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bring in the New Year with a
                                          New ME (with a mere or mirror

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           BE Living Proof                 ...
                                                                    Sameon Crumby


Fasting is another therapy used to increase               ...
C.(+O!"#$%&P+'()*+,++ =4!24<?RSSS


Honor the Children                           a lawyer in training here in Canada with
45)*5)/+*0/+Soul+"6+7"5)+                                                                                                 ...
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Liv Tru Winter Solstice 2009


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Vol. 4 | Issue 4
The Breath Wave Experience - Robin Clements
Something In Common - Sameon Crumby
Honor The Children - Momma Day
Ama Part 3 - Toxins - Scott Ryan
Nurture The Soul of Your Business - Susan Barr
The Living Proof Nutrition Show on Spirit Quest Radio -

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Liv Tru Winter Solstice 2009

  1. 1. -"./*0$%1+ +++2% 3".."% NOURISH ACHIEVE BELIEVE Honor VOL. 4 ISSUE 4 the Just Breathe Children !"#$%& 45)*5)/+*0/+ '()*+, Soul "6+ 7"5)+85&$%/&& this edition designed by www.missketodesigns.com and 4revo.com
  2. 2. bring in the New Year with a New ME (with a mere or mirror new projects - so whatever you have on ‘Tis the season and all or scrape it into the compost because - that jazz... spread good news and positivity with This has hands down been one the most - is way out on the horizon I am embracing - hands are stretched out... December like - an egg on a roller coaster... it’s like, “Holy Magoly - I better not drop this! Just keep it together Tam! you want to try it out. Those e ride is close - to over!” - To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE
  3. 3. Living Proof Nutrition is owned and operated by RNCP / ROHP, Tammra Green. BE Living Proof E @A=B - - 92:+ !;<+';=>29?- + - The Breath Wave Experience 26+E"5+0(H+"%GE+"%/+M$&0+M0(*+ M"5GH+$*+N/B - - @0EB prophecies point to this time in history - - - mother on her death bed and enjoyed state of being is of spontaneous joy and can embrace their own power at any this state is a journey carries usthrough the emotions that we have stored as part of our human experience. These stored @AC!B different. How we discover the ‘why’ is by have been programmed with are a neces- - focusing our attention on our intention. formation. Now it is time to dance in the @0(*+ $&+ E"5)+ 6(F"5)$*/+ &./GGB @A?;?B - shares the potency of nature in the desert. @0(*+ H"+ E"5+ G$I/+ *"+ H"+ "%+ + Robin is a Sr.Trainer of The Transformational Breath -5%H(E&B Foundation, Spiritual Director and Founder of Baja Wellness – www.bajawellness.com, Spiritual Director of @A?4B Raices y Brazos, San Jose del Cabo’s Community Center @0(*+ $&+ E"5)+ 6(F"5)$*/+ for Evolution and Founder and Co-Creater of The Breath we have the opportunity to open JG"*0$%1+ G$%/B Wave Experience ~ LISTEN TO A CLIP OF this connection with source. ROBIN’S NEW BREATH CD HERE http://www.bajawellness.com/breath.htm @0/)/+ H"+ E"5+ &//+ E"5)&/G6+ $%+ A=@+ 3=D?B KL+ E/()&B
  4. 4. - -"./*0$%1+2%+3".."% Sameon Crumby - pair and provide us with the satisfaction and - - - - - the habitats of another insisting it is our those creatures created by the same source? - since the source of our counterpart doesn’t - carry the same name or issue the same set - it not your choice to enter into that state? 100% Natural - Handmade replenishing rejuvenatin ng on Vancouver Island n soot soothing othing healingblissbotanicals.com invigorating To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE
  5. 5. C.(+O!"#$%&P+'()*+, 9(%10(%(+O9$10*/%$%1+!0/)(QEP+(%H+>(&*$%1 Fasting is another therapy used to increase - - affect on the body and tissues. Fasting chang- es the body’s biochemistry. Before eat- - da says that one is eating - - ger or if one is eating due to some emo- dietary habits For instance - - o n e C. Scott Ryan is an Ayurvedic Practi- tioner and Yoga Instructor, as well as, a Chartered Herbalist. His articles have appeared in Parabola Magazine, Light - on Ayurveda Journal (a peer reviewed - Ayurvedic medical journal) and The Yo- basmati rice and mung beans with a pinch gic Way Magazine (on-line). Scott is a - member of NAMA, as well as The Yoga There are many different types of fast that Association of British Columbia. we in the west have heard about or have and intermittent fever – any time that the He currently lives in Golden, British - digestive capacity and enzymatic strength Columbia, where he runs Golden Lo- tus Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic Clinic and Yoga Studio with his wife Dalia Yanai. Contact: 250- 344-8685, - toxic fever and acute gastritis. Fasting goldenayurveda@uniserve.com - w w w. G o l d e n A y u r v e d a . c o m - - and courage are bestowed on the person that a dosha moves into rasa dhatu it cre- - - - pitta and agni (the digestive capacity – the enzymatic action of the body and the bodies - Continued on Next Page... -
  6. 6. C.(+O!"#$%&P+'()*+,++ =4!24<?RSSS 3 one can change the type of fast according and digesting ama is indicated in srota rod- - and promotes their discharge out of the ness and retrograde movements of vata. - - aren’t as hard on vata and pitta individu- - fasts or they can be used and counted as - - fast on the 4th day of the waxing and waning - - To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE
  7. 7. - - - - I would love to hear what you think. Honor the Children - Momma Day me (with the appropriate safeguards and This is not a hoax. Or a forwarded request or a - forwarded message. This is an original email from - La Casita Children’s Orphanage in Cancun, Mexico and me, Momma Day (Daleen Thomas). Hi there. My name is Daleen omas and I will be travelling with my family to Cancun this winter (December 2009). I am interest- - ed in bringing an extra suitcase of children’s - items for donation to your orphanage: La Ca- sita in Cancun. Have I sent this email to the Child Hon- right address? I found two di erent emails on the internet so I have included them in hopes oring of nding the right place. We are not wealthy and saw the video of the people, the holiday is a gi om our parents, but we are a family of ve with lots of extras to share. We have so ly used children’s clothing, children’s medicine, bedding, toys, cra stu . Basically, I wanted to know om you, what is the most in demand at your orphange. We have children aged 1 year to 8 years so we have a wide range of items that we could bring you. best before date. This Also, I was wondering if your orphange is ever - - Continued on Next Page... -
  8. 8. Honor the Children a lawyer in training here in Canada with a special interest in protecting children’s Cont’d rights. ank you so much for your time open to the public as we would lo e to and I look forward to hearing om you. bring our children to play with yours. is would be very wonderful for us, to share In peace and with lo e, some laughter and lo e with such precious Daleen omas young people. Currently we spend quite a bit of time olunteering at di erent orga- The Response Today: nizations in our own community. Maybe we could do something special like play Hello!! is is Adriana Santos, I am a games? Please be very honest about this pos- olunteer here in “La Casita”.. We are sibility. e other option is for me to come very happy that you are interest in chil- alone to drop o items. We could also get dren this kind of problem. For visit the together some school supplies. I would lo e orphanage, we can arrange a date for visit to know what you are needing the most. the children, they will be very happy, ey Momma Day is a Métis mother of two and caretaker of Please be very honest. We don’t have mon- lo e receive visits. Actually we protect be- 17 warm and cold blooded beings. She was born, near to, ey to donate but we want to give you the tween 60 and 70 children om 1 to 20 and raised in the rocky mountains. Her past careers in- most useful items possible. Also, I noticed years old 8boys and girsl). What ever you - that you are very active in advocacy for can help it will be great, actually we need a or and tarot card reader. Currently she lives at sea level on children in Mexico. I would lo e to speak lot of help, because the economic situation Vancouver Island and attends law school in Victo- ria. Her favorite things in life (next to children and with those who are working for the chil- is not good here. If you have any doubt. all living beings) are caves, crystals and arrowheads. dren (such as activists and lawyers) as I am Regards Adriana Santos. Lisa Dawn Photography: has demonstrated time and time again, her passion for life, through the lens of a camera. She has travelled throughout the world capturing the essence of amazing lives with her 5 year old son in Please visit her new website: www.lisadawnphotgraphy.com While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about. -Angela Schwindt To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE
  9. 9. 45)*5)/+*0/+Soul+"6+7"5)+ - 85&$%/&&+$%+TLKL+ Susan Barr - ings of business events sponsored by time – most webinars are recorded so you can participate at your convenience. group of non-competing entrepreneurs - - - Are you creating a 2010 plan for your small business? If you are like most en- trepreneurs, your plan includes a full list Join a Twitter Chat. - - projects, strategies, campaigns and promo- dous gift every entrepreneur deserves. tions requiring investment of your time and become connected with a great group look towards the future, don’t forget to plan for activities which nurture the “soul of the - business” – you! You cannot do your best if you are “running on empty” – here are a areas of interest such as business brand- - Increase your social networking par- - ticipation and expand your profes- http://bit.ly/7QYqrZ. ment a priority - show up and engage! sional circle of contacts with Groups. Commit to your personal develop- Susan Barr is President of Selah Synergy groups have active memberships on Fa- ment with web-based education. and author of the upcoming book “The Power of Virtual Leverage”. With over 25 - years experience combining technology and have an amazing array of credit and strategy for clients, Susan’s company offers a - full range of coaching and consulting servic- - es as well as social a mentor is a heartening experience and is www.ed2go.com which provides a wide media webinars for - the small business. forums for interacting with other stu-
  10. 10. A More Complete Kid’s Chewable IsaKids® Essentials - food mind guide you where it wants to go. To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE
  11. 11. NEW! e Living Proof Nutrition Show on Spirit Quest Radio Well, you guessed it. “I” am now broadcasting out into the world wide web via the syndicated online Radio Broadcasting Station, Spirit Quest Radio (SQR). About 3 ! month ago I became friends with this guy named Galen on Facebook because I was looking to network with people who are into numerology. Galen and I ended up chatting on the phone and he explained that he did what is called Chaldeon Numerology. I was absolutely fascinated. He asked me if we could stay in touch through email and I said “sure”. I noticed that he was doing a show on an online station with a woman named Holly, and they were combining astrology with numerology. So I decided to call in. I received an email from his co-host (and co-owner of SQR), Holly, ask- ing me if I would be interested in doing a show on holistic nutrition. I didn’t even hesitate one bit and just said “yes!”. I had been thinking about doing a radio show on Blog Talk Radio but this station seemed different. Since about September I have now been doing a weekly show me even better. It has been an awesome journey and I am dedicated now to producing a professional and exciting show for as long as I can. I will be building my own studio again, however, in the meantime I have decided to have the show professionally produced. Spirit Quest Radio is more that just an online talk radio station, they have a lobby forum for interesting and informative discussions. They recently launched their store and now they are running an actual Registered University! Please Upcoming Shows for December, Jan. 28th: Susan Barr on Social Networking - - - Dec. 24th: Robin Clements & Transformational Breath. - - - - - Shamik Dynamik (calling in from Australia) - Just Tam. - dent Bill Brashier and his Self Help for Kids . have invited him to be on the show just because through his voice a dedication to performance Ivan Rados ~ Author of “Health: It’s All About Consciousness” (Namaste Publishing -
  12. 12. The Venus Project (Zeitgeist) Bikram Yoga with Jena Steele BSC. Hon. Kinesiology, - - Bikram Yoga College of India ‘06, Yoga Instructor - - - - - Jennifer Hough – The Vital You All That is Dee - is about transcending the how’s of experienc- - - - interested and amused by what she is doing and of gent society. peace and joy to you...by paying her journey for- ward to humanity. a Sharry Edwards, Med – Bio Quantum Leaps Lodge - - Book e Living Proof - - Nutrition Show into Your Calendar (or Save e Date) - - of the body. - til next time... To receive a copy of Liv Tru right to your inbox each season—sign up HERE