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  1. 1. BRITISH ISLESGreat BritainIrelandNorthern IrelandThe Orkney and ShetlandIslandsThe Isle of ManHebridesThe Isle of WightIsles of ScillyLundy Island An island off thesouthwest coast of EnglandThe Channel Islands. Theprincipal islands of the groupinclude Jersey, Guernsey,Alderney and Sark.Plus many other offshore islands
  3. 3. United KingdomGreat Britain
  4. 4. The Union Flag - the flag of the United Kingdom (UK)popularly known as the UNION JACK,A flag containing three other flags.
  5. 5. The National Flag of EnglandEngland is represented by the flag of St. George
  6. 6. The National Flag of ScotlandScotland is represented by the flag of St. Andrew(a diagonal white cross form (called a saltire) on ablue field)
  7. 7. The first Union Flag (1707)+1603 - King James Iof England unitedthe English andScottish thrones, butnot the parliaments.1706 –Queen Anne,united the Englishand ScottishParliaments.The National Flagsof Scotland andEngland wereunited for use atsea, thus makingthe first Union Flag
  8. 8. Flag of Northern IrelandIreland is represented by the cross of St. Patrick(a diagonal red cross on a white background.)
  9. 9. +1801 - Irelandwas unitedwith GreatBritain andthe presentUnion Flagwas formed.
  10. 10. WalesWhy doesnt the Welsh dragon appear on the UnionFlag?
  11. 11. St.George