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Introducing TLS Trim Tea


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TLS Trim Tea is clinically proven to get results! Keep reading to learn more.

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ignificant changes were found in body weight, circumference, and body fat percentages. The Welltrim® group:

lost 28 pounds,
decreased their body fat by 6.3%,
decreased their waist by 6.7″,
decreased their fasting blood sugar by 22.5%,
lowered cholesterol by 26%, and
reduced LDL by 27%!

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Introducing TLS Trim Tea

  1. 1. Announcing TLS Trim Tea Taste Great Lose Weight
  2. 2. Introducing...
  3. 3. THE MARKET • Weight Management • Healthy Blood Sugar Levels • Tea Drinkers • Body Building, Women's & Men's Fitness
  4. 4. BENEFITS • Supports select hormones related to weight loss • Promotes satiety • Promotes metabolic balance • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels • Supports Cardiovascular Health • Reduces body fat
  5. 5. VALUE PROPOSITION • Individually packaged • Black tea advantage • Increase Adiponectin • Welltrim® IG (IGOB 131) • Clinically Tested • 30 Servings - $1.34 a serving
  6. 6. NEW!!!