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Work from home as a single mom


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Do you desire to work from home as a single mom? You can do it! READ this story here for more inspiration on how you can END the STRUGGLE and work from home today as a single mom!

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Work from home as a single mom

  1. 1. Work from Home….<as a single mom!>
  2. 2. Work from home as a single mom, andyour life will be forever changed….• Sure, it takes time to build your business, but the long termrewards and FREEDOM you are looking for make the journeycompletely worthwhile.• Imagine, if you were able to wake up when you wanted or neededto, and imagine what it would be like to NEVER drop your child offat daycare ever again. If you can’t see that, close your eyes andjust really FOCUS on that image, and let it become real to you.• Now, what if I told you that I could teach you to do that? To stoprelying on others and just live that vision you were focusing on?Let me tell you a story
  3. 3. Work from Home and Always Be There• A friend of mine, Wendy, has 3 beautiful daughters. Her oldestdaughter, Taylor, is quite an accomplished athlete, and becauseshe is in junior high, she is always busy with practice, games, andfundraisers for the school. Wendy works full-time for an attorney’soffice, and she doesn’t make much, but she gets by and gets childsupport here and there as the dad is absent from their lives.
  4. 4. • Taylor, had a softball game at 5 pm, and Wendy ends her workdayat the office around 3:30.• Wendy has to drive from downtown Cincinnati to her home in WestChester, which takes about 30-40 minutes with rush hourtraffic, and she has to pick up her youngest that is indaycare, while the middle child is in the afterschool program.• Meanwhile Taylor makes her way to the field for the game, so sheis with the team and the coach, so she is in good hands right?
  5. 5. • Wendy gets stuck in traffic due to a car accident, and she barelymakes it to the daycare at 5, before they charge her an after hoursfee of $25. Once she manages to put her youngest in thecarseat, she then stops by the afterschool program where shehurries her middle child into the van, and over to the field they go.• Wendy and the youngest two girls get to the field at 6:30, and thegame is over.• Taylor is already walking away from the field with the team, andhas a look of dismay across her face as she walks towards Wendy
  6. 6. Wendy has these feelings …..welling up in her throat that she can’t shake, of guilt, and sadnessthat she wasn’t there for Taylor and missed her game. Ah, if Wendywere able to work from home this could be avoided, and now it hitsher that she needs to make it happen.• What if you NEVER had to miss another game?• What if you NEVER had to miss another dance recital?• What if you NEVER had to miss another awards ceremony?• You don’t have to, and it’s easier than you think!
  7. 7. • Does Wendy’s story resonate with you? Do you feel as though child support is really financiallyenough anyway? According to Wendy, when she sat down and looked at the bigger picture, she wasstill barely making ends meet with child support, which meant one thing, and that was she neededanother option.• The only solution she kept going back to time and again was to work from home. I shared with herthat building a business online is best, simply because you can start it and run it for less than youcan a brick and mortar business.• Enough said! What are you waiting for?• If you would like to learn more about how you can “work from home”, starting today, thengo HERE to connect with me personally!It’s Time to Work from Home
  8. 8. Required Paperwork• Point out and explain any forms needing immediate action.• Give deadlines for completing new employee paperwork.