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Presence Entertainment Presskit


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Experiential Marketing and Event Production Company.

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Presence Entertainment Presskit

  3. 3. 12 15 ABOUT Azumi Williams Tamalin Srisook With a skill set that encom- On the surface, defining passes professional adagio Tamalin Srisook would seem skating, costume design, to be a fairly easy task. She and production coordina- brings a wealth of experi- 11 14 tion, Azumi Williams brings a unique perspective to ence in marketing, business development, management, performance marketing. A design and design sales strong and abiding entre- to bear on every project preneurial spirit gives her a she undertakes. Yet it is clear understanding of the her extraordinary ability to needs and requirements forecast creative trends, of Presence clients. And a combined with an everlasting continuing passion for all commitment to a business things creative fuels the fire philosophy grounded in the of the company’s artistry, as dynamics of entrepreneur- it continues to stake out new ship, that sets her apart. ground in the event planning It gives Presence clients a [FEATURES] industry. competitive advantage in the marketplace. 6 WELCOME A glimpse at the people behind Presence Entertainment. 8 VOICES Love letters from satisfied clients. 10 IN ACTION A sample of the most amazing performance marketing. Cover photography from the bottom going clockwise: Elizabeth Melendez, Ethan Kayda, Anthony Mazeika, Oscar Contero aka “Kayseida”, and Eros Biox.4 [] [] 5
  4. 4. Street WELCOME “I have friends from all walks of life, and I have a good eye for beauty and enjoy making people and the things around What do music, hair and Katie have in common? Presence Entertainment FOUNDERS and Sunsilk’s “Hairapy Tour.” Azumi Williams Tamalin Srisook Presence Entertainment is a staffing company unlike any WEST COAST DIRECTOR &other; it’s an entirely unique entity that offers performance- Katrina Kitsisbased marketing services for special events, influencer pro-motions, and brand awareness campaigns. Our goal, simplystated, is to unify your audience and your brand. We do this EAST COAST DIRECTORby dismissing the tired, traditional promotions philosophy that Melissa Danielsstill holds sway in the marketplace because, “it’s always beendone this way.” Then we turn up the volume with customized CLIENT CONSULTANT Brandstrategies, trend-savvy planning, professional talents, and a Andrea Monierresults-driven attitude. Event planning and performance-based marketing are, bytheir very nature, experiential. And in the realm of the experi- PHOTOGRAPHY Myriam Santos Ambassadors Presence Entertainment, with Ogilvy Action Marketing, is creating the street teams that will present products and theirential, passion is all. At Presence Entertainment, we bring anoverriding passion to everything we do, from corporate gather-ings, new product releases, and other company events to char- BEAUTY Cheryl Whitneyity dinners and auctions, press conferences, and weddings. Our Christina Luciano, There is no strongerservices cover everything, from strategy, planning, props, to of Glammin Make up Academy marketing tool thanstaffing, as we stay conscious of each and every budget. Michelle Bracamonte delivering your product Vanessa Diaz into the hands of your Kiran Shergill customer, wherever Please consider Presence Entertainment when the time they may be.comes for your next event. We make that happen, and we make it a great HAIR experience for our I look forward to meeting with you soon. Monique Rivera client and their target consumer. Presence Entertainment, LLC 626.574.7024 office Be a popular hostess 310.374.4415 fax with Presence! Tamalin Srisook Co-Founder and Owner MUSIC DECOR GUESTS FOOD DRINKS Presence Entertainment FOR INQUIRIES info@PresenceEntertainment.com6 [] [] 7
  5. 5. “I admire people who take chances BE VOICES and live on the edge for the sake of BOLD “The vision of these two women and their concern for the growing epidemic of BEautism, brought our charity’s cause to a new demographic. The event’s successwas completely due to their diligent work, commitment and expertise.” TRUE Chuck Saftler, Senior VP of FX Networks Some of our favorite clients Heritage Foods Partida Tequila “My staff and I were extremely impressed with “Music Brings Hope,” put onby Presence Entertainment. The beautifully catered food, high-end auction items, BNC PRand guest list exemplified what we would consider ‘a serious fundraising event’ in City of West Hollywoodthe Los Angeles community. Ogilvy Action Marketing Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Fox Studios Director of Development, CAN (Cure Autism Now) Fox Searchlight Fox Atomic Lionsgate Pictures “There were many small details that ended up adding so much to our final Universalevent put on by Presence Entertainment. The thing that made the final night, in my MGMmind, was the seamless AV experience and lighting. Presence found and sourced CAA (Creative Artist Agency)a single person to do all lighting and all sound, within our budget. The lighting was William Morris Agencydramatic from floor lamps that shot up on sheets of shimmery fabric along each Discovery Channelwall, to spotlights on each table top, and a light show that went along with our Cirque Du Soleilpresentation. It transformed the room to exactly the mood and look we wanted, Turtle Island Productionseven tailored to the flow and ebb of the evening.” Allied Advertising Peter Cloutier, President, East, Catapult Marketing The Promotional Edge Double Happiness Catering Catapult Marketing “I have hired Presence Entertainment four times. I would not do a party Mighty Duckswithout them. First of all, their enthusiasm for whatever event I have had Orangewood Foundation(from 200 people to 20) is infectious!! They take care of every single, dirty detail: Chrysalisif you want games, if you want cocktail waitresses in 20’s get-ups, if you want CAN (Cure Autisum Now)a simple, elegant dinner, they are the go-to girls. As someone who works in the Netzeroentertainment industry and goes to hundreds of events a year, it’s this easy. Marani VodkaThey are the BEST.” Visalus Suzy Unger, CONFIDENCE by Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas TV agent, William Morris Agency Jacob Maarse8 [] [] 9
  6. 6. CATERING SERVICES: Caterer10 THINGS THAT MAKE recommendations, menu selection, tastings, theme bars, staffing needs. DESIGN AND DÉCOR: Thematic setA SUCCESSFUL EVENT design, props, furniture, fabric, flora, lighting, tabletop settings, a variety of other rentals. PRODUCTION: Audio systems, lighting, staging, video and projection systems, music equipment, engineers, labor. TALENT AND STAFFING: Securing and managing performing talent, host, interactive entertainment, coordinating rehearsals and artist-related needs and backstage requirements, bartenders, hostesses, other staff as needed. PRINTED MATERIALS: Invites, tribute journals, signage, event programs, auction tags, custom menu cards, seating cards. TRANSPORTATION AND ACCOMMODATIONS: Valet parking, car service and specialty vehicles, hotel group bookings, guest coordination. GIFTS AND FAVORS: Stylish party favors, corporate gifts, out-of-towners’ welcome baskets. SECURITY: Hiring of appropriate security team for event, as needed. INSURANCE AND PERMITS: Obtaining proper permits, insurance, and other legal necessities for each event. E x p res s i o n s erved dai l y. SPONSORSHIP PACKAGING: Raising funds or obtaining product donations for events.10 [] [] 11
  7. 7. Performance marketing isthe new face of promotions Presence Entertainment specializes brand and consumer. Is it for everyone? way Models, Go-Go Dancers, Hostesses,in one thing: performance marketing. Perhaps not. But most brands, compa- Greeters, Convention Models, Themed/Performance marketing goes well beyond nies, products, and individuals can ben- Costumed Models, Certified Samplers,the outdated promotions philosophy still efit from performance marketing when Dealer Babes/Dudes, Drag Queens – theused by some at present and embraces it’s done right – when it incorporates the list go on.the ever-changing world we live in today; proper look, attitude, vision, and purpose. Essentially, if you can envision it, wea place where technology and design en- To increase the caliber of your campaign, can provide it. We pride ourselves on ourhance and expand the senses of sight, Presence Entertainment showcases an diversity, integrity, and professionalism, Presence Entertainmentsound, smell, taste, and touch to create a array of talent, including Street Teams, and we’re confident we can exceed any showcases an array of talentsrich experiential, environment that fuses Brand Ambassadors, Specialty Acts, Run- expectations you might have.12 [] [] 13
  8. 8. Presence Entertainment Joins Movie Moguls in Comic Con IN ACTION (Los Angeles) – Presence Entertainment, a performance marketing company based in Los Angeles, has been hired by three movie moguls, Universal Studios, Lions Gate Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., as the exclusive performance marketing company for the Comic Con International Convention (CCIC), in San Diego. As the only performance marketing company in America, Presence Entertainment will bring the comics and entertainment arts to life at the CCIC, with celebrity look-alikes, hospitality greeters, and performances by actors promoting such films as “Good Luck Chuck,” “Postal,” “Saw 3” and “Hostel.” The CCIC is one of the largest premier comics and entertainments arts conventions in the world. Officials are expecting more than 100,000 attendees this summer, from July 25 to 29. “We specialize in performance-based marketing,” said Tamalin Srisook. “The Comic Con Convention is a perfect match for our talent and a wonderful opportunity for Presence Entertainment to show off our incred- ible product. Performance marketing makes perfect sense for this venue and so many others where creativ- ity and panache make a statement that builds recognition and brand awareness and drives the bottom line.” For more information about Presence Entertainment, visit The right promotional staff has a certain presence At Presence Entertainment, we understand that staffing your event with the right promotional model, host/hostess, waiter/waitress, bartender, or any other type of talent is just as important as other components of your marketing mix. The fact is your event must be a success. That’s why we recruit new talent on a continuous basis, ensuring that we have a dynamic mix of ages, looks, body types, and ethnic backgrounds available in cities across the United States.Spike TV and Presence Entertainment Make Mark on Vegas Strip Following recruitment, we prescreen and prequalify all of our models and other tal- ent, so you’re assured of the highest level of professionalism and reliability from every (Los Angeles) – Presence Entertainment, a performance marketing company based in Los Angeles, is making their mark member of the Presence Entertainment team. Depending on your needs, we can staffin Las Vegas this December by staffing two of the hottest events of the season: The Spike TV Video Game Awards (VGA) and Presence Entertainment your event for you or you can reference our database to compile an initial staffing list ofthe Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) finale. recruits new talent on your preference. Presence Entertainment, in conjunction with the Promotional Edge, will staff both events with exclusive hospitality greet- In addition to providing you with the best talent in the industry, we also take care of a continuous basis,ers and promotional hostesses. all administrative duties. Every one of our models/talents is an independent contractor ensuring that we have Presence models will be a mainstay at Spike TV’s VGA pre-party at the world renowned Wynn Hotel, on Dec. 5, and at signed through Presence Entertainment for each individual project. We handle all thethe main event Dec. 6 to 9, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. More than 12,000 attendees are expected. The awards logistics, such as contracts, payroll, and scheduling, so you don’t have to. looks, body types, andceremony will be attended by guests and celebrities, including Tim Long, writer for “The Simpson’s,” musician Dave Navarro, To better serve your performance-based marketing requirements, we have the in-formerly of Jane’s Addiction, Kirsten Bell, star of “Heroes,” and Las Vegas legend Criss Angel. frastructure to handle virtually any request in most major markets, including New York, “If all the world’s a stage, Las Vegas is the center,” said Azumi Williams. “For Presence Entertainment, being in Las Vegas Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, D.C.,is like a beautiful homecoming. We feel more at home at center stage than anywhere else in the world. It’s also a metaphor Boston, Austin, and Columbus, to name just a few. No matter what your industry mightfor what we deliver to our clients. When we are working, our clients are the ones standing at center stage.” be, no matter what event you have in mind, we invite you to experience the difference of For more information about Presence Entertainment, visit Presence Entertainment.14 [] [] 15
  9. 9. We rock! w w w. p re s e n ce e n t e rta i n m e n t. c o m EVENT STAFFING - EVENT MARKETING - EVENT PLANNING16 [] 501 Herondo #56 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254