Defrag app stores and the open letter to the cto


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Talk given at Defrag 2010 with a list of specific things that CTOs (or any execs) can do to make your companies, people and yourself more social, productive, successful and happy.

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Defrag app stores and the open letter to the cto

  1. 1. A world of my own
  2. 2. For developers Ease of development * ease of distribution * marketsize * opportunity to monetize * user expectation For end users expectation of value * cost * ease of consumption * stability Facebook ~500,000 Iphone apps ~135,000 Android market ~100,000 Salesforce ~1000
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Make the community better Independent and public perspective Leverage the wisdom of the crowd Social acceleration of new ideas Do real work
  5. 5. Letter to the CTO
  6. 6. Letter to the CTO • Social people are more valuable, likely by orders of magnitude • People who actively experiment with technology are more valuable • Social capital is the juice • IT is boring, success is exciting • Take an Agile approach to everything – Short term goals and success – Continuous communication (status, stand-ups, shipping) – Fail fast and often • Have a personal and public perspective • App stores and App people – be one • Wear a t-shirt sometimes • Phase out support and training for enterprise apps in 3 years • Too many standards will equal least common denominator • Take what your vendors give you, it’s probably good enough • Be realistic and thoughtful about security, privacy and data management • Dispense with enterprise selling/buying • Social tools are free! • You have never heard of the best tools • Your community will lead you, follow
  7. 7. T.A. McCann Founder and CEO 206.229.9991