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Lesson1101312 ag


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Square Roots

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Lesson1101312 ag

  1. 1. 11/13/12 (AG) •Find Seat •Open notebook to notes section and write date and lesson title above. • Begin Warm-up Students will be able to determine if a number is a perfect square or aObj: perfect cube; list the first 15 perfect squares; and evaluate square roots of small perfect squares and cube roots of small perfect cubes. (CCES: MP.3, MP.7, Pre-8.EE.2)
  2. 2.  Perfect Square Perfect Cube Square Root Cube Root
  3. 3. Activity #1: Students will be in groups and givencheezits to assist in exploring perfect squares.Students will need to complete worksheet whilelooking for patterns to help discover perfect squares.Activity 2: Students will be given snap cubes andasked to create a cube. From there, they will need tocomplete other half of worksheet while looking forpatters to help discover perfect cubes.Teacher facilitated discussion to follow discovery.
  4. 4.  Are the majority of numbers perfect squares or non-perfect squares? Can you give an example of a number that is not a perfect square and explain why it is not one?
  5. 5. In your own words, whatmakes a number a perfectsquare?