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Part 1 - Articles


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Published in: Education
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Part 1 - Articles

  1. 1. Tamira Bello
  2. 2. When Articles were published  The long history of short films - 9:00AM BST 18 Apr 2010  films.htm  The best short films on the web - Sunday 19 December 2010 00.04 GMT   Witty or gritty? What ingredients make the best short films? - Friday 14 January 2011 16.29 GMT   Britain enters a golden era of the short film - Sunday 19 February 2012  era-of-the-short-film-7179535.html  Filmmakers have lost the art of making a long story short - Monday 8 April 2013 11.48 BST 
  3. 3. Why people go to the trouble of making short films There are many reasons as to why people would go to the effort of making short films “Now all you have to do, assuming you have internet access and a passing familiarity with video-hosting websites, is switch on your computer.” – This quote from the article is highlighting that shorts are easily accessible so therefore it is easy for film makers to share their films to their audience “Because the short has come to be viewed as a practice space for student film-makers or a calling card to show that those involved are fit to make a "proper" film, ie a feature. ” – This is saying how it can help amateur filmmakers gain credibility and respect in the film world. By making shorts it will show audiences and companies that they are skilled enough to make features.
  4. 4. Why people go to the trouble of making short films "People are looking for random little moments to be inspired. The short film is the natural medium for that world.“ – Some filmmakers may make short films to help pass on a message to an audience in a innovative and creative way.
  5. 5. Strengths of Short films  Easy and cheap to distribute online, also meaning wider audiences can easily access your film online  Can be made at up to 40 mins –generally around 20 mins  Anyone can shoot full-spec HD video on a phone, upload it to a waiting website, and build an instant audience through social media. – Whilst this is a strength, it is also a disadvantage as you can get meaningless videos posted online
  6. 6. Weaknesses of short films  A disadvantage of short films is that if you share them online (which is where they are most likely to be viewed you are forfeiting money and profits to gain publicity  Hard to create a meaningful storyline in such a tight space.  Attracts a niche audience
  7. 7. Ingredients to make a successful short film Make films that are ultra-short but so packed with detail that they demand to be watched over and over. “Grab the viewer's attention within the first 30 seconds and not letting go.” The articles says that sex and gimmicks help keep them interested. A situation or plot that you can relate to, will make the audience empathises with the character and be more drawn in.
  8. 8. Who are the audiences  Audiences at Film Festivals  Visual Artists  Popular within British audiences  Film students  Film makers