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AIESEC United States’ Rotational Program
enables our members to experience multiple
roles with a holi...
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AIESEC Rotational Program


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AIESEC Rotational Program

  1. 1. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH AIESEC United States’ Rotational Program enables our members to experience multiple roles with a holistic leadership development experience that prepared them to be the entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders of tomorrow. Once a member has completed all five of the program requirements they will gain special certification from DHL Express America that testifies to skills gained. Members that have graduated through the program and recieved their certification will be more competitive in the global labor market and value core of our mission: peace and fufillment of humankind’s potential. Social Sales: Sales With a Purpose Members learn how our exchange opperations function and live our mission directly by facilitating international internship and volunteer progragrams. Business Administration By participating as a team member in a communications, finance, or HR functions members gain hard skills in these areas. Event Management Members are required to take on a role in planning and managing a part of one (or more) of these events: Youth to Business Forums, Global Villages, Local Summits, Regional Conferences, and National Conferences. AIESEC is an organization that provides globally-minded youth with a multifaceted understanding of a social enterprise by facilitating participation in a wide-variety of departments and internships abroad. Leaderhsip Position Taking on a leadership role, which may also cross-satisfy one of the three previous requirements, enables members to discover their leadership potential, gain practical experience in managing a team, tracking members, and delivering results. Interpersonal communication is key in this stage and members will learn from both their failures and triumphs. Intern Abroad Going abroad through either a Global Talent Program (internship) or Global Citizen Program (volunteering) is the final and most important step in realizing an integrated experience through AIESEC. of hiring decision makers said that being well-rounded with a range of abilities is more important than having industry expertise because job-specific skills can be learned at work.* *Northeastern University’s Business Elite Survey;