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what is CNC machined and its components

Tamboli Engineers are well known CNC Machined Components (Parts) manufacturer in Pune, We provide CNC Machined Parts, CNC Turned Parts as per need in Pune.For more information visit :

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what is CNC machined and its components

  1. 1. TAMBOLI ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. CNC component manufacturers
  2. 2. What is CNC?  CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and means the automation of machine tools that are operated by computer coding and program encoded on some sort of a storage medium which contradicts the usage of manually controlled levers and wheels. CNC machining is a process by which CNC Machined Components are being manufactured.
  3. 3. More about CNC Systems  The CNC system(s) comprises of three parts, namely  Programmed part  Machine Control Unit  Machine tools or components   The machine tools used in CNC are:  Lathe  Laser  Plasma
  4. 4. Components on which machining is to be done may be of titanium, alloy steel, brass or other metals and form the inner base on which the operations needs to be performed. CNC machining enhances the accuracy of the final output and decreases production time but is expensive. At Tamboli Engineers, these operations are carried out on latest machines by a trained technical team under strict supervision resulting in flawless parts. Rest assured, your critical components, how-so-ever difficult, can be dealt with to your satisfaction.
  5. 5. TAMBOLI ENGINEERS PVT. LTD.   Servey No. 171, Nanded Phata,Pune- Sinhgad Road, Dhayari ,Pune – 411041, Maharashtra, India  Tele. +91 020 24392433/2533/2633    