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T.A. McCann_defrag_a startup start to finish


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brief history of Gist, lessons and anecdotes including stories about Defrag, Brad Feld and the acquisition by RIM

Published in: Business, Technology
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T.A. McCann_defrag_a startup start to finish

  1. 1. A startup – start to finish @tamccann
  2. 2. Cool people, aligned passions and complimentary skills - #win
  3. 3. Sometimes you just need to show up
  4. 4. How you do it is as important as what you do
  5. 5. Methodical, well-communicated progress… 18 month horizon 6 month goals 3 month plan 1 month themes 2 week sprints Ship, communicate, listen, learn, repeat
  6. 6. Influence the influencers, they will make you better
  7. 11. Step 6. Gist de-dupes and merges Steve Newman entities based on merge rules.
  8. 13. Step 8. Finally, when entities are displayed, fragments are de-duped, and merged based on confidence
  9. 15. We got numbers - 200K users, 200M profiles
  10. 16. The next phase Distribution
  11. 17. Keep your eye on the prize...
  12. 18. Give thanks