Homestay in costa rica


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Homestay in costa rica

  1. 1. Homestay in Costa Rica  When- 6/6/15  Where- Costa Rica/Playa Tamarindo  Why-Study Spanish and live with a family  How- See Linares in 3202 on 4/17 @ 6:30  Who-YOU  What-Homestay program approved by CCSD  Earn .5 credits for EHS  Gain a life-long experience 1
  2. 2. 2nd Parent Informational Meeting  What-Homestay Costa Rica trip discussion  Where-room 3202 in the “C” building…top floor…above the cafeteria  Why-Answer your questions  When- 4/17/14 (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm
  3. 3.  During your adventures, you will be living with a Spanish-speaking family. This enables you to speak Spanish even after the long day has ended.  You will be able to see some of Costa Rica’s wild life and volcanos as you explore the jungles and rivers.  Each day includes an international language class. These classes provide the opportunities to learn about Costa Rican music, food, markets, and practices as well as enhance vocabulary and grammar.  This is an opportunity to speak Spanish outside of the walls of a classroom.  Check out this promotional video- AeqVnbXEuY Why travel to Costa Rica?
  4. 4.  Online:  Phone: 800-665-5364  Group Leader: Tamara Linares  Tour Number: #1583228BP  What: 11 day Language Immersion Tour to Costa Rica  Students stay with a Costa Rican family  Travel Dates:  leave- 6/6/2015 How do I enroll?