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  1. 1. SUMMARY
  2. 2. They: Lived during the stone age. Were the first inhabitants of the British Isles Spread along the western and southern parts of Britain Were small groups of hunters, gatherers,shepherds and fishermen. were dark-haired and strong people lived in wooden huts and were artisans, produced stone and metal objects. Built STONEHENGE
  3. 3. The Celts: Lived during the IRON AGE Came from central Europe Were organised in TRIBES Were warriors –food producers (agriculture) Contributions … Important queen: BOADICEA Heritage: MAIDEN CASTLE
  4. 4. The Romans: Made 3 invasions: 55 BC: Julius Caesar 54 BC: Julius Caesar 43 BC: Emperor Claudius Settled in the middle southern part of England Scots joined the Picts in Scotland Welsh Tribes fought against the Romans. CALEDONIA (Scotland) was never conquered. HADRIAN’S WALL Towns: BATH – ST. ALBANS Contributions …
  5. 5.  3 Germanic invasions: Angles Saxons JutesThey: settled in the south-east moved to the west butKING ARTHUR, RomanizedCelt, opposed them.
  6. 6.  Kingdoms: Contributions ... RELIGION: pagans but ...was spread: 2 ways: Columba: converted the PICTS andNorthern England Augustine: converted the south ofEngland was the first Archbishop of.
  7. 7. 2 waves: Norway DenmarkThey settled: North west Scotland Costal regions of Ireland England???: divided England South west: WESSEX(Anglo-Saxons) North-east: DANELAW(Danes)
  8. 8.  Religion: there were converted into CHRISTIANITY Language: 2 varieties of Germanic languages10 & 11th Century:1st king of England (927)(Anglo-Saxon) (979-1016): a tax to pay the Vikings to make go a(Viking) (1016-1035) He controlled much of England.(Anglo-Saxon) Ethelred’s son(1042-1066). Interested in the Church. Named to be the following king.
  9. 9. :Normans conqueredEngland.They: Had a Conquered Wales,Ireland but not thehighlands 1086:(1066-1087)
  10. 10. : was the first unquestioned king ordered to kill : Archbishop of Canterbury was introduced. Was in England 4/5 years Fought in the crusades. was unpopular lost Normandy (France) 1215: had to sign the The nobles didn’t like his actions so … they created a brought together the 1284: declared a principality of England War against : He stole the(1087-1100)(1100-1135)(1135-1154)(1154-1189)(1189-1199)(1199-1216)(1216-1272)(1272-1307)
  11. 11.  was defeated by – King ofScotland. Scotland was France’s ally. England lost all French possessions except for 1348: : bubonic plague: taxes(1307-1327)(1328-1377)(1377-1399)
  12. 12. : was king of England (8 months) became king of France (10 months) was mad, so ...ruled for him. (Descendant ofEdward III) He died in battle: Richard’s son ( ) had 2 sons: EDWARD – RICHARD: 12 years old He and his brother were kept in the tower of London by(uncle) and then killed.: not popular. died at a battle against HENRY TUDOR, who claimed thethrone)(1399-1413)(1413-1422)(1422-1461)(1461-1483)(1483)(1483-1485)
  13. 13. : descend. of the became king married : Beginning of the Era of Stability and strong government.: political and financial causes: He wasted money HENRY VII had saved, so he neededmore... He decided to take away the churchs land. He didn’t like the power of the church over him. He wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Became the(Anglicanism) controlled the church and wealth of the country 1536: he bound(1485-1509)(1413-1422)(1483)(1483-1485)(1461-1483)(1422-1461)
  14. 14. he was 9 years old. were 1549: Book of common prayer was compiled. He died of tuberculosis at the age 15. Was Henry VIII’s granddaughter. Married to John Dudley’s son She was QUEEN for 9 days. She was executed.(Catholic) Married to the king of Spain: Philip II was called . She persecutedprotestants Lost last French possession:(1485-1509)(1507-1547)(1547-1553)(1553)(1553-1558)(1558-1603)
  15. 15. (Anglican) 26 years old:– 45 years on the throne. was excommunicated by the POPE won the war against (conquest the country,dethrone the country and re-establish Catholicism) imprisoned for 20 yearsand then, executed her. Towns boomed Arts and literature flourished. Period of(1485-1509)(1507-1547)(1547-1553)(1553)(1553-1558)(1558-1603)
  16. 16. (protestant): when to America 1605: he was a catholic who wanted toblow up the parliament-on 5th November shared King not parliament. as a tyrant – 11 years was executed in 1649 was a farmer and soldier was LORD PROTECTOR – created a more severegovernment that Charles I’s. dissoluted parliament People were forbidden to celebrate Easter/Christmas(1603-1625)(1625-1649)(649-1660(1660-1685)(1685-1689)(1689-1702)
  17. 17.  had 17 illegitimate children and no heir. The The(Catholic): wanted to give Catholics full rights and positions ingovernment. had a daughter: MARY (married to ) Parliament was too powerful, so he fled to France Parliament called William of Orange and Mary to rule.1689: had 18 children. All died. 1701: : only protestants could beking/queen. 1707: : Scotland and England under ONEPARLIAMENT(1603-1625)(1625-1649)(649-1660(1660-1685)(1685-1689)(1689-1702)(1702-1714)
  18. 18. : Anne’s German cousin Fight against (Stuart supporters) Power was drifting from to Political parties: /was defeated at CULLODEN 1763: peace with France 1775: lost the American war of independence 1789/1799: : 1805: Battle of TRAFALGAR: 1815: Battle of WATERLOO: 1760-1840: 1801: Ireland is under Britishparliament(1714-1727)(1727-1760)(1760-1820)(1820-1830)(1830-1837)(1837-1901)
  19. 19. : was (from 1811 onwards) his fatherwas mad and couldn’t rule. People migrated to new industrial towns were built. Possession of land: power and prestige.: 1832: 1833: First convict ship sent to Australia. married to 1845: 1860: Idea of began to evolve.(1714-1727)(1727-1760)(1760-1820)(1820-1830)(1830-1837)(1837-1901)
  20. 20. : Was the only monarch of the dynasty 1914-1919: 1917: he changed the name of the house: 1921: 1926: 1928: demanded the women’sright to vote. 1929: was king for one year: from January to December. abdicated.(1901-1910)(1910-1936)(1936)(1936-1952)(from 1952)
  21. 21.  1939 1940: (twice PM) (Conservative P) Most colonies opted for self government. 1950: west Indians arrived. 1970: inflation 1979: strikeDiscovery of GAS and OIL in Scotland(conservative party) 1980: : miners’ strike. 1982:Ireland 1990: – riots. (changed into COUNCIL TAX) 1997: (labour party)death. 2007: (Labour party) 2010: (conservative party)(1901-1910)(1910-1936)(1936)(1936-1952)(from 1952)