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From incurable to incredible


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Author Tami Boehmer shares her story of surviving stage IV breast cancer and the common attributes of

Published in: Health & Medicine
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From incurable to incredible

  1. 1. We all have the ability to be incredible.
  2. 2. There is always hope… …no matter what the medical report says.
  3. 3. We all can have a positiveimpact on our health and quality of life.
  4. 4. Surgery and chemo
  5. 5. I read lots of books!
  6. 6. Healthy lifestyle
  7. 7. Spirituality
  8. 8. Ann Fonfa
  9. 9. Common Attributes of Miracle Survivors
  10. 10. They don’t buy into statistics.
  11. 11. They never give up.
  12. 12. They choose to look on the bright side.
  13. 13. They are proactive.
  14. 14. They give back to others.
  15. 15. They have a strong sense of faith.
  16. 16. They have a good support system.
  17. 17. They had a sense of purpose/calling.
  18. 18. My blessings
  19. 19. A bump in the road
  20. 20. No such thing as false hope; only false assumptions about what we’re capable of doing.