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  1. 1. T’Alyne• teaching cv• student work 1
  2. 2. • Education and AwardsARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe, Arizona: MFA in Printmaking and Foundry, December 2000 -Graduated Summa Cum Laude; G.P.A. 4.0 -Distinguished Excellence in Printmaking by department -Pell Grant Awards -Earned this degree while working 3 jobs.ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe, Arizona: BFA in Drawing, May 1997: BA in Printmaking, Minor: French, May 1997 -Graduated magna cum laude; G.P.A. 3.90 -Pell Grant Awards -Earned these degrees while working 3 jobs.FOURWINDS ATELIER, Aureille, France: Artist in Residence (Fellowship January-April 2000)CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France: Artist in Residence (Fellowship April 2000-May 2003) -Mural commissioned by Frank Tenot FondationVIRGINIA CENTER OF CREATIVE ARTS, Amherst, VA: Artist in Residence (Fellowship November 2003-January 2004)VERMONT STUDIO CENTER, Johnson, VT: Artist in Residence (Artist award, Fellowship April 2009)WEBB SCHOOL, Knoxville, TN: Visiting Artist (Feb-March 2010) 2
  3. 3. • Collections Museo De Arte Contemporanco, Mexico Carrillo Gil Mexico D.F., Mexico Grand Valley State University, Michigan West Michigan Centre of Arts and Technology, Grand Rapids, Michigan Kaiser Foundation, California Fondation Franck Tenot, France Pole University, Vichy, France E.on Energie AG, Munich, Germany PFE Prufungsgesellschaft fur Energieversorgunosunternehmen mbh, Munich, Germany Hais Architects, Phoenix, Arizona Terra Sana, Alberta, Canada First United Methodist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan Curtiss Legg, Ph.D., Arizona Richard R. Raubolt, Ph.D., Michigan Cohen Cohen Law Offices: Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada Alan Blau and Associates, Ltd., Arizona Alain Pourain PDV, Villenauxe la Grande, France Lecocq Executive Offices Vichy, France Patricia Klinck, Ph.D., Alberta, Canada Camac Centre d’Art, Marnay sur Seine, France Arizona Country Club, Phoenix, Arizona Metro Health Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan Joseph Jeup Furniture Headquarters, Grand Rapids, Michigan Honorable George Heartwell, Mayor City of Grand Rapids, Michigan Webb School, Knoxville, Tennessee Bissell Corporate Headquarters, Walker, Michigan Foster Swift-Foster Swift Collins & Smith PCII Attorneys, Michigan 3
  4. 4. • Professional Experience, en bref Webb School, Knoxville, Tennessee (Feb-March 2010)Visiting Artist, Collaborative Teaching: Collaborative teaching model working with K-12 and AP students. Developed studio work,concepts, and exhibition in partnership with students and staff. Began collaborative discussions with the Physics, Robotics, and Scienceteachers.Artstops (2005-present)Executive Director, Project Development, Collaborator and Mentor: Established 501c3k Mission: to encourage and be a connector forcommunity collaborations through projects that enhance every layer of the community. Artstops is creating opportunities that facilitate creativeproblem solving, collaborations, and new ways of thinking. Goals include: increase public transportation awareness, improve economics,increase tourism, and educate the public on the importance of creative thinking and artists in our community. I worked with Grand ValleyState University professors and Graphic Design, Communications and Marketing, and Business/Entrepreneurship classes problem solving andcreating solutions collaboratively. The collective future vision for ARTSTOPS is to implement self-sufficient bus shelters powered by alternatemeans designed by reputable artists. ARTSTOPS will become neighborhood icons enriching the identities of the Grand Rapids communities.The function of ARTSTOPS is to enrich cultural education and to promote collaboration, partnership, and communication within thecommunity. Collaborating Partners to date: The Rapid, Progressive AE, Mayor George Heartwell, Robert Eleveld, Fred Keller, Grand ValleyState University: Professor Frank Blossom, Graphic Designers, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, Precise Communications, DavidHuizenga, Dan Carlson, Agio Glass, Dr. Tim Syfert, GVSU: Entrepreneurship and Business, Robert Daverman, Meijers, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2003-present)Instructor for the Continuing Studies Program: Drawing, Figure Drawing, Sculpture, and Printmaking.I developed curriculum and focused on concepts, strategy, planning, goals, and execution. Encouraged students to interact and verballyarticulate their work through team-based critiques. Cooks (formerly Grandville) Arts Academy, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2004-present)Instructor, LOOP program, Grand Rapids Public Schools: Preparing inner-city students for life beyond elementary and high school byencouraging goal development, respectful communication, listening, self-responsibility, collaboration, team building, and future planning.Worked directly with Program Manager and Director of Academy developing programming.Visiting Artist, Michigan Council for the Arts: (2008) leading 4th and 5th graders of Southwest Elementary. Introducing students to theconcept of team based collaboration. Organized and guided students through the process of creating large-scale sculptures. 4
  5. 5. Pine Ridge Elementary, Forest Hills, Michigan (2003)Project Leader/Visiting Artist: Project Leader between art teacher, parents, administration, and over 200 third graders. Developed conceptand identified practical needs for paper mache mask project. Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2003)Project Leader/Visiting Artist: Executed Chalk the Town public project during Peace Festival. Virginia Center of Creative Arts, Amherst, Virginia (2003-2004)Artist-in-Residence Fellowship: Conducted environment research and created work for solo exhibitions in New Zealand and California.Interacted and secured new patrons and benefactors during fund-raising efforts. Developed collaborative relationships with musicians andcomposers: Darol Anger, Charles Bestor, and Joel Harrison.Camac Centre DArt, Marnay sur Seine, France (2001-2003)Artist-in-Residence 3 year Fellowship: Liason for artists from South America, Spain, Italy, and North America. Oversaw the operations ofgalleries, maintained and ordered supplies, and coordinated exhibitions. Served as a Juror for Unesco bursary. Pedigogical Workshopfacilitator, working with French children (2-18 years) on collaborative programming with the local Botanical Gardens. Manager of kitchenstaff, oversaw budget, and notified Director of status. Mural commissioned by Frank Tenot FondationVolksschule, Konigsdorf, Germany; Gymnasium Geretsried, Geretsried, Germany; Das Gluckssternchen und der Nikolaus, Munich,Germany (2001)Visiting Artist: Using art as a tool to teaching English as a second language K-12.Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (1994-2000)Teaching Assistant Studio 446: Extensive knowledge and experimentation with intaglio printing techniques. Organized and maintainedstudio, materials, and supply ordering. Teaching woodcut and intaglio. River Road Project, Tucson, Arizona , Artist: Mary Bates-Neubauer (1999-2000)Team Leader and Artist Assistant: Foundry team leader and quality control, ensured a safe pouring environment. Artist consultation andliason, directing mold formation, bronze pours, welding, and final fit-up and formation of three-dimensional images. Armstrong Prior Inc., Phoenix, Arizona (1999-2000)Master Printer: Color and technique consulting and development of mono-print and intaglio images with visiting artists. Quality control andmaintenance of materials. Segura Publishing, Tempe, Arizona (1998-2000)Assistant Master Printer: Assisted in quality control and the printing process of lithography editions. 5
  6. 6. Student work: sculpture multimedia clay painting mural printmaking drawing life drawing 6
  7. 7. SculptureVisiting Artist, Grant from: Michigan Humanities and Arts Grant, MCCA, Grand Rapids Arts Grandville Art Academy, South West Campus Grand Rapids Public. Project: Public Art Goals: Team building, concept development, execution of large-scale sculpture Students 10-14 years 7
  8. 8. SculptureInstructor, Kendall College of Art and Design. Summer 2009 Sculpture Workshop Students ages 8 to 13 years Project: Concept Development- Using recycled materials and rigid wrap students worked as a team brainstorming concepts, project development, and execution. 8
  9. 9. Sculpture Visiting Artist. Webb School, Knoxville, TN. Abstraction Project: Initial research outdoor walking and drawing. Focused on gesture. Take gesture drawings andcreate 3D card board proto-types. Subsequent 3D sketches are translated into a final clay version. Students 15 to 18 years old. 9
  10. 10. Sculpture Instructor. Grandville Arts Academy. Self Portrait Ceramics project Students ages 18years(left) and 9years(right) 10
  11. 11. Sculpture Visiting Artist, Webb School, Knoxville, TN Project: 3D Cube ConstructionGoals: Dexterity, beginning developing 3D thinking, measuring with a ruler, team-building, introduction to construction methods Materials: Construction paper, Scissors, glue Students ages 6 to 12 years 11
  12. 12. Sculpture Instructor, Grandville Arts Academy Project: Team build a house.Define what kind of house it is? How it will be used? Explain the construction methods and team allocation of responsibilities. Materials: wooden dowels and pipe cleaners Goals: Team building and concept development, respectful and responsible communication, introduction to Artist Statement. Students ages 12 to 15 years 12
  13. 13. Painting Visiting Artist, Webb School, Knoxville, TN Student age 17 years Advanced Level Art Self Portrait project 13
  14. 14. Painting Instructor, Kendall College of Art and Design. Summer Mural Class Project: Summer Mural, multimedia Goals: Team building, cleanup responsibilities, respectful communication, introduction to new materials. Students ages 6 years to 10 years. 14
  15. 15. Painting Instructor, Grandville Arts Academy. Visiting Artist at Southwest Elementary Project: Mural development layering unusual multimedia materials Goals: Introduction to new materials (shaving cream and waterbased paint) Students ages 7 to 9 years (Spanish English) 15
  16. 16. Woodcut Multi plate and reduction methodsStudent Teaching Arizona State University Students 28 and 65 years 16
  17. 17. Woodcut Multi plate and reduction methodsVisiting Artist, Webb School, Knoxville, TN Project: Animal reduction woodcut 5th grades and 4th grades 17
  18. 18. IntaglioLeft-soft ground, aquatint, multi plate, a la poupee Right-hard ground and aquatint Students 22 years 18
  19. 19. DrawingInstructor, Grandville Arts Academy Project: Messages to Outer Space Materials: Sidewalk chalk Students ages 8 to 11 years 19
  20. 20. Drawing Instructor, Kendall College of ArtProject: Still Life Perspective and Fabric studies Students 23 years old 20
  21. 21. Drawing Instructor, Kendall College of ArtProject: Still Life Perspective studies Students 21 years old 21
  22. 22. Drawing Instructor, Kendall College of ArtProject: Still LifeInstructor, Kendall College of Art Project: Still Life Perspective Students 23 years old 22
  23. 23. Life DrawingInstructor, Kendall College of Art and Design Life Drawing Student 17 years old 23
  24. 24. Life DrawingStudents 56-73 years 24
  25. 25. Life Drawing Private Art Teacher, Michigan Project: Self Portrait using moodStudents 16 years (left) and 19 years (right) 25
  26. 26. Life DrawingStudents 20-23 years 26