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Plastic Processing Monitor N Pr

  1. 1. Customer Satisfaction Monitor Plastic Processing Industry Increase performance; create higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Enhance competitive position and reduce costs. This is possible to realize in a short term and against low costs. We at Integron Research have developed a dedicated survey for all plastic processing companies. With a proven best practice online questionnaire and sophisticated online reporting, we provide you a service with which you ll get: § Insight into your performance (in general and by existing/prospective customer requirements) § The reason why existing or prospective customers chose your company and/or your competitor § The customer s motives for doing business with you or your competitor; § Opportunities for taking structural measures to retain your existing customers § The customer focus of the commercial process: § knowledge of various (competing) suppliers, preferred position and choices § score with regard to the most important requirements § key drivers for choosing your company as supplier § reasons for not choosing your organization. Specially developed for plastic processing industry Within Integron Research we operate with dedicated professionals from your industry. In our questionnaire we measure: Performance § Product (e.g. product quality, product design & engineering, availability of different press sizes, meeting PPM & delivery objectives) § Sales engineering and support (e.g. expertise of sales engineers, meeting commitments) § Project / Production (e.g. finishing projects in time, in budget, machine capacity, performance of molds) § Order department / service (e.g. professionalism, listening and understanding your question, pro-activeness, flexibility, complaint handling) § Logistics (on time and correct delivery, abilities on-hand inventory) § Innovation / quality / engineering (e.g. custom made solutions, quality standards like AOQO/MSA, ISO, PPAP etc. latest software / CAD programs) § Pricing (e.g. price/value, price communication) Loyalty § Would your customers recommend your company to others in the market? § Are your customers planning to work with your company in the future? § Are your customers planning to do more work with your company in the future? § What are key triggers for your customers to continue buying from your company?
  2. 2. Customer Satisfaction Monitor Plastic Processing Industry Deliverables § Questionnaire customized to your needs based on input from our industry experts § Fully automated process with insights via Customer Heartbeat dashboard
  3. 3. Customer Satisfaction Monitor Plastic Processing Industry With these results we assist you to identify new markets or new opportunities. The survey produces returns on: § The best strategy to enter new markets § How existing or prospective customers feel about your organization § How to define your capabilities with prospective targets § Identify actionable steps with new targets and current clients § Understand the buying behavior of targeted companies within their industry sector § Monitor specific projects performances which will lead to additional new project awards § An increase in confidence of customers and other interested parties § Improve and predict better sales targets that meet your company s capabilities. § The impression existing or prospective customers have on your organization § Meeting ISO requirements
  4. 4. Customer Satisfaction Monitor Plastic Processing Industry It is easy: start today. Choose the best fit to your needs Package Œ Package • Package Ž Yearly Do it Your Yearly Yearly full service self and Do It Your Self customized customized Standard survey survey Questionnaire Customization of our best practice questionnaire to your needs Publish your questionnaire online with your own company logo on it Possibility to add link on your website Based on an export of your customers and customer transactions, we will invite your customers by e-mail to participate to the survey in maximum 4 batches a year. You can invite your customers via e-mail anytime throughout the year You will get continuously access to the online results dashboard Customer Heartbeat You will get access to a static report and possibility to download a PDF report anytime Possibility to export survey data from the dashboard to Excel Possibility to segment your customers (Maximum 3) (Maximum 3) (Standard is US (Standard is US (No, Standard is Possibility of extra language English. Any other English. Any other US English) language is possible) language is possible_ How to order To order please contact Stephen Forcella at Integron Research USA
  5. 5. Customer Satisfaction Monitor Plastic Processing Industry 401 N. Tryon St., 10th Floor Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: +1-704-998-5629 Fax: +1-704-998-5301 E-mail: Website: or mail direct to industry expert Integron profile Integron was set up in 1993 and developed into one of the market leaders in the field of satisfaction and image measurement. The company is performance-oriented, but still maintains an informal organizational structure, a special team spirit and intensive cooperation. The company s attitude is open-minded, personal, customer-focused and direct. It is for good reason that our list of clients includes well-known medium-sized and large companies. Quality Integron scores an 8.1 in their own customer satisfaction research. Integron is a member of: