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UX and Android


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Prepared this presentation in 30 min and held itwith The Idea was to create a conversation about UX and Android due to the lack of really good UI on the Android Phones.

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UX and Android

  1. 1. Android Market • Android just overtook iPhones in Sales • Devices coming out at 100 € • 2013 More Smartphones then Desktop Computer • No Review / Immediate Market Release • Apps are growing fast (over 60.000) • 10.000 Apps in March 2010 • Android is getting into more and more Devices • SonyErricson, Alcatel, Dell, LG, HTC, WePad, Acer, HUAWEI, Samsung,…
  2. 2. Problems • Many Java Developers • Comming from a very technical background • Just a few designers there • Guidelines of Google are not very restricted • No Review Process, Anything is published • Many different UIs depending on vendor For Example, HTC, Samsung, SonyErricson,…
  3. 3. How to get UX to the Android Community? • Guidelines of Google are not very restricted • Talk in your companies how big Android will be • Teach people about good UX for Android to raise the UX awareness Ideas could be: • Having a blog with reviews for good and bad UI