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10 secrets of a super connector t.a. mccann


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Published in: Business, Technology
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10 secrets of a super connector t.a. mccann

  1. 1. 10 Secrets of a Super-Connector and How to Use Them for Max Success T.A. McCann VP of Product Strategy @Blackberry Founder of #WorkConf @tamccann
  2. 2. Being a super-connector is more than justknowing a lot of people...“…*it’s+ all about building relationships, person to person, not person toscore.” by @gary_r_lee #WorkConf @tamccann
  3. 3. Secret #1 - Make yourself “public”People want to follow those that seem interesting, but they can’t find you unlessyou take advantage of the following opportunities to build your public presence: • Gist Public Profile • LinkedIn and other social networking sites • Speak at events on your expertise • Volunteer for related organizations Focus on a few key areas of expertise, supported by your background and content #WorkConf @tamccann
  4. 4. Secret #2 – Establish yourself as a “thought leader”Use your content and connections to help people get to knowwhat you’re about and where you can be most helpful: • Twitter and Twitter lists • Blog (Wordpress) • Video/audio interviews (youtube) • Retweets of other key content #WorkConf @tamccann
  5. 5. Secret #3 – Share your expertise and ideasSimultaneously make others most successful and brand yourself asan authority figure by freely sharing your insight using thefollowing resources: • Create content and posts for download ( • Answer questions – LinkedIn Answers and Quora • Contribute guest posts or rich comments #WorkConf @tamccann
  6. 6. Secret #4 – Take it offlineAlthough the internet provides more opportunities forengagement than ever before, nothing beats face-to-faceinteractions for demonstrating your value. • Tungle – quickly set up meetings • Skype (if you can’t meet in person) • See if you can do it in :30 vs. :60 “Trust is built more effectively face-to-face.” @marybethmceuen #WorkConf @tamccann
  7. 7. I know your time is very important, so in an effort to make scheduling easierand more efficient, I use Tungle. Here is my free/busy info if you want to suggest some times that work wellfor you or just schedule me. I look forward to connecting with you soon and ifyou need any more of my contact info, its on my Gist Public Profile, you should consider getting one as well.(TextExpander) #WorkConf @tamccann
  8. 8. Secret #5 – Become an active listener • Start your meetings with “How can I help?” • Ask yourself, “Who in my network can help this person the most?” • Listen online for opportunities to help#WorkConf@tamccann
  9. 9. Secret #6 – Go toconferencesWhy go: – Second order connections – Reconnect with old contacts – Learn something new and useful #WorkConf @tamccann
  10. 10. Secret #6 – Go to conferencesHow to maximize your participation: • Have a 30-second “elevator pitch” explanation of your work • Review attendee and press lists so that you can schedule meetings in advance • Watch and contribute to Twitter streams during the conference (for example, #WorkConf) • Ask to meet up with interesting people you encounter (ex - “@tamccann interesting thoughts on #workconf. Want to grab a coffee and chat?”) • Take key contacts to dinner #WorkConf @tamccann
  11. 11. Secret #7 – Follow up appropriatelyWhenever you meet someone new, follow up within 24 hoursaccording to the follow up principles: – Get them into your system - CardMunch  LinkedIn  – Send the follow up email – Textexpander – Start a value exchanging dialog – what can I offer – Include specific “logical next actions” – Set reminders for follow-up frequency - FellowUp or Mingly #WorkConf @tamccann
  12. 12. Secret #8 – Make valuable introductionsContacts shouldn’t be hoarded. Everyone benefits when introductionsare made, so don’t hesitate to do so when you feel one of yourconnections could help another. • Email, Twitter, LinkedIn • Include why and how (contact) and what • understand success – money, jobs, status… • Rely on trust and integrity • For key contacts, join the first meeting “Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have *…+” via @jaltucher #WorkConf @tamccann
  13. 13. Secret #9 – Produce social content and give creditGenerate content according to the “5:3:2” rule: • 5 posts about your space/industry/peers – help make other people smarter • 3 posts about your product/success – demonstrate the role you play in your industry • 2 personal – give people something to connect to by sharing your personal side “Instagram CEO: Android app on the way:” #WorkConf @tamccann
  14. 14. #WorkConf@tamccann
  15. 15. Secret #10 – Optimize your digital environmentUse startup scripts and browser tabs (Chrome + Startup) tomaximize productivity and facilitate effortless social connections: • Gist • Skype • Tweetdeck • Timely • Summify • Fellowup • TextExpander / • Mingly ActiveWords • Tungle • Linkedin • Cardmunch • Quora #WorkConf @tamccann
  16. 16. Bonus Tip – Buy drinks for friendsYou know that guy at the bar who’s always surrounded by friendsand contacts? Be that guy! • Follow important people on Twitter and when you are in their towns, invite them out for drinks • Invite another person who these digital contacts should all meet • Host a themed dinner (e.g. Defrag dinners) that they’re sure to remember #WorkConf @tamccann
  17. 17. Happy to connect, let me know if I can help…Thanks.