How Community Management Drives Business For Meetings And Events


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Community managers can drive business for meeting and event professionals. By finding your community advocates, engaging with them and then profiting by measuring traffic, referrals and registrations.
Tim McDonald presented at the September 2013 MPI Oregon Chapter meeting.

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  • What is a community manager? Photo credit from
  • What is a community manager?
  • A Community Manager is a connector. They are the conduit of information, the interpreter of messages and the voice of the brand to the community and voice of the community to the brand. How does relate to meeting industry?- Connect brand advocates with your events- Connect your message through WOM- Connect attendees with each other
  • How do you find your community? Influencers – Speakers – Partners – Suppliers -Attendees
  • Topsy.comSearch by keyword, hashtag or person. Find images, Tweets, videos and influencers.
  • HootSuite.comHootsuite allows you to search by your location and keyword, hashtag or person. Follow lists of mentions, speakers, suppliers and advocates.
  • up alerts for mentions of you, your brand, competitors, speakers, suppliers, partners and advocates.
  • Engaging with your community
  • Don’t be a bulldozer (push messaging doesn’t work when building community)
  • Be a magnet (pull people in and keep them sticking around)Make it EASY
  • It’s not about you! It’s about them. What is of value to them that will have them talking about you? Zappos 2009 guest at Mandalay Bay forgot shoes Looked on Zappos didn’t see them, called an customer service rep went to rival store and delivered to her, free of charge. You can create the value, so others will tell your story for you.
  • Make it EASY – KISSCreate click to tweet or suggested posts. Make badges or photos downloadable. In other words, keep is simple and easy!
  • Don’t forget about Attendees! Showing photos makes it easy to connect and gets other excited about attending!
  • Content shared by speaker reaches your community AND theirs
  • Participants share photos – You share during and after (tag/mention people who are in photo)You can share in real time at the event and share by tagging and mentioning people after the event. Adds to your event photographer effects and catches personal moments.
  • Every action, when done strategically, creates a ripple. Create enough ripples and…
  • You get a wave.Waves create a powerful message.
  • Have speakers, bloggers and advocates write blog posts after the event. Be sure to look for ones you are not expecting. These create great awareness for you event and marketing material/referrals for your next event.
  • Profits – Tying into business goals an objectives
  • Measure returning attendees.Hit while they are on a high – right after the meeting! Give them a discount for being past attendee. Offer a discount for registering a friend.
  • Track social referralsProvide tracking codes/links for advocate referralsInvest more in what works -- Near the end of our road, What questions do you have?
  • Now you know how to FIND the right people in your community and ENGAGE with them on social, so your meetings will PROFIT.
  • How Community Management Drives Business For Meetings And Events

    1. 1. How Community Management Drives Business
    2. 2. CONNECTOR
    3. 3. TOPSY
    4. 4. HootSuite
    5. 5. Google Alerts
    6. 6. .
    7. 7. Guest Blog Posts
    8. 8. Event #Hashtag Photos
    9. 9. Ripples…
    10. 10. Turn Into Waves
    11. 11. Keep Connected After
    12. 12. Tim McDonald @tamcdonald