Rules and procedures


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Rules and procedures

  2. 2. Rules Let’s decide together! Think about it: Why do we need rules in the classroom?
  3. 3. What happens when you make a poor choice? • Consequences follow! • First time – warning • Second time – seat away • Third time – parents notified by you, miss a recess
  4. 4. Coming to Attention • I will ring my bell to get your attention, or flick the lights on and off.
  5. 5. Before School Starts • Line up at cafeteria doors if you are having breakfast. • When done eating, play on the north playground. • When the bell rings, line up by the north doors next to the ramp (two lines). • Stand quietly in line. • Wait for Mrs. Marsden to come get you. Please smile and greet her.
  6. 6. Beginning the Day • Enter the room politely. • Take materials out of your backpack. • Put backpack and coats on the coatrack. • Place your homework on the corner of your desk. • Get started on bellwork. When bellwork is complete read silently.
  7. 7. Entering the Room • Enter the room quietly and politely • Do not interrupt other students. • Begin work or… • Wait for instructions from the teacher.
  8. 8. Lining Up • Stand up quietly and push in your chair. • Take all necessary materials. • Teacher will excuse the quietest table first. • Line up without talking or touching other people. • Face forward and watch where you are going.
  9. 9. Using the Restroom • You are expected to use the restroom before school, before recess, and before lunch. • You will be given ten tickets at the beginning of each term. • If I am not teaching the whole class, quietly walk over to me with your bathroom ticket. • Only one girl and one boy may use the restroom at a time. • Take the hall pass with you. You have two minutes to use the restroom. • Unused tickets are collected at the end of the grading period for a drawing.
  10. 10. Getting a Drink • When I am not teaching the class, you may get a drink from the drinking fountain. • There should only be one person at the fountain at a time. • Do not talk. • Wipe away any water that you spill.
  11. 11. Getting a Tissue • You may get a tissue whenever you need one. • Throw away used tissues immediately. • Make sure it lands in the trash can. • Get right back to work.
  12. 12. Throwing Away Trash • When I am not teaching the whole class, you may throw away trash whenever needed. • Do NOT play basketball with your trash. • Make sure all the trash lands in the trash can, even if it isn’t yours.
  13. 13. Sharpening Your Pencil • You may NOT sharpen your pencil during the school day. • If your pencil breaks, walk quietly to the pencil station. • Place your broken pencil in the appropriate basket. • Take a newly sharpened pencil from the basket.
  14. 14. V.I.P.s • Each day I will choose one girl and one boy to be my V.I.P.s. These students are my special helpers throughout the day. Their responsibilities include: • Passing out papers • Acting as line leaders • Sharpening pencils at the end of the day • Other tasks as needed.
  15. 15. Table Leaders • Each student is assigned a table number. • Each day a letter will be posted on the board. The student who is assigned the number is the table leader for the day. He or she is responsible for: • Collecting or turning in assignments • Gathering and putting materials away for the group • Acting as spokesperson for the group
  16. 16. Cooperative Table Groups • We will be working together to achieve our learning goals. Mrs. Marsden will award table points for groups that: • Work as a team with every member contributing. • Follow directions the first time. • Work quietly during independent work time. • Are neat and tidy. • Show respect and kindness.
  17. 17. Ending the Day • Take out your planner, and write the night’s homework in it. • When your table group is called, you may gather your backpack. Check your mail every night. • Clear off your desk. • Pick up any trash around your desk (even if it is not yours!) • Stand quietly behind your desk when you are ready to be dismissed.
  18. 18. Using the Class Library • During your silent reading time, you may take a book from the class library. • There should be no more than three people at the bookshelves. • Take only ONE book at a time. • Please take care of the book. Keep it in the classroom. • When you have finished the book return it to the shelf.
  19. 19. Headings on Papers • Make sure you write your name on all worksheets. • Any assignments completed on a sheet of lined paper needs a heading. • On the top right hand of your paper, write your first and last name (in cursive). • Under your name, write the day’s date. • Points may be deducted from papers with no names or headings.
  20. 20. Passing in Papers • When I collect papers, each table will hand their work to the day’s table leader. • The table leader will quietly place the work in the appropriate basket.