Aneesh Chopra - TechStars Patriot Boot Camp Presentation


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Presentation by Aneesh Chopra to TechStars Patriot Boot Camp on 7/18

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Aneesh Chopra - TechStars Patriot Boot Camp Presentation

  1. 1. Remarks to TechStars Patriot Boot Camp
  2. 2. An Economy That’s Built to LastDARPA “Crowd-Derived” Combat Support Vehicle Pilot Delivers Winner - “Flypmode” built in four months, presented to the President at “Advanced Manufacturing Partnership” Launch – June 24th, 2011 DARPA taps Local Motors to design a support vehicle; 159 entries produced within two months by tapping growing network of 20,000 designers, including Victor Garcia – an immigrantSource: DARPA, Local Motors;
  3. 3. New Firms at the Heart of a Growing Economy“Crowdfunding” a (Potential) Game Changer for the Region Fred Wilson estimates Compared to other $300BN market if benchmark states, VA had Americans allocate 1% of the 2nd lowest level of their investment portfolio entrepreneurs per capita in to startups; total VC 2005 market ~$30BN
  4. 4. President’s Strategy for American InnovationTech Role in Securing Our Economic Growth and Prosperity Open Innovator’s Toolkit ~Open Data Catalyze ~Acting as Impatient Convener Breakthroughs for ~Prizes & Challenges National Priorities ~Celebrating Entrepreneurship Patent Reform; • Unleash a clean energy revolution Internet Policy • Accelerate biotechnology, Principles nanotechnology, and advanced manufacturing • Develop breakthroughs in space applications • Drive breakthroughs in health care technology Wireless • Create a quantum leap in educational technologies Innovation & Promote Market-Based Innovation Infrastructure • Accelerate business innovation with • Encourage high-growth and innovation- Initiative the R&E tax credit based entrepreneurship • Promote investments in ingenuity • Promote innovative, open, and (“Wi3”) through effective intellectual property competitive markets policy Invest in the Building Blocks of American Innovation • Educate Americans with 21st century skills and create a world-class workforce • Strengthen and broaden American leadership in fundamental research • Build a leading physical infrastructure • Develop an advanced information technology ecosystemSource:
  5. 5. Opportunity #1: Focus on the “ET” in STEMModeling & Simulation “Flexbook” v. 0.9 Released Goal: NASA + 19 volunteer teachers offer timely, vetted, state-of- the-practice information and lesson plans on M&S; now part of sciences SOL in 2012
  6. 6. Skills Translation Critical for Service TransitionAn Open Collaboration to Help Increase Veteran Employment VeteransJobBank “Apps for Heroes” Twilio developer Tony Webster builds an app in 2 hours – New tool launched to ensure job earns an invite to listings find veterans; currently “Apps for Heroes” accesses 800K+ “tagged” listings celebration with Dr. courtesy of 750+ employers and 33+ Biden “tagging” partnersSource:;
  7. 7. Opportunity #2: Launch “Crowdfunding” Behavioral SegmentationBlacksburg Retained High-Growth Lujure Despite “Poaching” Effort Austin-based VC offered term sheet but req’d HQ move; web platforms improved discovery – Lujure registered with AngelList; chose to raise $500K from Dave Cohen, Dave McClure, other luminaries Nathan Latka built firm in dorm room; serves 62,500+ customers, is profitable and expanding to 25 FTEs in 2012
  8. 8. Startups Growing Through ChallengesPublic and Private Sector Sponsorship Spurs Entrepreneurship Startup America Partnership Data Design Diabetes Challenge Sanofi awards prize to recent MIT grads; they raise $1.7M, hire Tapping into the expertise of student 7 FTEs for teams to pose policy “business passive plans” that might lead to jobs and monitoring industries of the future
  9. 9. Opportunity #3: Startups with a Purpose$1+BN Growth Markets in Energy Efficiency, Value-Based Health Service offers real- time building energy efficiency benchmarking; 1M bldg owners will have “Green Button” in 2012
  10. 10. Serving Warfighters with “Transformative Apps”Hardens Commercial Tools to Support Military Market i-Target Networked User as screener of innovation from vibrant development Loosely Networked TIGR Download Development Apps Affordable handhelds & apps community on a secure network “Standalone” Translator Pervasive across all ranks Military apps store Screening & “Voting” Adaptive. Resilient. ‘Crowd’ sourced innovation in development & use. Strategic surprise on the fly. In the Field 3rd Brigade equipped Fall 2011 with “hardened” android devices on secure networks accessing a dozen apps from maps to field reporting
  11. 11. Early Days in the Warfighter “App Store”Several Apps Available on Commercial Networks
  12. 12. Open Collaboration in aaCrisis for ACN #4:“Startup” 911 Center ModelPlatforms Link “Listeners” to “Helpers” Serving Haitians in Need “Where can I find food & water?” "I see people trapped "I just am glad someone under a building and is listening and to know they are alive at this Im not alone." location! Send Help!" Source: Katie Stanton