2. sfdc kickoff bpr template


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2. sfdc kickoff bpr template

  1. 1. Your Logo Here Plan Your Kickoff Your Logo Here salesforce.com
  2. 2. Your Logo Here Kickoff Planning (Checklist)  Create agenda  Review topics with Project Team  Coordinate team participation  Anticipate banana peels  Plan training exercises  Set follow-up meetings with Project Team
  3. 3. Your Logo Here Kickoff Agenda (Sample)  Introduction  Day in the Life of a salesforce.com User  Goals & Metrics  Help! Available Resources  Training Exercises  Q&A
  4. 4. Your Logo Here Introduction (Executive Sponsor)  [Reasons Why We Selected salesforce.com] • [Executive visibility into the pipeline] • [One source of customer information] • [Organize new prospect information] • [Easy administration & set up]
  5. 5. Your Logo Here Day in the Life of a salesforce.com User (CRM Project Mgr., End User) Note: Walk through a  [Sales] typical day using the  [Support] application, to demonstrate ease of use &  [Field Sales Rep] relevancy to their job.
  6. 6. Your Logo Here Goals & Metrics (Business Mgrs., Executive Sponsor) Note: Ingrain good habits  Benefits of New Processes early on. Remember your • [Less time spent prepping pipeline data for manager] carrots and sticks. • [Deliver consistent pricing information to prospect] Discuss how new processes  Short-term Expectations will help groups alleviate pain • [Sales will track all deals in salesforce.com] points discussed in the BPR. • [All new leads will be entered in salesforce.com] Describe  Long-term Expectations measurable short- and long- • [Real-time access to historical sales reports] term expectations for each group.
  7. 7. Your Logo Here Help! Available Resources (Project Manager) Establish guidelines for  Online Help who to turn to for help.  Salesforce.com Training & Support For example, managers  [CRM Project Manager] should address process questions, the  [Your Manager] administrator helps with basic navigation or password issues, etc.
  8. 8. Your Logo Here Training Exercises I (Project Manager, End Users) Exercise Goal [Outlook Edition Review] [Show how all emails may be tracked in the application.] [Download Office Edition] [Create relevant mail merge documents and quotes.] [Download Offline Solution] [Show ability to track information without a connection.]
  9. 9. Your Logo Here Training Exercises II (Project Manager, End Users) Exercise Goal [Enter This Quarter’s [Navigation and relevance to daily Opportunities, This Month’s activities.] Tasks and Events] [Create Custom Email [Emailing from within Templates] salesforce.com. Saving time with templates.] [Create Sample Mail Merge [Prevent re-entering of existing Document] information.]
  10. 10. Your Logo Here Training Exercises III (Project Manager, End Users) Exercise Goal [Create Custom Reports] [Personalize the use of salesforce.com. See ease of managing information. Understand real-time nature of what managers see.] [Tips & Hints Worksheet] [Provide end users with hardcopy materials to get up and running quickly.]