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6. specific questions


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6. specific questions

  1. 1. Specific Questions1. Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realization rate on Outgoing GCDP in AIESEC Romania for the following term? Bottlenecks Solutions  No focus on international partnerships  Internal audit – analyze processes eliminate  Lack of implementation bottlenecks and efficient processes.  I consider that we should start from the  Lack of supply and demand promotion, induction and education to ensure EP have the right understanding and expectation towards TN and GCDP Exchange  Recruitments set after matching peaks so they can select and choose TN quickly, and put great efforts in delivery and  Wrong expectations set with the EPs realization.  We should sign more international partnerships with country having good relations with us, building up by MC-MC, and strengthening our international partnerships through having some NSTs responsible for keeping follow-up and delivering our partnership.  Also we will make ongoing recruitments (targeted recruitments) and we will create national matching campaigns2. What should be the evolution of Outgoing GCDP? What are the concrete steps you are going to take in order to reach the performance stated? No of GCDP st Country Students Market From 1 july 2013 Romania ~ 446000 134 Taking into consideration that our exchange GCDP cover 0,03% from students market I consider that we should have this year a growth of minimum 100%.
  2. 2. Segmented Student GCDP Program Diversified ProductMarket Analysis Understanding & Packaging & Analysis Diversified Development• Diversity in student market resulted in • Analysis and distinguish • Other organizations in diversified student GCDP Programs various schools running related characteristic group, values, issues, issues (e.g. volunteer which related to factors destinations, etc. could work, society like academic bring ideas to product development, culture/ background, city/region repackage or new international location and school package, like issues- experiences, youth factors, etc.; based or value-based development)• Many OGX lack of products; • Maintain and optimize knowledge in their local • Understand the correct current product with market based on value proposition of correct market position professional analysis; GCDP program could and understanding• Tailored selling points bring to correct position (experience & value will not only make and expectation of focused instead of greater results in GCDP in campus agency) promotion, but also • Segmented key market better expectation from with tailored promotion potential EPs • Showcase more impact for better brand management and greater campus impact, even for improving campus • relations
  3. 3. 3. How will you manage the marketing strategy of AIESEC Romania on Outgoing GCDP taking into consideration the national recruitments?  First of all, everybody should understand what’s the key value of GCDP in student market?International opportunities fitting the mass student market  Opportunities to go abroad  Short duration fits the vocation of most universities, and no limitation for academic background, diversified destination countries to chooseCross-culture living & working experience  For students to get involved locally through living with local families, working in local organizations or working for local social issues. Local culture is extremely experienced through these in-depth localized life and work.  Multi-culture environment -most GCDP programs are run by a group of international volunteers from various countries, displaying multi-culture working and living experiences.Volunteer opportunities to make changes & positive social impact  GCDP program is a volunteer experience focusing real-existed social issues with the needs for direct social impact and sustainable solutions, ran by NGO or local organizations or communities, thus giving students opportunities to make some impact on others, which aligns with the core value of volunteer experiences. Personal Development  Experiences through all these mentioned above could contribute to different personal development, for example: global mindset, culture sensitivity, wider horizon, changes and development of oneself through stepping out comfort zone, etc.  Second of all the marketing strategy that I propose taking into consideration the national recruitments is Product based.Global Citizen is an international exchange program for young people that are interested in personal developmentand discovering, sharing their culture. It is realized by projects based on cultural education - building tolerancebetween nations, developing training skills, entrepreneurship, marketing and increase awareness of burning issuesall over the world like HIV/AIDS, environment & ecology, human rights problems. Volunteers attend for aninternship abroad to act for changing local environment. They can realize their traineeship in a cross cultural livingand working environment in entities like NGOs, universities, schools, kindergartens, or during summer camps.Why should we continue it’s implementation?1) Targeting our GCDP product to proper clients2) Speeding up our processes in OGX in general  The result of Global Citizen Team work is division Global Citizen program for 3 segments: Management, Culture & World Issue. 4. Analyze the performance on Outgoing GCDP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. How will you ensure a constant growth in quality and quantity GCDP on the following term? 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013(until GCDP Outgoing now) 92 166 134
  4. 4. 2010-2011 Strong Weakness  Packaging of the AIESEC experience  Lack of National Projects  X+L/L+X growth  Few partnerships  Good relation & communication with the LCs  Returnee Conference cancelled, due low  Overall growth confirmation rate of returnees  Functional NST(education cycle for the members, TTT for the EPs, selection and induction materials) 2011-2012 Strong Weakness  Strong communication between VPs & MC VP  National initiatives that couldn’t be applied to  Tracking system for each task each LC  National Partnerships  Leisure tracking  Growth on GCDP 2012-2013 Strong Weakness  VP meetings  Implementing Global Citizen  Increasing our numbers  Faulty supply and demand  Structure of NST  Spring recruitment  Student awareness on GCDP  Weak implementation of off peak strategy  Lack in talent capacity for GCDP  GIP focus  Internal Recruitment  Targeted recruitment before the summer peaks (June-July and August–September)  Project Partnerships  NPS  Promotion of qualitative projects or countries all year round (Campaigns: “Spend your winter/spring break in…”, Edison –Czech Republic, Myself My World -turkey,  World Café (Trainees + Returnees)  Constant update on the blog  Live from…-EPs that are in exchange make a video talking about what they are experiencing  LCVPs Outgoing GCDP must be the experts on their area ( knowing the product and capitalizing on every opportunity from the platform to get new good case practices and education) 5. Present the main bottlenecks that kept AIESEC Romania from achieving the objectives planned on Outgoing GCDP. What will be the key strategies for each of them, that you are going to implement in order to achieve the objectives planned?As I said before, I consider that we should start doing things not only plan them .We shouldreally act to achieve our potential and I am sure that AIESEC Romania can grow with 100% onGCDP outgoing this year
  5. 5. Bottleneck Possible causes  They either spent too little time planning or they went with safe, unrealistic plans.  Planning: the LCs do not plan for objectives,  Poor transition nobody has obtained what they planned.  There are no transition procedures, no focus, the members are not prepared There is little knowledge about the external environmentKey Strategies  Educating the EBs regarding the attention they must pay during planning  LC consultant to keep track of the current EBs during the transition period  National assessment  Have a meeting in my transition period, somewhere in the country where all the gaps in education must be covered, based on a Needs Assessment done in advance. Bottleneck Possible causes There is no exchange culture in the country  Preparation  Working style of TM + OGX + COMMKey Strategies  Emphasis in the NC that the national working model should be adopted by every LC, while every MCVP makes sure that his VPs are following that model Bottleneck Possible causes  Poor quality of the recruitment  No final responsable person in NST for GCDP recruitments  Poor supply management  Lack of alignement between the LCs and the MC  We haven’t defined a working model and we do not work project based  Poor Website  Poor online advertizing
  6. 6. Key strategies  Exchange recruitment carried out by two advertizing companies;  Recruitment campaign planned two months ahead, advertizing materials delivered two months ahead, in order to help members aknowledge the entire idea of recruitment  Implementing of Global Citizen Issue based  Communication member in the NST  The VP should know what his contribution is  A solid message and aligned recruitment in the country  Educating members about what GCDP means  Simplifying Global mindset and Emotional Intelligence interview guide at a national level Bottleneck Possible causes  Low matching process  There hasn’t been any focus on international partnerships.  MCVP had focus on both programmes Key strategies  Annual partnerships with cool projects, international and local strategical partnerships (NGO’s, cultural centres, Erasmus, Work and Travel)  GCDP Induction + national ICPSl + TTT (depending on the timeline ) Bottleneck Possible causesThe VPs haven’t implemented the national directions.  They didn’t not understand their importance Key strategies  Creating products with feedback from the VP  functional meetings  R&R system each Quarter or Month for the most performant VP (ex: Ra, Ma)  A more strict tracking on their activity (done by the MC VP or NST)  A national preparation plan (marketing, promotion, selection, CV screening etc.) so that each VP is prepared to fulfill every responsibility in the JD