustee at many places Director of Corporate Services. including the Tate Gallery, Science Museum, the Eden Project, and BAFTA. LEADERSHIP MASTER-
  15. 15. APRIL 18 AND 25 | LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES CONNECT 2012 | 15 > WHEN FINDING ALFRED PLACE EATING 4.30 – 9.30pm on 18 and 25 April 2012 Goodge Street/Tottenham Court Road are The Masterclass evenings include dinner the nearest tubes. Alfred Place is parallel (at about 7.30) and so I expect we will be to Tottenham Court Road, off Store Street. finished eating by about 9.30. The bar will VENUE To find Store Street look out for Metrobank remain open following dinner. One Alfred Place and Carphone Warehouse on its corners. 1 Alfred Place One Alfred Place is a big glass fronted London building set back from the pavement and STAYING OVERNIGHT WC1E 7EB the club is on the second floor. IN LONDON? We have a relationship with a lovely boutique hotel – No Ten Manchester Street www.tenmanchesterstreethotel. com in Marylebone. We have negotiated a preferred corporate rate of £165 plus VAT for B&B, and you just need to say you are booking through Wavelength. LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASSES
  16. 16. MAY | BEST IN CLASS CONNECT 2012 | 16 > May is Best In Class month, when, in groups of 20 or so, you will get access to some of the world’s most iconic organisations with much to teach about customer service, employee engagement, leadership and social innovation. Some are well known like Apple and Google, others are the hidden gems like Pets At Home, Grundfos and Unimerco. All will open their doors to give us not to be missed insights into how they do things and maintain their places as industry leaders. OVER THE 3/ 4 DAYS OF EACH MODULE, YOU WILL: • visit three Best In Class companies • have facilitated time to draw out your learning and actions • over dinner reconnect with your fellow members BEST IN There are five modules in May – you will have the opportunity to go to one. There is lots of information to share about Best In Class – about the hosts and how your places will be allocated – and this will be sent to you in a separate brochure in the New Year.
  17. 17. MAY | BEST IN CLASS CONNECT 2012 | 17 > BEST IN CLASS COMPANIES WE WILL BE VISITING: BIC 1: 01 – 03 May Lars Kolind, Grundfos, Virgin Atlantic BIC 2: 02 – 04 May Fifteen, Eden, Four Seasons BIC 3: 14 – 16 May Unimerco, Apple, Lovefilm BEST IN BIC 4: 28 – 30 May John Lewis, Livity, innocent BIC 5: 28 – 31 May Sol, Pets at Home, Google
  18. 18. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 18 > RECONNECT 1 – INNOVATION Whatever sector you lead in, creating and sustaining a culture of innovation is a huge challenge. How are people, money, and time best used to bring great new ideas to successful, profitable life? We have brought together companies renowned globally for their innovation spirit and success. They will be sharing honestly how they organise themselves to ensure they keep innovating – and winning. RECONNECT 1
  19. 19. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 19 > LEGO It is less than a decade since the LEGO Group was near bankruptcy. RED BULL RACING FORMULA ONE Many of its innovation efforts – theme parks, craft sets marketed Red Bull Racing is simply the best in the world and is to girls, a TV action figure called Galidor – were the one they are all trying to catch. unprofitable or had failed outright. Today, as the overall toy market continues to decline, LEGO’s revenues and There are no big bang, huge jump forward innovations profits are up and climbing. This turnaround has been in the fiercely competitive, high stakes world of F1. attributed to how LEGO now organises innovation. It is all about incremental innovation. Steve Nevey, We have invited Per Hjuler, Group Vice President for Relationship Manager for Red Bull Racing, who is Product and Marketing Development, to explain how responsible for developing and managing relationships the company splits its innovation efforts into eight with the Formula 1 Team’s technical sponsors and distinct types, from product development to business- suppliers, will take us inside the culture which has model innovation. taken Red Bull to the very top. With a background in Computer Aided Engineering, Steve was responsible for the computer hardware and software that the team uses for designing and manufacturing the race cars. And having worked RECONNECT 1 as a Design Engineer back in the days of Senna, Mansell and Prost, when teams were smaller and the cars were much simpler, Steve has witnessed the innovation, team-work and relentless focus necessary to get the best out of the best.
  20. 20. JUNE 12 | RECONNECT 1 CONNECT 2012 | 20 > DANONE In recent years this multinational has stepped IDEO in a big way into investing in social innovation projects all over the world. Through its 100 million Euros Danone The world’s leading design firm, IDEO creates Communities Fund it invests in high impact social innovative products, services, spaces, and experiences entrepreneurs aiming for system change to enable the for such companies as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, poor access to water and nourishment. Its portfolio and Samsung and helps companies build cultures includes social businesses in Bangladesh, Senegal, of innovation. Since 1991, IDEO has topped Business Cambodia and Mexico. This is no CSR or corporate Week’s annual list of winners of the Industrial Design philanthropy exercise but a core part of Danone’s Excellence awards and in 2011 made the top 10 of Fast innovation strategy. Company’s world’s most innovative companies list. Emmanuel Faber, Vice Chairman of the business with One of IDEO’s young stars, Tom Hulme, will share what responsibility for innovation, will speak about how he is learning about how businesses that believe they his social business programme has become a hotbed need to be more innovative can best go about this. He of innovation for Danone. Faber does not believe his will be joined by one of his corporate clients who will company should give money away so has abolished its share how they learned how to be innovative again. CSR department! RECONNECT 1
  21. 21. WWW.WAVELENGTHLIVE.COM CONNECT 2012 | 21 > WAVELENGTHLIVE was developed to capture as much of the Connect magic as is possible. We launched the site in 2011 so you can already explore our huge back-catalogue: videos of the best of our speakers, their presentations, interesting background reading and links, as well as full details about Connect events and how to sign up. Live is searchable by Connect Event or by topic area (e.g. leadership, innovation, social innovation etc), is updated regularly and is a free resource of great bite size pieces of inspiration and learning available for you to use and share with your teams. CONNECT ONLINE
  22. 22. CONNECT 2012 | 22 >ON YOUR MARKS1. On Your Marks will take place at the Sheepdrove 4. Wavelength will provide transfer by coach to and 7. There is no minimum number of persons Organic Farm, Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn, from the venue to members’ hotels during On required for the event to take place. Berkshire RG17 7UU. Please note that this is a Your Marks. remote location within Berkshire and it is very 8. As Connect members are responsible for their unlikely that there will be any reception for 5. Food: Wavelength will provide light own outward and homeward transport no mobile communication devices. refreshments, lunch and dinner on day 1, light arrangements have been made by Wavelength refreshments, lunch and dinner on day 2, and in the event that those outward or homeward2. Connect members are responsible for light refreshments on day 3. Members will need journeys are delayed. organising their own transport to the venue to organise their own breakfasts. for the beginning of On Your Marks on day 1, 9. The proportion of Connect members’ and their return transport home at the end 6. Passport and Visa requirements: any Connect membership fee attributable to On Your Marks of the event on day 3. Please note that we do members who do not hold a British or EU will be held in a trust account. not accept any liability to Connect members if member state passport should contact the they are unable to enjoy part or all of the event appropriate consulate authority in their country 10. In exceptional circumstances Wavelength may because of the delay or failure of transport that of residence for full details of the relevant need to alter the details given in this brochure. is not provided by us. visa or travel authorisation requirements, If any changes to these details are required and any health requirements that apply for then Wavelength will make these changes3. Connect members are also responsible for travel from that country to the UK. Connect clear to Connect members. organising their own hotel accommodation for members who do not hold a British or EU On Your Marks. member state passport should ensure that they have comprehensive medical insurance, which includes hospital treatment and medical evacuation. You should seek medical advice before travelling to the UK from your doctor, practice nurse or travel health clinic, and THE SMALL ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up-to-date. PRINT
  23. 23. We hope the programme for March – June has excited you!We will be updating this brochure and will send you moredetails about July – December 2012 in due course.If you have any questions in the meantime please feel freeto contact Tammy on or07800 596045We look forward to seeing at On Your Marks in March! BEYOND