Employee management made easy with talygen time clock software


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For every company the most important resource is to track the time and make every minute count. Learn more about Talygen time tracking app visit http://blog.talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software.

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Employee management made easy with talygen time clock software

  1. 1. Employee Management made easy with Time Clock Software
  2. 2. Company Overview  Talygen is the worldwide leader in Business Management Automation.  Talygen is the most advanced Business Management Automation package in the industry today.  Talygen also offers state of the art custom apps on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry to help keep its customers organized. In addition, Talygen also offers optional desktop solutions for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, for companies wanting OS specific features like screen capture and activity logger. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  3. 3. Desktop, Web And Mobile Time Tracking  One of the distinct advantages that Talygen offers as the ultimate team time tracking solution is the capability to store, pause and save time entries, manage billable and non-billable tasks and log online or offline tasks, using the web, desktop and mobile apps at any time.  Our goal is to enable businesses to better manage their employees and the tasks involved on a day to day basis through one complete, turnkey solution.  Talygen enables you to track your time and progress from any location and system. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  4. 4. Benefits of Talygen Time Clock Software  Easy-to-use tracking software  Customizable and Team-friendly.  Easy to install and set-up.  Easily customizable as per organization’s specifications.  Print/transfer options.  Accurate tracking of employee’s working hours, projects, clients, contractors, etc. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  5. 5. Talygen-Time Clock Software  If you are a business owner, you know the frustrations that come while keeping track of employee attendance and payroll.  It is the biggest responsibility of the business to keep their employees happy and productive.  For every company the most important resource is to track the time and make every minute count.  Talygen’s Automatic time clock software helps businesses to manage their time keeping requirements. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  6. 6. Key Features  Time Tracker: Talygen gives you the most advanced state of art team time tracker. Any user on any system can track time for Project or Task.  Desktop And Mobile Client: With Talygen users can track time not only from the web application but also from the desktop and mobile applications.  Reporting: The time tracked with this tool for the project helps in calculating the time spent on a particular task. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  7. 7. How to Sign Up? Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software Go to www.talygen.com and click on Sign Up tab
  8. 8. Talygen Subscription Plan Choose your Subscription Plan Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  9. 9. Sign Up Step 1 Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  10. 10. Sign Up Step 2 Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software
  11. 11. Sign Up Step 3 Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software Fill your Company Details Fill your Credit Card Details
  12. 12. How to Talygen Account Login.. Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software App LoginWeb Login
  13. 13. Contact Us.. Talygen Inc. Address: 228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd floor Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone No. 650-800-3850 Email Id: info@talygen.com Blog.Talygen.com/post/Employee-Management-made-easy-with-Talygen-Time-Clock-Software