BIC5 All About SOL 2012


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BIC5 All About SOL 2012

  1. 1. SOL is a professional, innovative, international family-owned Finnish service company
  2. 2. Services available locallySOL Palvelut Oy, FinlandSOL Pesulapalvelut Oy, FinlandSOL Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy, FinlandSOL Eesti OÜ, EstoniaSIA SOL, LatviaOOO SOL, OOO SOL SPand OOO SOL DC, RussiaMembers of SOLEMO group.9100 employees of which 2000 abroad.
  3. 3. Wide range of SOL servicesCleaningFacility ServicesSafety and Security ServicesLaundry ServicesDomestic ServicesProperty MaintenancePersonnel ServicesCollaborate Services with partnersThe goal for turnover in 2011 is 230 M€.We work according to SOL System of Operations.
  4. 4. Service Statistics Cleaning and Facility Services Safety and Security Services Property Maintenance Laundry Services International Operations Personnel Services Turnover by service lines Employee numbers
  5. 5. Sources of sunny SOL energy SOL Success FactorSOL Values Customer satisfactionHappy customer Knowledgeable and participatingJoy of working personnelCreativity Constant ProfitabilityEnterprising spirit Good reputation as employerReliability Good partnerships SOL Mission SOL Vision We free our customers to pursue To be the best partner of choice their core business by producing for our clients across all service happy experiences with our services lines.
  6. 6. SOL Philosophy SOL Human Image Everyone is responsible and wants to do good work Everyone has a need to succeed People are different Everyone takes initiative and is creative People are thinking, acting and feeling human beingsSOL FreedomWe are free from work place - it is not important where the workis being done, but what is being achieved.We are free from status: the respect of others has to be earned.We have free working hours – only results matter.
  7. 7. Development of Turnover and Number of Personnel 180,0 10000 160,0 9000 140,0 8000 120,0 7000Millions € 100,0 ! 6000 80,0 5000 60,0 4000 40,0 20,0 3000 0,0 2000 1992/13 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 Turnover Personnel
  8. 8. SOL System of OperationsFocus of Activities: •  SOL Quality Policy−Quality based on customer –  Based on EN-ISO needs 9000:2008 Quality− Continual reduction of Standard •  SOL Environmental Policy environmental effects –  Based on SFS-EN ISO− Maintaining occupational 14001 Environmental health and safety at work Standard− Profitability •  SOL Health and Safety Policy –  Based on OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Specification
  9. 9. Keräämme kasvun kukkasiaSOL Environmental Policy 1(2)•  Koulutus on suunnattu improving its operations and % liikevaihdosta•  SOL is committed to •  Koulutusbudjetti 2 palvelemaan asiakkaan tarpeita •  Koulutusohjelmassa 1100 reducing environmental impacts•  Yksilöllinen koulutussuunnitelma koulutustilaisuutta•  We osaamisselvitys,most eco-friendly technology available at –  purchase the jonka •  Koulutuksissa noin 10 000 reasonable cost perusteella koulutus osallistujaa vuosittain suunnitellaan •  SOL Koulutusindeksi kuvaa•  Our aim is to reduce our use of energy and raw materials•  SOL Oppiportaat palveluvastaavien koulutus- and to minimize the amount of waste we generate –  työkalu, jonka avulla tavoitteiden toteutumista•  We työntekijä voi laajentaa are aware of the environmental impact of our services asiakaskohtaisesti and of our responsibility as the user of products and the työtehtäviään ja lisätä producer of waste, all of which are addressed throughout osaamistaan the decision-making processes
  10. 10. Keräämme kasvun kukkasiaSOL Environmental Policy 2(2)•  Koulutus on suunnattu encourage SOL employees 2 % liikevaihdosta•  We train, advise and •  Koulutusbudjetti to work in palvelemaan asiakkaan tarpeita address the environment a responsible manner and to •  Koulutusohjelmassa 1100•  Yksilöllinen koulutussuunnitelma koulutustilaisuutta more efficiently both work and leisure time –  osaamisselvitys, jonka •  Koulutuksissa noin 10 000•  Our goal is to koulutus perusteella guide customers towards an vuosittain osallistujaa environmentally friendly approach and to provide our suunnitellaan •  SOL Koulutusindeksi kuvaa•  expertise to assist them in reaching their environmental SOL Oppiportaat palveluvastaavien koulutus- goals –  työkalu, jonka avulla tavoitteiden toteutumista työntekijä voi laajentaa asiakaskohtaisesti•  We aim to be ranked by our customers and personnel as työtehtäviään ja lisätä the best operator in the environmental field osaamistaan
  11. 11. Growing our company•  Training is aimed at serving •  Training budget 2 % of turnover customer needs •  Training programme has 1100•  Individual training plans training sessions. –  Skills assessment identifies •  10 000 employees participate every training needs year in training•  SOL Training Steps •  SOL Training Index describes the –  Describes how employees can courses and specific progress made diversify their activities and by each employee in various work increase knowledge and units qualifications
  12. 12. Best service in marketCustomer satisfaction is astarting point for all activitiesDevelopment of operationsthrough continual andsystematic measuring andanalysis of results
  13. 13. Securing consistent and constant quality•  SOL Insta Quality Assurance is an essential part of SOL Systems of Operations•  SOL Insta results are being sent to customers electronically•  Facility and service standards defined with client•  SOL audits for optimisation of recruitment, start-up planning and service production processes•  Regular measurement of customer satisfaction•  SOL is two time winner of Finnish quality award
  14. 14. SOL Quality Process FROM CLIENT NEEDS TO CLIENT SATISFACTION OFFER/CONTRACT START PLANNING SERVICE ASSURANCE MONITORING AND DEVELOPMENT Determining needs in detail Preparation of working areas Clarification of work Collection of monitoring information: and working plans instructions and plans quality and cost information Detailed measurement of Recruitment and introduction Ongoing communication Continual development Resources and costs daily work Determining issues related Material purchasing Documented quality assurance: Develop group activitiesto renewal of employee contracts employee self-monitoring and development projects (existing employees, SOL new supervisor assurance employer) monitoring customer satisfaction Preparation of contract Agreement on start help, Maintenance of employee Preparation and execution monitoring and responsibility know-how and well-being of annual scheduled operational plan Organising substitutes for Informing customer employee absentism Fitting our activities to customer processes
  15. 15. SOL as a partner•  Reliable, flexible, open •  Is approachable due to its•  Innovates and actively organization developes its own work •  Takes good care of its•  Provides excellent training to employees its employees •  Co-operates with the best•  Expert in environmental and partners in the market safety issues •  Keeps promises•  Provides a wide range of •  Has references services
  16. 16. SOL – all services under one roof•  Maintenance and General •  Property Services Cleaning •  Domestic Services•  Facility Services •  Personnel Services•  Office Services •  Services with our partners•  Meeting and Conference •  Other special services Services•  Lobby and Security Services•  Catering•  Cloackroom Service•  Laundry and Dry-Clean services
  17. 17. Cleaning Services― also specialized services available•  Maintenance Cleaning Every day and periodical cleaning•  General Cleaning e.g. Thorough cleaning and polishing of floors Floor care Window cleaning Cleaning of textile floor coverings and upholstery Wall cleaning
  18. 18. Facility Services ― so you canconcentrate on your core business•  Additional services for business –  Flexible and efficient service provided by our qualified and service-oriented staff•  Services solutions for –  Lobby, office, plants, cloackroom, lifeguard, kitchen, meetings and conference, courier•  Services with partner companies for –  Hand hygiene, mats, catering, environment, relocation, security, property maintenance
  19. 19. Domestic Services― help at home•  For individuals Cleaning and chores (tax deductable)•  For companies Nanny services at home for your employees when children can not attend day care Company can purchase cleaning services for employees
  20. 20. Property Services― available 24 hours•  General property maintenance•  Technical property maintenance•  Maintenance of outdoor areas•  Green area design and maintenance•  Maintenance record book•  Energy consumption monitoring•  Office furniture installation and reconfiguration
  21. 21. Security Services― wide range of full-service solutions•  Doorman and lobby security services•  Security Check services•  Monitoring room services•  With partner companies: beat control, alarm monitoring services, security engineering, security systems and security specialist services
  22. 22. Personnel Services― temps for almost all industries•  Launched in 2009 and expanding in whole Finland•  SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut – Personnel Services provides flexible staffing services for companies and individual employment options for personnel•  Temporary Staffing services•  Recruitment services•  Head-hunting services
  23. 23. Laundry and Dry-cleaning services― in as little as three hours•  Company and consumer •  Leather garment cleaning services •  Shirt service•  Dry-cleaning •  Fur cleaning and storage•  Emulsion cleaning •  Repair service•  Laundry •  Pick up service for•  Carpet cleaning companies•  Bed linen cleaning •  In-house laundry and dry-•  Home textile cleaning cleaning service•  SOL Protection treatment •  UV-treatment
  24. 24. Sunny SOL at your service!