The Social Tools Won't Save You


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The Social Tools Won't Save You: but they can help transform your business

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  • Bombarded by messages without meaning
  • What makes you unique?What do other people think about you?Who is passionate about you?Your website is your hub and the social web are the spokes
  • These individual interactions represent a new model: not mass communications, but masses of communicators
  • Ford – auto bailoutObama – responses during campaignTSA – blogger meltdownMaple Leaf foods recall
  • The Social Tools Won't Save You

    1. The Social Tools Won’t Save You: but they can help transform your business<br />Refresh Events, Toronto ON<br />January 18, 2010<br />Tamera Kremer, Partner – Strategic Consulting<br />
    2. The golden rule for every businessman is this:“Put yourself in your customer’s place” – Orison SwettMarden<br />
    3. Marketing at its essence is about communicating, not blaring messages and fighting for “share of mind”<br />
    4. Your organization, products, people, and processes are what customers experience everyday<br />
    5. They wear your shoes<br />
    6. They drink your coffee<br />
    7. They rely on your product<br />
    8. They use your software<br />
    9. They talk to your employees<br />
    10. They experience your service<br />
    11. The Brave New World of Communications<br />
    12. The hyper-digital eco-system<br />
    13. Social media are an eco-system<br />
    14. #AmazonFAIL<br />
    15. Beyond the jargon, what is social media?<br />
    16. Conversations, shared interests, information & insights.<br />
    17. Social Media is NOT...<br />About the tools.<br />About you.<br />
    18. Social Media is ...<br />About using the 2-way digital communications channels to converse as human beings with people who are interested. <br />
    19. Social Media is ...<br />About being helpful and useful. <br />
    20. Social Media is ...<br />About listening and learning.<br />
    21. Social Media is ...<br />About changing the way things have always been done.<br />
    22. It’s not about pushing messages out & hoping they resonate<br />
    23. What is the one rule of social communications? <br />
    24. Be human.<br />
    25. L.E.T. GO<br />
    26. Why integrate social communications? <br />Customer service<br />Relationships<br />R&D<br />HR<br />Sales<br />Awareness<br />Mobilization<br />ETC.<br />
    27. In the real-time, hyper-connected world your reputation is what other people say it is.24/7.<br />
    28. * Posted October 24, 2009<br />
    29. @ComcastCares<br />*posted October 24, 2009<br />
    30. 1,833,502<br />Unique Visitors/ mnth*<br />* data (avg. uniques to Sept 2009)<br />
    31. Transformation takes time, effort, and experimentation<br />
    32. “Dell Hell” ~ Jeff Jarvis sets off a firestorm against Dell Customer Service<br />
    33. The Idea Storm<br />
    34. Dell’s Community Ambassadors<br />
    35. Would you speak to me that way if we met at a baseball game?Let go of marketing speak. No one is listening.<br />
    36. Tell your story:<br />Who are you?<br />What value can you add? <br />Why would I let you into my network?<br />
    37. Prepare to Change.“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin<br />
    38. Social Media Guidelines - IBM<br />
    39. U.S. Air Force Commenting Policy<br />
    40. Best Buy’s “Twelpforce”<br />
    41. When something goes awry, having structure in place makes a difference…<br />
    42. We should talk.<br />
    43. Things to consider in developing guidelines<br />What are the rules of engagement for employees?<br />How will you operationalize with various departments?<br />How will you engage with various members of the public?<br />How will you incorporate and distill feedback?<br />What are the best practices that should be incorporated?<br />
    44. Be Useful.<br />
    45. Above All, Be HUMAN.“Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman.” – George Soros<br />
    46. L.E.T. GO<br />
    47. Listen / Learn<br />Find out what people think about, care about, talk about<br />Learn what you are doing right and wrong<br />Discover new ideas<br />Where are people talking?<br />What do they think about you? <br />Are there stories you didn’t know about?<br />
    48. Engage<br />Figure out what you have to add that brings value<br />Find the people internally who are passionate and let them connect<br />Embrace the chaos<br />Internalize feedback<br />Experiment & think integration<br />You aren’t IN control, but you still HAVE some control<br />
    49. Transform<br />Evolution isn’t static. <br /> “… [social media is] about sellers, business partners, product development, customer support/service in a holistic fashion, it also brings in market intelligence and all elements of marketing and public relations” <br /> – Sandy Carter, VP Software Groups, IBM<br />
    50. The ebb and flow…<br />
    51. At the end of the day if you do something right or wrong people will talk about you online. ….<br />
    52. Where to find me<br /> Website: www.teehanlax.comEmail: tamera@teehanlax.comBlog: http://3i.wildfirestrategy.comTwitter:… and a myriad of other places!<br />
    53. Credits<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />