The Listing Consultation.6.05.07


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How Help-U-Sell Works

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The Listing Consultation.6.05.07

  1. 1. LP -U-SE HE L L SINCE 1976 THE KS OR AR M KETING W Key Questions About Your Move 1 Why are you moving? 2 When do you want/have to move? 3 How long have you lived at your present home? 4 What “major improvements” have you made to your home? 5 What do you feel are some of the major selling points of your home? 6 Who else are you talking with about the sale of your home? 7 How do you feel about owner financing? 8 How did you arrive at your price? 9 Have you ever sold a home before? How did that experience go? What are your major concerns in making a move? 10 What is important to you, Price? Timing? Convenience? 11 What would it do to your plans if you couldn’t sell? If you are unable to get the price you want, how would that affect your plans? 12 What do you need to know so we can go to work for you today?
  2. 2. ® About Help-U-Sell A Customer-Driven Alternative --- According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 25% of buyers and 49% of sellers plan to work with commissioned real estate agents. --- Over half of consumers are looking for a real estate alternative. --- Help-U-Sell® Real Estate provides that alternative — giving sellers choices and control over the process. --- We help you achieve your real estate goals through a home-selling partnership. Established in 1976 --- Since 1976, Help-U-Sell® Real Estate has championed the concept of menu-driven services and set fees. ● We are the oldest and largest set fee real estate company in America --- The Fastest Growing Set Fee Real Estate Company Franchise in America (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2005) --- Help-U-Sell® Real Estate ranked #15 on Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 2005, making it the fastest growing real estate franchise company in America. --- 850 Offices Nationwide. --- The company has grown over 900% since 1999. Our Vision is Simple, Yet Profound --- We help our customers buy, sell and save by providing the information they want and the professional service they expect. ® The Help-U-Sell System Works! Definitely recommend! Saved $16,005! We tried selling on our own and had lots of traffic but no offers. As soon as we signed up with Help-U-Sell we had four offers, sold in 20 days, and saved $16,005. We will absolutely use Help-U-Sell again and definitely recommend them to our family and friends. — Steve Homolac and Carolyn Gordon
  3. 3. About Help-U-Sell ® Fee-for-Service Help-U-Sell® Real Estate offers consumers choices from a full-service menu at low set fees. Set Fee --- We are a full service Realtor.® --- Fees are based on the services we provide. They are not based on an arbitrary number like the sales price of a property. --- You choose your level of involvement in the transaction. --- We give you choices. --- You pay only for who actually participates, which saves you money! Fee for Service ≠ Discount --- Discount: The amount a price would be reduced to purchase a commodity of lesser grade Great job! Saved $7,450! Alex did a great job. She was professional and The Help-U-Sell System Works! ® courteous as well as responsive. We were very pleased with the service we received and especially the savings! The whole selling process went smoothly and even more expeditiously than we anticipated or expected. We would definitely ® recommend Alex/Help-U-Sell again! — Hugh & Sherrie Thompson
  4. 4. About Help-U-Sell ® [Insert office name] Who We Are Insert information about your office here. DAY HOUR T SOLD FAS 10 SOLD IN 1 ,944 SOLD IN 1 9,150 5 8,4 SAVED $1 SAVED $1 SAVED $1 Sold in 1 day, Sold in one hour! Sold fast, Saved $15,944! Saved $19,150! Saved $18,410! We sold the house in one day. The My real estate transaction with Jeff The effort and energy put in by our agent, ® ® buyers were able to take their time Feenstra and Help-U-Sell was Alex Elliot and Help-U-Sell far exceeded ® viewing the home. The Help-U-Sell completely positive and successful. Jeff our expectations. She helped us through staff was always available, friendly, is a hard-working agent of great integrity. some difficult negotiations as well as all the informative, and knowledgeable. We My home sold in the first hour after the paperwork. Help-U-Sell supplied signs and received the full asking price in one Help-U-Sell sign was posted in the front other supplies that were very effective. I day and saved $15,944! yard. Jeff guided me through every have used other realtors who did much less step of the sale. It was fast, easy, and but were paid more. I saved over $18,000 — Gary & Erika Tobias thanks to the Help-U-Sell system and in commissions compared with a full priced Jeff’s professionalism, it was not only realtor. I would whole-heartedly recommend the easiest transaction I’ve done, but the Alex and Help-U-Sell to anyone buying most profitable and enjoyable. or selling. — Viisha Sedlack — John Rosenlind For over 30 years, our system has worked!
  5. 5. Our Success Record [Insert office name] Average Days on Market XX days XX days Percent of Listings Sold XX XX Sales Price to List Price XX XX Percentage of Homes Sold in-house vs MLS XX XX Average Seller Savings XX Total Seller Savings YTD XX Gave us security! Saved $20,270! “We always wanted to sell our home ourselves in order to save the huge commissions charged by other real estate offices, but were concerned about completing all necessary requirements to insure ® everything was done correctly. Help-U-Sell gave Put Help-U-Sell to work for you! ® us this security by providing guidance when needed and in handling all the ‘paperwork.’ The amount of money saved gave us the luxury to upgrade our new home, Help-U-Sell also represented the buyer in this transaction. The whole process was very amicable between all parties involved.” — Robert and LaVerne Herold
  6. 6. ® The Help-U-Sell Marketing System ? Guaranteed weekly - Guaranteed weekly advertising advertising ? Free Weekly List to - Personal email/call to Our Buyer Pool Our Buyer Pool ? Entire Target Market - Entire Target Market Mailer (ETM) Mailer (ETM) ? Brag Cards - Post Cards ? Newspaper and - Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Magazine Advertising ? Open House - Open House ? For Sale Sign - For Sale Sign ? Help-U-Sell Website - Help-U-Sell Website ? Virtual Tours - Virtual Tours ? Property Flyers - Property Flyers ® ? Multiple Listing Help-U-Sell Marketing Works! - Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Service (MLS)
  7. 7. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Guaranteed Weekly Advertising --- Your house is advertised every week, guaranteed. --- We advertise your property weekly through one or more media methods to ensure that serious buyers, in their search for property, come across it. These methods include classified advertising, and advertisements on the Help-U-Sell website. ® Help-U-Sell Marketing Works! ®
  8. 8. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Help-U-Sell Advertisements to our Buyer Pool --- We run an advertisement in the local media and on the Internet, which attracts buyers for your home. --- Because of the number of buyers who call in, we have compiled a “pool” of potential buyers. --- We mail and email information about your home to interested buyers --- We may already have buyers available to look at your home! Response to internet ads like these add hundreds of potential buyers to our buyer pool. Help-U-Sell Marketing Works! ®
  9. 9. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Direct Marketing to Buyers Registered on our Website --- We have hundreds of buyers registered on our website who are just waiting for the right property to come along. --- Once we list your property, we run a report identifying the website buyers who have specified interest in a property just like yours. --- We then personally call or email these buyers to create interest and see if there is a match between your property and our list of ready buyers. Help-U-Sell Marketing Works! ®
  10. 10. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Direct Mail to Neighborhood Communities --- An Entire Target Market (ETM) mailer is sent to thousands of homeowners every month advertising your property. --- These neighbors will tell their friends and family about homes available. The Help-U-Sell System Saves You Money with Low Set Fees! ®
  11. 11. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Direct mail to neighbors who will spread the word to friends in the market to buy --- We have ways to create a marketing “buzz” about your property based on the right timing and targeting the right people. --- Our direct mail pieces, called Post Cards, get the word out to your neighbors, who then tell their friends and family. --- Your property gets word-of-mouth exposure—an excellent way to draw serious buyers who want to live in your neighborhood. The Help-U-Sell System Saves You Money with Low Set Fees! ®
  12. 12. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Newspaper and Magazine advertising --- Our marketing system can include display ads in the local newspaper and local homes magazines Saved $17,000! A wonderful way to sell your home! ® We knew we had a nice home & decided to use Help-U-Sell to The Marketing Works! advertise for us. They were very professional and we felt very relieved that they would be the transaction broker and do all the ® paperwork for us. The Help-U-Sell concept is a wonderful way to sell your home and for us we ended up saving about $17,000. — Dan & Mary Lee
  13. 13. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System Our For Sale and Open House Signs --- Most buyers drive by neighborhoods they are interested to find a property. To take advantage of these drive-by buyers, we encourage you to hold your house open as often as possible, giving your property far more exposure than other properties for sale. --- Our Open House signs emphasize “Shown By Owner” to catch the buyer’s attention. Buyers get in direct contact with you, allowing you to save the most amount of money if you find the buyer yourself. Made the selling process easy! The Marketing Works! Saved $9,000! Our house was on the market with a realtor for 8 months and then we went with Help-U-Sell with Louis Poberzyn and it sold in 30 days for our asking price. They were great to work with and made the whole selling process very easy. We would highly recommend them. The best part is we saved $17,000. — Jim & Andrea Coats
  14. 14. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System The Help-U-Sell Website ® Easy for buyers to search for More homes to search, which keeps buyers on our website Tools to help buyers prequalify Benefits for buyers who choose to work with us 8 out of 10 buyers start their home search on the internet. --- Our website provides one-stop shopping for buyers, allowing them to see both MLS and Help-U-Sell homes on the market 24/7. Buyers visit, stay, and use our site extensively!
  15. 15. ® The Help-U-Sell Marketing System Help-U-Sell® Website: Buyer Control Easy for buyers to find similar properties Buyers can print a flyer to ensure a hard copy of key information Buyers can save the listing in their own section of the website, allowing them to quick access to your listing information Convenient for buyers to get directions to the property, increasing exposure Buyers can email the listing directly to anyone involved in the decision-making, which moves the process along more quickly Buyers can schedule a showing directly with you, increasing exposure and potentially saving you the most amount of money ® The Help-U-Sell Website Works!
  16. 16. The Help-U-Sell ® Marketing System The Help-U-Sell Website: Virtual Tours Virtual Tours provide another reason for Buyers to continue searching for homes on the Help-U-Sell website. Listings with virtual tours get clicked more than listings without a virtual tour. Our virtual tours make it easy for buyers to gain information about your property, mortgages and even schools. When buyers feel empowered, they come to you or the Help-U-Sell office directly when ready to make an offer. No middle- man needed. And under the Help-U-Sell way of doing business, the fewer the people involved in the sales process, the more you save! Virtual tours provide reports showing the progress being Direct Buyer and Seller Contact made in marketing.
  17. 17. The Selling Process with Help-U-Sell Real Estate ® You put the home on the market at fair 1 market value. Most agents put the property in the MLS, and depending upon their personal budget, may do additional We coach you how to participate in the advertising in the paper. 2 selling process. We put our exclusive marketing system to work for you! With the Help-U-Sell system, we put ALL the tools of our proven marketing system to work right away, including the MLS if desired. You hold open houses. Prospective 3 buyers tour the property. We assist the buyer in choosing a lender and securing financing. We write the contract and disclosures. Mortgage approval subject to 4 We present the offer and negotiate best possible terms and price. appraisal. Escrow opens (in escrow states). An appraisal and various property inspec- 5 tions are ordered. Title search is ordered and title insurance issued. Inspections are scheduled. Repairs 6 (if any) negotiated and completed. Buyers perform due diligence. 7 Final inspection and walk-through. All funds needed to close deposited into 8 escrow (escrow states). Deed is recorded. Close on the property. We deliver the 9 check to you. Professionalism and Quality Service! Saved $13,550! The Help-U-Sell Process – It Works! ® “I first heard about Help-U-Sell over 10 years ago. So, when it was time to sell my home I did not hesitate to sign up. Who knows your house better than you. A realtor has not lived in your home; you have. I sold my home with one open house and received more than my asking price. Thank you Help-U-Sell for your profes- sionalism and quality service.” — Robert Madrid
  18. 18. Service Comparison Help-U-Sell [Office Name] Competitor 1 Competitor 2 The Consumer’s Competitor 3 Intelligent Choice Competitor 4 Competitor 5 Help-U-Sell System Advantages Competitor 6 Multiple Listing Service o o o o o o o Multiple Listing as a Seller’s Choice o Menu Concept: Pay for Services Used o Yard Signs o o o o o o o Yard Signs with Seller Phone Number o Set Fee vs. Percentage Commission o Service Guarantee o Superior Marketing Company Driven Marketing – Not Agent Driven o Internet Web Presence Linked to Major Sites o o o o o o o Open House (Limited Availability w/ Other Co’s.) o o o o o o o Open House by Owner Whenever Desired o Guaranteed Weekly Advertising o Advertise for Buyers 365 Days a Year o Personal email / call to interested buyers from database o Help-U-Sell Radio Network o Virtual Tour o o o o o o o Highest Per Agent Productivity o Nationwide Company Referral Network o o o o o o 18 6 6 6 6 6 5 The Help-U-Sell Process – It Works! ®
  19. 19. Traditional Real Estate: 4 Commissions $200,000 house $12,000 commission Listing Side Selling Side $6,000 $6,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 The Help-U-Sell System Saves You Money with Low Set Fees! ®
  20. 20. Our Guarantees Our Guarantee Advertising Guara ntee We guarantee in writin g to advertise your home every week Advertising Guarantee N W E R I G CON PO S Help-U-Sell EM UM ERS R Help-U-Sell Real Estate FEE- We guarantee in writing to advertise R- FO SE T --- TA E RVIC E EAL ES your home every week. The Help-U-Sell Process – It Works! ®
  21. 21. Our Guarantees Service Guarantee --- At closing, this office will refund up to our full fee if we have not performed the services agreed upon to your reasonable satisfaction, and if you have complied with all the terms of our listing agreement. Our Guarantee Service Guarantee At closing, this of ce will refund up to our full fee if we have not performed the services agr eed upon to your reasonable satisfaction, and if you have complied with all the terms of our listing agr eement. R I NG CON WE SU PO EM M Help-U-Sell ERS Help-U-Sell Real Estate FEE - FO R- T E SER TA VICE REAL ES I made the right decision! Saved $11,000! “It is so nice and refreshing to deal with a firm The Help-U-Sell Process – It Works! ® that treats you like a customer instead of an obli- gation. I was a little uneasy with my first contact, but after the presentation was complete I knew that I had made the right decision. All phases of the sale of our property were handled profession- ally, and with little or no delay. [Help-U-Sell] has a sales coordinator that will keep that company at the top of the list of successful companies!” — The Petersons
  22. 22. Savings Chart The Consumer’s Intelligent Choice In Traditional Real Estate the Purchase Price Commission* commission is usually a percentage $300,000 X 6.0% = $18,000 of the selling price. The average commission you could pay to Commission* sell your home may look like the Listing Office 3.0% = $9,000 following example. Commission* 1. With many real estate offices, you have no other choice. Selling Office 3.0% = $9,000 2. With the Help-U-Sell® System, there are at least three ways your home may sell. * Commissions are not set by law and are negotiable between the broker and consumer. GOOD BETTER BEST Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Professional Assistance Fee Open Houses By Owner Listing (HUS) Showing (MLS) Listing (HUS) Showing (HUS) Listing (HUS) Showing (YOU) 2.0% + 2.5% $3,950 + 1.5% $4,500 $3,950 + 0% $6,000 $7,500 You Pay $8,450 You Pay $3,950 You Pay $13,500 You Save $9,550 You Save $14,050 You Save $4,500 Whether you show your home or your Help-U-Sell agent If another broker locates a shows your home, the moment a prospective buyer expresses buyer for your home, we act an interest in purchasing your home, your Help-U-Sell agent as your agent. The other takes over. We help your buyers obtain financing, write the agent becomes the agent for contracts, handle disclosures, inspections and escrow or the buyer. closing. Your Help-U-Sell experience will meet or exceed your real estate expectations. The amount you pay depends on where your buyer comes from!
  23. 23. Testimonials I plan on using them again! Sold in 3 days! Saved $19,250! “First, we were a little apprehensive at the thought of not Saved $11,950! using a traditional real estate broker, but we decided to give “When it was time to sell my house, I was looking for an alter- Help-U-Sell a try because of the large potential savings. The native to paying a 6% commission. My main concern about results exceeded our expectations. Basically the tasks that selling without an agent was that I didn’t want to miss any we had to do were advertising our house and showing it to of the legalities (disclosures, retrofits, etc.). Help-U-Sell was prospective buyers. We felt that we could show it better than the solution. The people there were helpful and supportive. real estate agents, and we received some feedback from They handled all of the paperwork for me so I had nothing to buyers to that effect. Our home sold only after three days of worry about. I have no qualms recommending Help-U-Sell, open houses and we saved over $19,000.” and I plan on using them again. — Dick and Linda Bratkovich — Janet Silverstein We are very satisfied customers! Saved $5,387! “We had heard of Help-U-Sell, but weren’t sure of how the process worked. We talked to several real estate agents; however, paying them the going commission rate would just cut too far into the profit we needed to complete our out-of-state move. We found a local Help-U-Sell office very close to our neighborhood. We felt comfortable with Mike Fidler fom the start. He was knowledgeable, had tons of experience, and his staff was always courteous, helpful and available. We were a little intimidated at first when we’d show our home, but soon got the hang of it and received unprecedented encouragement and assistance from Mike and his staff. Within weeks, we sold our property for more than our original listing price. All in all, our experience with Help-U-Sell was fantastic. We were able to save on real estate commissions, which allowed us to complete our move with much needed cash in hand. Many thanks to Mike and his staff! We are very satisfied customers!” — Steve and Kathy Robison The Help-U-Sell Process – It Works! ®