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Tammie smith chp 3 and 4 reflection 1


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tammie smith chp 3 and 4 reflection 1

  1. 1. Analyze the State the Select Utilize Require the Evaluate the revise learner by Standards and Strategies, technology, learner to the lesson. Use looking for objectives and technology , media, and participate and rubrics, protfoliospecific ablities think about the media and materials using practice the skills. assessments both and and end goal both materials based the 5 P Process: Give feedback traditional and background academically on the needs of electronic knowledge and behaviorally the students. ~ Preview for Use resources appropriate ABCDs of well content available and stated objectives look for ~ Prepare to will improve websites that make sure all the student are free of cost. technology is performance. working ~ Prepare the After reading about the room ASSURE Model I asked myself if I was using ~ Prepare the these methods to learner by stating develop my lessons. How can use more technology the objectives for the benefit of my students? ~ Provide the lesson and Hit the Bulls eye!!! opportunity to learn How can I find more ways to put technology into my lessons that will give instant feedback? Presentations, demonstrations and drill and Achieving the 21st practice can be used to introduce concepts. Century Learner They all have their positive and negatives. The skills are easily introduced but the students can become bored with the repetition Tutorials, dissusions and cooperative learning groups are effective because they help to discover knowledge and areas of weakness. On the flipside not all students like to participate in class dissusions. Games, simulations, problem based learning get the student engaed in learning and can provide instant feedback to the teacher and student and help to prevent boredom.