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Newsletter 2008


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Newsletter 2008

  1. 1. When you think of rainforests – and know a thing or two about climate change – one of the first things that comes to mind is the nickname they’ve earned from environmentalists: The Lungs of the Earth. So it probably comes as a surpise to learn the real mega producers of the planet’s oxygen grow in the oceans and seas, not in the ground. Vast underwater kelp beds suck up carbon dioxide breathed into the atmosphere by animals (that includes us humans) then convert it back into oxygen. This never-ending cycle is usually attributed to terrestrial plants, not those growing in seawater. But climatologists have recently announced giant kelp beds – like those in the Norwegian Sea – convert more oxygen than the earth’s rain- forests, earning these huge underwater jungles a new title – The Rainforests of the Sea. At YG, we’ve tapped into one of the richest treasures hidden in the cell walls of Laminaria hyperborea* – a brown seaweed that’s as easy to find in kelp forests as cocoa trees are in the Brazil- ian rainforest. Different than the better-known Laminaria digitata, L. hyperborea is Norway’s biggest cash crop. That’s because the sea that bears the country’s name is host to thousands of miles of this special seaweed. BEAUTIFUL SKIN Why is it so unique? As luck would have from the Rainforests of the Sea it, the Norwegian Sea is one of the most tumultuous bodies of water on the planet. Strong glacial tides pull water near the sea’s bottom one way while the moon’s natural ebb and flow effect send it in a different direction near the surface. To survive, L. hyperborea has evolved a natural chemical in its cell walls. Named “alginic acid”, this molecule is made of essential minerals, some of which react with water while others resist its effects. The result is the strongest, most flexible yet fully hydrated natural poly- mer in the seaweed family. And that’s great news for skin, because Algin retains its natural minerals to produce the strong, exception- ally hydrating and remineralizing material we’ve used to make the base of our new Norwegian Professional Masques. To learn more TM about the masques, just turn the page.
  2. 2. CHALLENGE 1 CHALLENGE 2 revive skin assaulted relieve sensitive, by smoke, smog, irritated skin air pollutants and UV rays SOLUTION SOLUTION NORWEGIAN NORWEGIAN ANTIOXIDANT SUPERFRUIT CHAMOMILE & RED TEA NEUTRALIZING MASQUE SOOTHING MASQUE THE RESULTS THE RESULTS • Instantly neutralizes surface damage • Calms sensitive skin on contact • Brightens damaged skin for a healthy, rejuvenated glow • Eases redness and other signs of irritation • Dramatically improves hydration, elasticity and suppleness • Cools and revives comfort instantly • Smoothes lines and crepiness in seconds • Helps skin recover faster from resurfacing, laser or other procedures HOW IT WORKS The potent antioxidant power of Superfruits - acai, goji berry, noni, guarana, mangosteen and HOW IT WORKS Ultra-calming blend of naturally grown pomegranate - jump start the skin’s natural resilience and ward plants and flowers, including chamomile, rooibus red tea, off free radicals from environmental aggressors, while helping calendula, aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, organic slippery elm to neutralize oxidative damage - a prime cause of wrinkling, and licorice root quickly pacifies stressed, irritated skin and sun spots, discoloration and lack of elasticity in the skin. eases signs of redness and visible inflammation. INGREDIENT FOCUS INGREDIENT FOCUS Chamomile (matricaria recutita) Gogi Berries (lycium barbarum) The ancient Egyptians revered the apple- Praised 3000 years ago by the father of scented chamomile as virtuous, dedicat- Chinese medicine, this native of China ing the plant to the sun and their gods because of its extensive healing proper- was recently rated the highest antioxidant ties. Chamomile eases visible inflamma- source of all superfruits. tion, soothes sensitive skin and renews and refreshes tired skin. Acai (euterpe oleracea) Extremely high in anthocyanin-rich anti- Rooibos (aspalathus linearis) Rooibos, commonly known as Red Tea, oxidants, acai is known for its anti-inflam- is an herbal plant that grows in South matory and connective tissue protecting Africa. It is rich in naturally occurring trace properties. Also a rich source of calming elements, like iron, magnesium, potasium, flavonoids, cell regenerating amino acids, zinc, calcium, and Vitamin C with over 50 lipid-repairing essential fatty acids and times more active antioxidants than green collagen preserving phytosterols. tea. On the skin, red tea delivers fast relief from itching and dryness. WINNING POWERBLEND WINNING POWERBLEND • 2 tsp. Hydrating Vitamin Creme • 2 tsp. Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Creme • 2 tsp. CoQ-10 Antioxidant Serum • 2 tsp. Soothing Gelle Masque • 2 tsp. Oxygen Boosting Complex • 1 pump Instant Calm™ Ultra Complex Massage until absorbed before • 1 pump R-Relief™ Serum applying Norwegian Masque Massage until absorbed before applying Norwegian Masque
  3. 3. CHALLENGE take control of oily shine, 3 CHALLENGE drench dry, 4 irritating breakouts dehydrated skin with and visible redness rejuvenating moisture SOLUTION SOLUTION SOLUTION NORWEGIAN NORWEGIAN WHEATGRASS & SAGE BLUEBERRY & HONEY PURIFYING MASQUE HYDRATING MASQUE THE RESULTS THE RESULTS • Purifies for a healthy-looking, blemish-free freshness • Rejuvenates skin’s natural radiance in minutes • Minimizes pores • Instantly cools and refreshes • Cools and neutralizes redness • “Plumps” fine lines & creping skin with life-giving moisture • Revives shine-free vitality to skin • Revives skin’s natural moisture barrier for long-lasting comfort HOW IT WORKS Deeply purifying and gently exfoliating, HOW IT WORKS Rejuvenates skin’s natural radiance, dra- this cooling masque smoothes away dead skin cells and frees matically plumps fine lines and crepe-prone skin, and instantly pores of surface debris while calming redness. It also rem- comforts with the long-lasting moisture from this deliciously ineralizes and supports skin’s self-recovery to protect against unique masque. future problems. INGREDIENT FOCUS INGREDIENT FOCUS Blueberry (vaccinum angustifolium) Wheatgrass (hordeum vuglare) Rated the fifth richest antioxidant fruit, this Long valued by nutritionists, this grass of delicious berry protects moisturizing lipids the young wheat plant is a rich source of between skin cells, ensuring skin stays antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino moist, supple and comfortable. acids, enzymes and chlorophyll – mak- ing it an exceptional surface purifier and Honey an essential element for cell renewal and Used for centuries by peoples around the recovery in acne-prone skin. world for its sweet hydration properties, new research shows honey is a delectable Sage (salvia officinalis) wealth of antioxidants. Used by herbalists throughout Europe, the humble sage emits a refreshing fragrance Silver Ear Mushroom that’s also a potent pore purifier. Loved by the most beautiful woman in Chinese history, this fragile mushroom has been rated in scientific testing as among the most hydrating substances ever discovered. WINNING POWERBLEND • 2 tsp. Soothe & Defend Hydragel WINNING POWERBLEND • 1 tsp. Purifying Comfort Masque • 2 tsp. Moisture Infusion Creme Masque • 1 pump Moisture Boost Hydragel • 1 pump Nutriment Blue Oil • 1 tsp. Visibly Moist Toner Massage until absorbed before • 1 pump Moisture Boost Hydragel applying Norwegian Masque Massage until absorbed before applying Norwegian Masque
  4. 4. THE INSIDE SCOOP If you’ve been looking for a stronger dose of vitamins, peptides and other proven skin correc- tors to send into your clients’ skins during their treatment time with you, our new Intensive Serum Concentrates will have high appeal. Formulated with mega doses of key action ingredients found in the skin care you send home with your clients, this new pro-only family is what the term cosmeceuticals is all about. THE CONCEPT BEHIND THE PRODUCTS We’ve taken our most popular key ingredients and boosted their levels past the percentages used in clinical studies. Normally we’d object to this type of treatment for fear of irritation. But loading skin with high levels of skin correctors turns out FOR to be good when done occasionally. Medical practitioners PROFESSIONAL rely on this practice when they give patients single “bolus” USE ONLY – or big – doses of therapeutic drugs. By saturating tissues with a drug the patient is about to start taking, a bolus dose gives the body a kick-start that’s supported by lower doses all new of the drug when taken daily. INTENSIVE SERUM CONCENTRATES THE CONCENTRATES Starting with the two most useful THE HOMECARE vitamins in skin care, we’ve ramped up the Retinol and For Retinol, recommend Retinol Vitamin C in our first two Intensive Serum Concentrates to ReSurfacing Complex at night, for ten times the dose you’ll find in the YG skin care you rec- Vitamin C recommend Triple C&E ommend to clients. Intensive Retinol Serum Concentrate Complex AM or PM. is a light textured emulsion featuring microencapsulated Retinol for stability, along with a sunscreen and antioxi- dant to make it safe for daytime wear. Intensive Vitamin C Serum Concentrate is an oil-based formula containing the highly stable Vitamin C ester tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a form scientists are starting to agree is the most bioavailble to cells and skin tissues. Both formulas rapidly absorb due to a complex of penetration enhancers, and both contain a healthy dose of Sea Whip – the strongest calmative we’ve ever tested. We don’t have space to tell you everything here, so give us a call or look on our website later in July and you’ll get the full skinny on what to expect and how to use this totally new concept in YG’s skin care. TM PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE SKIN AND BODY CARE READY TO WEAR YOUR BRAND NAME 800.999.4569 |