4 Steps to Making Your Blog Work Better for You


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This presentation will cover various best practices to help your blog work better for you. This deck will cover tips on design, user experience, content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

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  • A little bit of background. Prior to Florida Blue, I worked at GuideWell a health/wellness subsidiary of Florida Blue, and I’ve also done some blogging in my spare time in SEO, social media and startup marketing.
  • Have a sidebar. Pretty obvious, yet ‘SOME’ companies still don’t really think that way.
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  • Scribe – awesome content marketing tool that lets you optimize, research and do cross link research right inside the CMSYoast is another great plugin helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemapsWP Touch is a great plugin that makes your site mobile friendly
  • 4 Steps to Making Your Blog Work Better for You

    1. 1. VICTORIA EDWARDSMARKETING MANAGER4 Steps to MakingYour Blog Content WorkBetter For You@TallChickVic
    2. 2. Who am I?@TallChickVic
    3. 3. Overview1. Don’t Isolate Your Content2. Optimize Your Blog3. Focus Efforts Internally4. Promote, Promote, Promote5. Repurpose ContentThis is a random picture of my dog, Ozzie@TallChickVic
    4. 4. 1. Don’t Isolate Your Blog Content@TallChickVic
    5. 5. Don’t Isolate Your Content@TallChickVic
    6. 6. 2. Optimize Your Blog! Optimize Your Sidebar Use Call to Actions Use the Right Plugins Put Effort into Your Images Have an Author Page Do Research on Categories@TallChickVicThis is a random picture of my dog, Louie
    7. 7. Have a Sidebar!@TallChickVic
    8. 8. Optimize Sidebar@TallChickVic
    9. 9. Things to Have in Your Sidebar@TallChickVic Social Media Buttons Categories About the Authors Page Calls To Action
    10. 10. Types of Call to Actions Email Signup Feedback Boxes Downloadable Forms/eBooks Promote Campaigns@TallChickVic
    11. 11. Use the Right Plugins Scribe Yoast WP Touch@TallChickVic
    12. 12. Put Effort into Your Images Take the time to create, find, and optimize yourimages@TallChickVic
    13. 13. Why Optimize Your Images?Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)Requires that businesses and nonprofit services providersmake accessibility accommodations to enable the disabledpublic to access the same services as clients who are notdisabled. This includes electronic media and web sites.@TallChickVic
    14. 14. Google ImagepocalypseWhat do I do now?http://www.definemg.com/how-googles-image-search-update-killed-image-seo/
    15. 15. How to Optimize Your Images Focus on keywords Make image filename keyword friendly Use alt parameters (2 to 4 words) Make sure your image sizes are not too big!@TallChickVichttp://bit.ly/test-page-speed
    16. 16. Have an Authors Page Gives More Human Connection to Your Content/Site Gives Your Blog Authority Google News Requires It@TallChickVic
    17. 17. Google AuthorRank"Within search results, information tied to verifiedonline profiles will be ranked higher than contentwithout such verification, which will result in mostusers naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”~Eric Schmidt,Google Executive Chairman@TallChickVic
    18. 18. REL=AUTHOR TAGS “HOW TO USE REL=AUTHOR TAGS FOR SEO” byChris Penn http://bit.ly/chris-penn-author-seo Gets your picture/account under articles you write Stands out & more credible@TallChickVic
    19. 19. Do Research on Categories What keywords am I trying to target? Will it make sense to my customer? How much content will be created around thiscategory? http://bit.ly/seo-categories@TallChickVic
    20. 20.  SEO is Part of Everyone’s Job, so Train Everyone!3. Focus Efforts Internally@TallChickVichttp://www.flickr.com/photos/askmanny/1205403707/
    21. 21. Focus Efforts Internally Break Down the Walls of the Departments@TallChickVic
    22. 22. Focus Efforts Internally Train Your Editorial Team Train Your IT Department Train Your Social Media Team@TallChickVichttp://www.flickr.com/photos/joel_nilsson/5357741691/
    23. 23. 4. Promote, Promote, Promote Tweet blog throughout the day/week/month, changeup the tweet’s content Google+: Use targeted keywords in status update Linkedin: Share in Industry Groups or Update Status@TallChickVic
    24. 24. Promote in Social - Twitter Title + Blog image + Link + Hashtag
    25. 25. Promote in Social – Facebook Text + Link + Upload Image
    26. 26. Promote in Social – Google+ Use keywords in status updates Google sees it as anchor text@TallChickVic
    27. 27. Promote Internally Network Internally - Employees are Your CustomersToo! Email Various Departments of Recent Content Share on Intranet@TallChickVichttp://www.flickr.com/photos/heft_still_images/1235645948/
    28. 28. 5. Repurpose Content Update Older Content - Change the Date & Keep theURL the same@TallChickVic
    29. 29. Extend Reach of Content Reach out to Reporters@TallChickVic
    30. 30. Repurpose Content Newsletters -----> Blog Blog ------> PPT Blog Series -----> eBook Slideshare -------> Video http://bit.ly/repurpose-content-seo@TallChickVichttp://www.flickr.com/photos/booleansplit/3354317456/
    31. 31. Thanks!@TallChickVicVictoria Edwards@TallChickVicvictoria.edwards@bcbsfl.comThis is Nemo – Yes, he’s on a diet…