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Sosebee presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Sosebee presentation

  1. 1. Benjamin Sosebee
  2. 2. Why I chose this topic?   We are a BYLD school district.  Students are using technology more often.  Schools are pushing the implementation of technology.  Students enjoy and actively use technology in learning.  Can schools, students, and teachers support these learning methods and styles.
  3. 3. Problem Statement   While teachers at Cherokee High School are beginning to implement technology more frequently in the classroom, many are not equipped to use the technology effectively. Programs are offered within Cherokee County to train teachers on using technology in the classroom but, teachers have not been able to or have not taken the opportunity to receive this training.
  4. 4. Research Question   How prepared are teachers and students for movement into the 21st century classroom?  How equipped are schools and classrooms for the shift from the 20th century classroom, to the 21st century classroom?
  5. 5. Methodology   Participants:  Three Student Classes  Curriculum Teachers  Instruments  Student Survey  Teacher Survey  Procedure  Students voluntarily took survey in October  Teachers voluntarily took survey in October
  6. 6. Findings   Students and teachers both feel prepared to use technology in the classroom.  Students and teachers both feel technology improves student learning and independence in the classroom.  Teachers need to continue technology training to keep up with current trends.  However, technology may not always be functional depending on the type of technology being used.