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Freedom Interactive Offerings

  2. 2. FREEDOM INTERACTIVE Deliver the Right Audience, Every Time Interactive mediums are powerful channels for personalized communications with your customers, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience - every time. With every new marketing challenge, we think about how to intrigue, entertain and involve the target audience – whether that’s through email, video, instant messaging, rich media campaigns or mobile applications. From creative campaigns that feature the best of rich media to interactive video entertainment, to innovative search management and in-game solutions, we make sure we’re providing a captivating experience that brings our audience closer to you.
  3. 3. ONE-STOP-SHOP CONVENIENCE We Offer One-Stop-Shop Convenience We provide integrated solutions to create a consistent experience as our audience interacts with your brand across the entire spectrum of digital media – video, local search, banner advertising and more! And, we manage the whole marketing planning process seamlessly and efficiently. Planning online advertising campaigns can be complicated and tedious. Consider us your local, one-stop-shop marketing partner that eliminates time-consuming media planning, creative management, and campaign tracking tasks. Let’s face it: as more people use the internet to look for products and services, those who take advantage of the latest interactive marketing tools will benefit the most. Let us show you how, and deliver new customers to your doorstep!
  4. 4. BANNER ADVERTISING Leaderboard Engage Your Audience with Online Banner Advertising Create an immersive branding experience for your customers by leveraging the wide array of rich media and video formats we offer! Ensure that your marketing message is relevant and engaging as you persuade, inform and entertain your audience. Embed sound and motion right into your digital ads - all the while staying true to your brand. Medium Rectangle Whether your goal is branding, direct response, or both, we offer a level of interactivity and engagement unmatched by other media - with a complete range of rich media advertising formats that include expanding and floating ads, in-page and peel-down formats, and other special advertising options. Freedom Interactive can help you turn advertising concepts into rich media campaigns that get results! And, with self-service to full-service solutions, we cover all aspects of creating, managing and reporting on rich media and video advertising. We are ready to help you every step of the way from building your campaign to providing data on key metrics such as expansions, interactions, video plays, downloads and so much more!
  5. 5. Some of our ad units include: • Expandable banners • Floating ads • Window ads • Corner peel-down ads • Sliding billboards Online Advertising with Local • Expandable sponsorships Media Web Sites is Powerful! • Newspaper and TV station web sites rank highest for trust in advertising. In fact, over 55% of adults trusted ads most from their local newspaper and TV station web site! Sliding Billboard • Advertising on local newspaper and TV station web sites is most likely to generate action. In fact, over 44% of consumers took action after seeing advertising on a newspaper or TV station web site! • Local media sites attract consumers Widget Sponsor who spend more money online. In fact, over 39% spent $500+ online in the past 12 months! Weather Sponsor • Local newspaper and TV station sites attract local influencers – especially for dining, entertainment, tech and health Section Sponsor recommendations. Source: Online Publishers Association, 2008
  6. 6. VIDEO ADVERTISING Leverage the Power of Video Advertising Video is the future of advertising on the web. But creating compelling video campaigns requires skill, expertise and coordination. From standard in-banner video to streaming video on our web site, our team is ready to help make your campaign a reality. We are proud to offer the very latest in cutting-edge video capabilities. Video offers a rich, entertaining and proven advertising platform that influences audiences to take action while providing an engaging environment to deliver a compelling advertising message. Whether your goal is to showcase your TV commercials in a video player online, or incorporate a product video in your banner ad, there’s no better way to appeal to audiences than with video. And, importantly, online video viewers are receptive to advertising! Recent research studies prove that online videos ads have a real impact – from brand consideration through purchase! In fact, over half of video viewers have clicked on a link or visited a web site mentioned in a video!
  7. 7. Drive Results with Video! • Over 80% of online users recall seeing video advertising and 52% have taken action as a result! • Affluent online video viewers do more online shopping across nearly all product categories! • Over 40% of internet users watch online videos at least weekly; over 70% at least monthly. • Most frequent online video viewers are young, male and affluent – one of the most elusive and difficult-to-reach audiences! • News, weather and entertainment videos are watched most frequently and 45% watch news videos at least weekly! • News and entertainment videos reach over 70% of online video users, with about 6 to 9 viewing sessions a month! Source: Online Publishers Association, 2007
  8. 8. LOCAL SEARCH Sponsored Links Intercept Your Audience with Local Search There are millions of Internet users actively searching for local products and services online everyday. And, because we offer Local Search Result one-stop-shop marketing services, we can help local businesses just like yours start leveraging the power of search engines. We make sure that you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollar, while saving you time, which allows you to focus on your business! Organic Results Whether you are new to search marketing or have been conducting PPC or SEO campaigns for years, you know that search marketing can be very complex. Managing online advertising campaigns requires flexible technology, advanced tracking, and knowledgeable search marketing professionals. We can take the complexity out of search marketing for you by offering deep expertise and the very best products and services - all at an affordable price!
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization: • Did you know that 75% of internet users rely on search engines to navigate the web? If you’re not getting good rankings in the search engines, then you’re missing out on a large portion of your potential market! • Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a key component of any advertising campaign. Whether you are looking for a local, regional, or national audience, we have the solution to drive qualified visitors to your business. • We have taken the complexity out of search engine optimization, making it an effective and simple tool for any business and any budget. On average, you can expect to see results within just weeks of starting your SEO campaign. • We can track and analyze your SEO results - so you don’t have to. At a glance, you’ll be able track growth in search engine traffic over time as you begin to receive more and more targeted visitors to your web site. Start Growing Your Business Today with Local Search!
  10. 10. Pay- per-Click Campaigns: • Our campaign managers are certified with the major search engines and are experts at ensuring that every possible keyword is optimized to drive the most targeted traffic possible to your business. • We offer advertisers premium exposure by only running campaigns on the top-rated search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK - representing over 90% of all searches conducted online! • We offer budget-based solutions to obtain the highest quality web site traffic and maximize your investment. Your budget is managed and paced to achieve results throughout the month. • Our reporting and tracking tools provide you with access to Local Search Marketing campaign measurement metrics at any time - including keywords Works for Business! and keyword phrases, ad copy, and conversion reporting. • Search offers the greatest return on your marketing investment. In fact, 34% of marketers rate Local Search as their strongest marketing initiative!* • And, more and more advertisers are leveraging the popularity of Search Engine Marketing to reach new customers! • In fact, Local Search is quickly becoming the most popular online marketing initiative! Source: Marketing Sherpa, July 2007
  11. 11. EMAIL MARKETING Reach Active Buyers through Email Marketing Email is a cost-efficient, and yet effective, marketing tool – reaching prospective customers that are ready to buy and delivering immediate results to advertisers. Email can deliver a tailored message at a specific time and create immediate response. Because email is completely measurable, you can see the results instantly! EMAIL MARKETING • Email is the most popular way to learn about new products, services and promotions* • 88% of consumers make a purchase as a result of permission-based email* • 69% of online consumers who are registered at a web site request email from businesses ** • 55% of online shoppers prefer to receive coupons via email*** Source: * DoubleClick Research, 2007; **CyberAtlas Research, 2007; *** iCustomer Observer, 2008
  12. 12. COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICS Make Smarter Decisions with Comprehensive Analytics Receiving accurate, real-time reporting on campaign results, and then acting on that information, are both key to getting the most out of your media buy. We give you the information you need to assess which aspects of your campaign are working hardest for you. We provide you with actionable, real-time intelligence regarding your online strategies and marketing initiatives. With our integrated reporting across digital media - from rich media banners and compelling video to paid search ads and email - you get deep insight into campaign results and performance. As a result, you are empowered to quickly act on real- time information to increase sales, reduce costs, and enhance overall impact of your campaign. Your success depends on being able to maker smarter decisions based on real-time information. And we can provide you with the ability to systematically develop, test and refine your campaign to maximize performance and drive results!
  13. 13. OUR AUDIENCE Reach Your Most Valuable Audience As a whole, news and information web sites attract an influential audience that tends to be deeply engaged with their communities. They are likely to be well-educated and employed in executive, managerial or professional occupations with a generous household income. They tend to own their own home, have a family, and spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet. In fact, our site visitors spend about twice as much time online as other Internet users. Our audience relies on our web sites to find products, services and businesses. • On a weekly basis, over two-thirds used the web to research products and services prior to making a purchase. • Visitors use the internet most when considering purchasing goods and services of over $100. • Our visitors report interest in a wide variety of local advertising including ads and coupons for local restaurants (53%), coupons on goods and services (51%), ads for local grocery stores (45%), sales and specials at local retail stores (43%) and more! • Our visitors report buying a wide range of very high cost services in the next 6 months including home redecorating and remodeling (56%), travel (49%), furniture (35%), and large appliances (21%).
  14. 14. Our site visitors continue to spend twice as much time online as other Internet users. • On average, our audience spends over 20 hours a week online. • Our audience visits our sites at least once a day and 85% visit at least a few times a month. • We have a long-term and loyal audience with nearly 70% continuing to visit our sites for at least the past year. Our web site users are local area residents who are active, involved professionals. • Over three-quarters (78%) of our audience are local area residents and almost 70% own their home. • Almost 90% are employed and over 45% have executive or professional occupations. • Our audience has a diverse set of weekly activities including going to the movies, attending church, camping, biking, going to fairs and concerts and attending local events and shows. Our network attracts a highly coveted audience of young, affluent and well-educated adults. • Equal balance of men and women visit our sites (41% / 59%). • Balance of 18-34 (27%), 35-54 (25%) and 45-54 year olds (27%) visit our sites. • Over a third of our visitors have a HHI of over $75,000 (35%). • Median age of our visitors is 44 years; median income of $65,000. • Over 80% of our audience are college-educated and nearly half (41%) are college graduates. Source: Belden Research Study, 2007 – 2008
  15. 15. SUMMARY OF SOLUTIONS Let Us Deliver New Audiences to Your Business! By offering a one-stop-shop approach, we make it easy to reach your most valuable audiences! With one call, you have access to the most cutting-edge, innovative and effective marketing tools available – including content channel targeting, email marketing, dayparting, mobile campaigns, video marketing, local search engine marketing, instant messaging, text messaging and more! We tailor our solutions to reach your specific goals – with clear, measurable results! We have helped our advertisers successfully capture new leads, launch new products and services, drive traffic in-store, build brand awareness, meet special promotional needs, or motivate a specific audience to take a desired action. But, most importantly, we can help you grow your business affordably by reaching new prospective customers through our array of marketing solutions. From one-of-a-kind sweepstakes to customized video experiences, and from tailored showcases to custom-built micro- sites, we provide opportunities to weave your brand into our world-class news and information content, bringing your most valuable audiences a memorable, immersive online experience!