Building your own social media presence and connections (tips, tools and techniques)


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includes tools like Feedly, Rapportive, Followerwonk... and other cutting edge tools to find, follow and connect with the right people

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  • People can’t connect with you if you aren’t actively putting yourself out there. Take advantage of opportunities to make yourself public – online and offline – throughout your industry.To be seen as a super-connecter and maximize your public exposure within your industry, interact with people through multiple channels.Tweet: Super-connecters know how to maximize engagement in the online & offline worlds to boost their public profiles - do you?
  • social connections is much easier if you set your digital environment up to facilitate these activities. By automatically launching certain tools when you start your browser, you’ll take the effort out of loading each individual program that you need to use to conduct this social work. The list above represents some of my personal suggestions, although the tools you use and how you prioritize them will take some effort to figure out.Tweet: Launching the following social tools automatically when starting your browser helps make facilitating connections easier.
  • When creating content for your blog, Twitter stream, Facebook fan page or other social networking profile, consider the “5:3:2” ratio, which allows you to demonstrate both your mastery of industry issues along with the personal qualities that people will connect to. Balancing posts about your industry with updates on your product and personal life creates a rounder, more detailed public persona that people can engage with.Tweet: Ever heard of the "5:3:2" rule? If not, it's a great way to increase your perceived authority and create a public persona
  •, blogs and video content shared through Youtube and other similar sites give us a digital footprint that allows us to demonstrate our expertise in our fields. Take full advantage of this potential by sharing content and connections that establish you as an authority figure or thought leader in your niche.Tweet: Are you a "thought leader"? If not, use your digital content and connections to establish yourself as an authority!
  • Quote from TechCrunch: some point in your career, you’ll make a new contact that you know would benefit another one of your connections, whether through business opportunities, potential mentorships or simply shared common interests. In these cases, make introductions using email, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other appropriate tools, being sure to include a quick snippet on why you believe the relationship would be mutually beneficial. Finding ways to help others make positive connections increases the size of your own network and comes back to you in one way or another.Tweet: The art of making connections is one of the toughest skills to master, but it can substantially impact your business.
  • This isn’t high school – so don’t sit in the back of the conference hall and goof off! Be attentive and prepared. Since you never know who you’ll run into, have your elevator list ready to pitch to the target attendees you swiped off the press lists. But besides trying to connect with industry big-wigs, keep your ears open for up-and-comers who are contributing interesting things to the discussion. Connect with both of these groups on a deeper level by meeting up for coffee or more formal dinners outside of conference sessions.Tweet: Conferences aren't just for escaping the office. Here's how super-connectors maximize the value of these events...
  • If there’s a better way to make connections than over a friendly drink in a local bar or brewpub, I don’t know what it is. It’s a low stress environment where people let down their guards and become more open to making connections and thinking outside the box. To use this strategy to your advantage, target people you’d like to connect with on Twitter and offer to take them out whenever you’re in their towns. It’s a great way to form lasting friendships, as well as valuable business partnerships.Tweet: Bars - Not just for blind dates and football games anymore! Here's how to use them in your quest for business connections...
  • Building your own social media presence and connections (tips, tools and techniques)

    1. 1. 10 Secrets of a Super-Connector and How to Use Them for Max Success T.A. McCannT.A. McCann VP of Product Strategy @Blackberry Founder of @tamccann
    2. 2. Why invest in your own social media presence?• More connections and leads• More credibility• New solutions and tools• New ideas• Fun to know more people• Synchronicity – future things you cannot predict now
    3. 3. Connect with the connectors
    4. 4. Align your values with others
    5. 5. Share with the community
    6. 6. Experiment with tools, process and content
    7. 7. Make yourself “public”People want to follow those that seem interesting, but they can’t find youunless you take advantage of the following opportunities to build your publicpresence: • LinkedIn and other social networking sites • Speak at events on your expertise • Volunteer for related organizations Focus on a few key areas of expertise, supported by your background and content @tamccann
    8. 8. Optimize your digital environment • Chrome (tabs) • Timely • Rapportive • Cardmunch • FullContact • TextExpander • Yesware • RivalIQ • Linkedin • Tweetdeck • Followerwonk • Feedly • Re-follow @tamccann
    9. 9. Produce social content and give creditGenerate content according to the “5:3:2” rule: • 5 posts about your space/industry/peers – help make other people smarter • 3 posts about your product/success – demonstrate the role you play in your industry • 2 personal – give people something to connect to by sharing your personal side @tamccann
    10. 10. Social5:3:2 @tamccann
    11. 11. Establish yourself as a “thought leader”Use your content and connections to help people get toknow what you’re about and where you can be most helpful: • Twitter and Twitter lists • Blog (Wordpress) • Video/audio interviews (youtube) • Retweets of other key content @tamccann
    12. 12. The new influencer• Usually has a day job, writing for passion• Well connected and socially enabled• Selling to other influencers as much as customers• Easily co-opted with “first looks” and attention• Leverage your own influence to gain theirs @tamccann
    13. 13. Influence the influencers
    14. 14. Make valuable introductionsContacts shouldn’t be hoarded. Everyone benefits whenintroductions are made, so don’t hesitate to do so when you feelone of your connections could help another. • Email, Twitter, LinkedIn • Include why and how (contact) and what • understand success – money, jobs, status… • Rely on trust and integrity • For key contacts, join the first meeting “Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have […]” via @jaltucher @tamccann
    15. 15. Go to conferencesHow to maximize your participation: • Have a 30-second “elevator pitch” explanation of your work • Review attendee and press lists so that you can schedule meetings in advance • Watch and contribute to Twitter streams during the conference (for example, #WorkConf) • Ask to meet up with interesting people you encounter (ex - “@tamccann interesting thoughts on #workconf. Want to grab a coffee and chat?”) • Take key contacts to dinner @tamccann
    16. 16. Experts and Advocates Customers Sharing Sharing info info Influencers @tamccann
    17. 17. @tamccann
    18. 18. Bonus Tip – Buy drinks for friendsYou know that guy at the bar who’s always surrounded byfriends and contacts? Be that guy! • Follow important people on Twitter and when you are in their towns, invite them out for drinks • Invite another person who these digital contacts should all meet • Host a themed dinner (e.g. Defrag dinners) that they’re sure to remember @tamccann
    19. 19. Learn new things Experiment Have fun