Vschool Implementation ppt for Client


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About Vriti
Benefits of VSchool Program
VSchool Package
CCE Report Card Generator
Student Management System

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Vschool Implementation ppt for Client

  1. 1. IMPLEMENTATION powered by:
  2. 2. A  About Vriti  Benefits of VSchool Program  VSchool Package  CCE Report Card Generator  Student Management System G E N D A
  3. 3. About Vriti India’s Knowledge Exchange Services Include  Classroom (CCE) Tests & Assessments  Online Testing & Assessment  CCE Report Generator  Student Management System  Sales Promotion Services schools  Founded by IIT – Bombay & Delhi Alumni.  500+ partners - Coaching, Schools, Colleges & Publishers  Client list includes likes of Punjab Tech. University, Everonn Systems, Aakash Institute, Lotus Valley School.  11 Lac+ students using platform  more than 10 Cr questions attempted on the platform  Vriti learning system is re-commended by govt. bodies like national informatics center (NIC)  CCE compatible tests & assessments  20+ Leading publishers aggregating content  Multi language support universities Large Sales Infrastructure  100+ counselors  INR 6 Cr + worth of transactions monthly. Edu-Social Communities -> Enquiries, Sales  50 Lac+ monthly page views  8 Lacs+ visitors a month; 1.4 Lac+ registered users Institutions Social Networks We provide turnkey solution for any education providers
  4. 4. Some of our Portfolio Clients
  5. 5. Few Recommendations & Achievements IIT-JEE 2009 topper through Vriti System Awarded India’s 5th Fastest growing IT company in 2010 NIC Recommendation Letter
  6. 6. About V School Program VSchool is a comprehensive program which benefits all the stake holders in the School  Management  Teachers  Student / Parent
  7. 7. Benefits to Management  Technology based solution to proactively evaluate both students’ as well as school’s performance  Enable the school to appraise the teaching methodologies being adopted  Facilitate school to prepare the students for online and offline examination  Simplified implementation of CCE across classes via automation
  8. 8. Benefits to Teachers  Online Assessment – To measure individual student’s performance.  Comprehensive Analysis – Helps teachers to prepare remedial action plan for each student.  Automated generation of CCE report cards.  Teachers get readymade CCE guidelines enabled tests.
  9. 9. Benefits to Students / Parents  Scientific methodology providing complete performance growth chart for the student.  This also enables parents’ to monitor their wards performance on a continuous basis.  System exposes students to online experience for competitive exams at the formative age.
  10. 10. Key V School Deliverables – School I. Micro Site : Admin Login, Student Login and Teacher Login (Optional) 1. Academic Management a) b) Attendance c) Online Syllabus , Class Work/Home Work d) 2. Continuous and Comprehensive Report Card Revision Exam Micro Site Management a) Notice Board b) Self Editable Boxes a) About Us b) Home Page c) Contact d) Message from Principal
  11. 11. Key V School Deliverables – School Examination Papers Offline Class Tests  : 30 Test Papers Class Four Formative Assessment 5 Subjects  30 Papers Two Summative Assessment Note: 1. All test papers shall be based on syllabus and marking schemes provided by school 2. Vriti Team will prepare question papers following NCERT books and CBSE exam pattern
  12. 12. Key V School Deliverables – Students 1) Online Revision Assignments : a) b) 2) 100 Assignments per student Out of 100 assignments optional 25 OMR sheets per student Competitive Exam Package: a) One series of competitive exam tests like, AIEEE, IIT, AIIMS, CA-CPT, NTSE etc. 3) General Knowledge & Aptitude Package : Free One Test each per student 4) Doubt Clearing : Online doubt clearing integrated with online student communities 5) Web Links: Hyperlinks to topic wise relevant website for exam preparation, practice, projects etc. 6) Class Management: a) Online CCE Report Card b) Attendance c) Online Class work and homework d) School Notices e) Online Syllabus
  13. 13. Classroom Testing & Assessment Program What is it? CCE Compatible Classroom Tests and Assignments with National level Assessment Assessment Results & CCE Report Cards published online. How it works  Vriti creates test-plan in discussion with the School. Provides test papers.  School suggests topic details for the subjective papers. (Papers customised as per School requirements)  School conducts Test in classroom.  Student responses graded by school faculty .  Marks uploaded on Online System by School. CCE Report Cards Generated along with Student Assessment Reports  Additional Secure student / management logins to view results (on school Microsite) Optional: OMR Based Tests. Results Scanned and Assessments generated by Vriti (included with package) The Offering Classroom Test Plan CCE Test Papers Answer Sheets Assessment Reports CCE Compatible
  14. 14. Classroom Testing - Implementation Assistance Process Flow Step 1 – test in class Step 2 – Student takes test. Submits answer sheets Step 3 – Answer sheets Assessed (by School & uploaded to online system) Step 4 –CCE Report Cards + Performance Assessment. Report Cards printable
  15. 15. Classroom Testing - Implementation Assistance School Micro-site Tests Evaluation  Formative & Summative Tests  Tests based on CCE Guidelines  Subjective Qs graded by school  Objective Qs (if opted) OMR scanned by Vriti  Cumulative Results  CCE Report Card Generation  Separate Performance Assessments VI-VIII IX–X XI–XII competition Maths Maths Physics IIT-JEE Science Science Chemistry AIEEE Social Sc Social Sc Maths AIPMT English English Biology AIIMS Hindi Hindi Accounts NTSE Economics OLYMPIAD CA-CPT
  16. 16. Online Revision Packages What is it? Online revision package enabled on school microsite. System comes with practice & assessment tools to assist in exam prep How it works?  Micro Site created / updated. Enabled with Online Package  Logins given to students.  Students take online Assignments anytime / anywhere  Detailed Assessment Reports after every Assignment. Feature List
  17. 17. CCE Report Generator – Basis of Reports
  18. 18. CCE Report Generator – Details Simple Input Mechanism – Scholastic Areas Co-Scholastic Areas Managed
  19. 19. Final Report Card Snapshot
  20. 20. Student Management System – Additional Features What is it? Enabling administrators to manage their students, faculty, website & classroom unit testing process Feature List
  21. 21. Student Management System (cont…) Feature List
  22. 22. ? ? ? Questions ? ?
  23. 23. THANK YOU