Budgetory control management


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Budgetory control management

  1. 1. NAME:VETRIVEL MURUGAN SREG.NO:111012403239DATE:26-11-2012SUB: budget management control
  3. 3.  Ouruniversity have planned to each department to the requirement of budget. The following details of the budget control management.
  4. 4. Chief ExecutiveDirectorsFinancial Controller.
  5. 5.  ensuring the operations of the department are achieved within the approved budget and financial targets; and allocation of funds within the department
  6. 6.  ensuring overall integrity of information in the financial system; the annual reconciliation of amounts included in the forward estimates for the external budget; explanation of reasons for significant trends and changes in budget amounts; and actioning salary recoveries
  7. 7.  First Budget Reversed budget
  8. 8.  Each department what usage things have to list out of requirement of both department. The furnitures Lab equipments, machinery damages, etc… To the requirements of list out of the first budget.
  9. 9.  Thebudget is not comfortable so remain get to any department to provide a budget control management to reversed budget.
  10. 10.  In our university will be prepare into the budget it will be very simple and perfect manner. Every financial activity should be doing into this budget.