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How to Get Started with Online Marketing


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Presentation created for Women in Business Network (WIBN) Speaking slot.

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How to Get Started with Online Marketing

  1. 1. Get started with Online Marketing! TAMARA BARANOVA TJCONSULTING
  2. 2. Are there too many ways? Offline advertising Online advertising PR Networking So what’s Social media right for A rticles YOUR Blogging Email newsletters business? Website SEO Events and exhibitions And MANY MANY MORE!
  3. 3. Online Marketing Toolkit Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram; Email Marketing SEO Pay per click Blogging Article marketing Affiliate marketing Video marketing
  4. 4. Benefits of Online Marketing Affordable - doesn’t require a large budget Viral – messages are easily shared Brand enhancement– build online reputation Builds Credibility – user generated endorsements Increased Traffic – drives traffic to your website Engages Customers – connect and respond in real- time
  5. 5. Marketing Triangle = Strategy Right MessageRight Market Right Media
  6. 6. Right Market = Your Ideal Client Who are they? What do they do? Where do they live? What do they read, watch, use? Why do they need you? When do they need you? How will they know they need you?
  7. 7. Right Message = Your Content Social media campaigns Newsletters Offers Product descriptions Website pages “So what do you do?”
  8. 8. Right Media = The Toolkit PR? Offline? Online? Social media? It is determined by your MARKET, not your preference or what others said you should be doing...
  9. 9. Why are you doing it? Create your marketing goals:  SPECIFIC  MEASURABLE  ACHIEVABLE  REALISTIC  TIME-BOUND
  10. 10. So the “getting started” plan is...1. Conduct your market research2. Build the triangle / strategy3. Establish your goals4. Break it down into actions5. Diarise the actions / seek help6. Continually evaluate & measure7. Business’s changed? Back to step 1!
  11. 11. About TJConsulting Online Marketing Mentoring  You want to do it yourself  You have a team to help you  You need strategy/advice/hands-on tech support  You need training Online Marketing Support & Maintenance  Done-for-you services, design, set up  Social media maintenance  Training, reporting
  12. 12. Get in touch for a FREE audit!1. @tamarabaranova – Twittter2. 020 3468 8594 – leave a message6. 07841677968 – call or text