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Tam Operations 20081110 Eng


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Tam Operations 20081110 Eng

  1. 1. Total focus on operations ...delivering more with less Fernando Sporleder Junior
  2. 2. Our target is to achieve excellence to passengers and optimize operations Crew CCOA* Punctuality Regularity Service Airport DOV* Comfort GSE* * CCOA - Air Operations Control Center DOV - Flight Operating Dispatch 2 GSE - Ground Support Equipment
  3. 3. Crew procedures were revised to improve services and gain productivity • Standardization of communication with passengers Crew Punctuality Regularity Service Comfort Standardized speech Standardized rules Increase in the passengers’ perception • Optimization on crew’s scheduling Productivity increase Disparity decrease Absenteeism decrease Overnight at home 3
  4. 4. We integrated CCOA, DOV and GSE operations to facilitate information flow CC OA Punctuality Regularity Service V Comfort DO GSE • Higher punctuality and regularity Fast turnaround of the aircraft • Better services consistency At hub airports • Higher loading consistency turnaround time of 40 minutes • Safety increase Airports operated with • Quickness in operations jetway – 30 minutes • Routes rationalization Airports without jetway – 20 minutes • Better flight planning • Technical dispatchers in main bases * CCOA - Air Operations Control Center DOV - Flight Operating Dispatch 4 GSE - Ground Support Equipment
  5. 5. Airport continues to focus on enhancing passenger experience Service Punctuality Service Punctuality Punctuality t Airpor Regularity Service Comfort • Quality assurance at airports to Claims on delays (Talk to the President) Per 100.000 enplanements guarantee service level 45 40 New training scheme 35 30 Modification of hiring policy based 25 on adjusted profile 20 15 Dissemination of culture after rapid 10 growth 5 0 Fast track project Jan/07 Jun/07 Nov/07 Apr/08 Sep/08 Web and self check-in Initiatives to decrease lost luggage Web and self check-in Initiatives to decrease lost luggage • • Reduce check-in time trough web and self check-in KPIs linked to lost luggage reduction Occurrences with luggage per 1,000 enplanements in 2008 % of domestic passengers boarded via web and self check-in 6 50% 40 4 30 20 2 10 0 0 Jan/07 Jun/07 Nov/07 Apr/08 Sep/08 Jan/06 May/06 Sep/06 Jan/07 May/07 Sep/07 Jan/08 May/08 Sep/08 5
  6. 6. We have standardized our narrow body fleet with the Airbus A320family... • Complete phase out of the 100seat aircraft Punctuality Regularity Service Comfort • Reduction of maintenance costs • Interchangeability of crew and aircraft in the network • More comfort to our passengers with modern aircraft (average age of 5.6 years) • A320 operational excellence with one of the highest flown hours per day Source: Airbus 6
  7. 7. ...while creating a “mixed” wide body fleet to serve different destinations Incorporation of Boeing aircraft in the wide body fleet Punctuality Regularity Service Comfort Creation of a “mix” of aircraft size, allowing for adequate capacity per destination (traffic and infrastructure) B777 opens a huge opportunity for the cargo operations Continuous effort to offer best in class product to passengers Firm orders of A350-XWB to substitute the A330s as of 2013 New generation of aircraft with reduced noise, weight and emissions 7
  8. 8. Despite of the improvements, the pursue of our target continues as we signed a commitment 8