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  • Going mobile with Mitel empowers your organization with choices and the flexibility to ensure all employees have the mobility solutions they need to remain connected and productive. Whether it is the powerful Dynamic Extension solution to make almost any device part of the corporate network, a Teleworker Solution for home-based workers, Audio & Web Conferencing for improving collaboration, or UC Advanced delivering complete unified communication capabilities to your laptop or mobile device, Mitel mobility solutions ensure simple, low cost access from anywhere.An in-office experience – regardless of locationMitel Mobility Solutions empower your business by freeing your people from location constraints by providing a consistent user communication experience both in and out of the office.Enables smarter communication with colleagues, customers, and business partners. Choose the best method of communication before even initiating contact, thereby improving the efficiency of interactions with others.Improved collaboration regardless of locationChoose the device that is right for youMitel Mobile solutions allow you to have advanced unified communications capabilities delivered to your mobile device of choice – regardless of make or modelThis supports the “bring your own phone” environment and can reduce the support requirements on the organization.Single identity across all devices and mediaMitel Mobility Solutions enable users to simply and efficiently control their business communications with just one number and voice mailbox to manage, and easy access to advanced communications capabilities when mobile.Stay in real-time communication on any device, anywhere in the worldDial and receive calls from your office extension no matter where you are Twin to any number, device and network, including up to 8 numbers associated with your extension Improved Customer Service/ResponsivenessImprove customer service by having one extension number as the focal point for all voice communication needs, so that employees will always be reachable and avoid missing callsStreamlined staff managementMitel Mobility Solutions allow the management and monitoring of remote or mobile staff as easily as if they we in the same building.Rich presence information for availabilityImmediate access via most appropriate communication methodImproved collaboration regardless of locationSolutions to fit your business - your business, your wayMitel Mobility Solutions are flexible enough to meet the varying needs of dynamic organizations, regardless of business size, structure, or type.True flexibility means you don’t have to change your business to fit the technology that supports it—and you shouldn’t be locked into your current business model.Best of breed partnershipOffer access to products and solutions from Research in Motion to compliment Mitel’s portfolioDeep integration of product and services to benefit the end userMitel® Mobility Solutions are a continuum of Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, leveraging the same single software stream to deliver a consistent user experience wherever business happens. This approach gives you the freedom to choose the device or devices, the network type, and the environment – dedicated or virtualized – to support individual communication preferences and requirements without compromise or added complexity.
  • Corporate presentations - Graham Bevington

    1. 1. The Move to HostedGraham BevingtonManaging Director, EVP International Markets
    2. 2. The Move to Hosted• About Mitel• Key Market Drivers in Business Communications• Why go Hosted for Unified Communications?• Mitel & Talk Talk Business •Mitel | Confidential •slide 2
    3. 3. About Mitel 3 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 3
    4. 4. About Mitel Founded in 1973 More than In over 100,000 100 Customers countries More than 2,000 1,600 Employees Partners 4 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 4
    5. 5. OUR VISION•To be the premier business communicationsand collaboration company in our industry Not the largest – simply the best • Delivering superior financial results • Loyal customers and partners • A place where people want to work 5 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 5
    6. 6. OUR MISSION To deliver solutions that enable our customers to communicate and collaborate, and to conduct business anywhere, over any medium with the device of their choice. 6 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 6
    7. 7. Mitel Financial Highlights• Publically traded (Nasdaq:MITL)• 2011 fiscal year revenues: U.S. $650 millionRevenues by Region (FY 2011) Revenues by Business Segment (FY 2011) 7 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 7
    8. 8. Mitel Market Share in Key Markets •Q1 – Q4 2011 •UK #2 with 23.3% •Netherlands #3 with 19.3% •France #6 with 4.9% •Australia #4 with 10% (2010) •Canada #3 with 19.5% •USA #3 with 9.5% • IP Extensions Shipped • Source: Corded PBX-IP PBX – Q4 2011 – World, MZA •Source: MZA IP-PBX Report Q2 2011 - September 2011 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 8
    9. 9. Mitel UK Market Share - Full Year 2011% IP Extensions Market all segment sizes (excluding micro) •Source: MZA Consultants Ltd 35 •PBX/IP-PBX Report Q4 2011 – March 2012 31.54% 30 Mitel clear #2 in UK 25 23.3% 19.96% 20 15 10 6.39% 5 3% 7.88% 0 1.68% 1.43% 1.22% 1.01% 0.78% 0.78% 0.6% 0.44% •Mitel | Confidential •slide 9
    10. 10. Key Market DriversIn BusinessCommunications 10 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 10
    11. 11. Market Drivers Unified Comms & CollaborationCloud/Hosted/Virtualization Mobility •Mitel | Confidential •slide 11
    12. 12. Key Market DriverUnified Communications & Collaboration•January 2012 “Unified Communications Purchase Plans 2012” •Mitel | Confidential •slide 12
    13. 13. Key Market DriverMobility - Freedom to Work Anywhere An in-office experience, regardless of location Freedom of device choice (supporting BYOD) Single identity Improved customer service •Mitel | Confidential •slide 13
    14. 14. Key Market Driver Cloud/Hosted/Virtualization •Hosted Voice, SMB & Enterprise Segments 2 •2011 •2014 •5% •10% •95% •90% •Hosted VaaS users •Voice CPE users•Enterprise Virtualization Management 3 •Mitel % Virtualized IPT and UCC Apps Forecast 4 •2011 •2014 •2011 •2014 •% Mitel •2% •32% Virtual •30% •34% IPT •68% •98% •70% •66% •% Mitel Virtual •34% •34% UCC •66% •66% Apps •Virtualized Apps •Server Apps •2 Gartner, Gartner Predicts 2011: Adoption of UC Creates New Sourcing and Deployment Challenges, 2010 •3 Gartner, x86 Virtualization Market Driven by Management and Desktop Needs, 2010 •Mitel Confidential •4 Mitel forecast based on Mitel sales |metrics in Q1, CY2011 •slide 14
    15. 15. Catch The Mitel Wave - it’s our 3rd one! •Wave 1 IP Telephony Unified • MCD •Wave 2 Communications Software Mitel Virtual, •Wave 3 Cloud & Hosted UC Solutions It’s all about timing! •Mitel | Confidential •slide 15
    16. 16. Which brings us to…….. •A Single Cloud-Ready Software Stream •An In-Office Experience Anywhere •Freedom From Walled Garden Architectures •Freedom of Commercial Offerings •Including Hosted! •Mitel | Confidential •slide 16
    17. 17. The question used to be .... PBX Versus Hosted Telephony •Mitel | Confidential •slide 17
    18. 18. Now the question should be..... On-Site Unified Communications Or Hosted Unified Communications •Mitel | Confidential •slide 18
    19. 19. The Advantages ofHosted UnifiedCommunications 19 •Mitel | Confidential •slide 19
    20. 20. What do you get with a Mitel & TalkTalk Business Hosted solution?• It’s hosted Unified Communications not hosted voice. • All the features of a CPE UC solution in a hosted environment• Full service and support wrap from TalkTalk Business • With an SLA that fits your business need• Deployment flexibility over the long term • Hosted, CPE or Virtual with the same user experience, same phones, same applications • No lock in to one fixed deployment method• Fully supports emerging trends including “Bring Your Own Device” • Ability to deliver full UC to Blackberry, Android and iOS •Mitel | Confidential •slide 20
    21. 21. Key Advantages of Hosted UC for the end user (vs CPE)• Subscription based OPEX model • Easier to plan & budget • Lower TCO • Off balance sheet• PBX for life: • Always on the latest version, features, applications• Easy In-Life Service & Support • Non disruptive, centrally delivered via TalkTalk Business • Centralised System Management, Upgrades, Enhancements• Business Continuity built-in (resiliency)• Flexibility: • Proof of concepts easy to run • Models to cater for seasonal environments easy to achieve
    22. 22. Mitel & TalkTalk Business 22
    23. 23. Mitel Cloud Go-to-Market Strategy •Cloud Ecosystem •End-customer •Value •MSPs  Single sourcing – voice and other •VARs business applications  Subscription pricing (OpEx vs. CapEx)  Simplified management•Mitel  Lower cost of ownership •System •Service •Integrators •Providers  Faster time to value •IaaS •PaaS •Mitel | Confidential •slide 23
    24. 24. Mitel and TalkTalk Business • Mitel and TalkTalk Business relationship goes back over 10 years • Significant experience in working together to sell & support Mitel CPE solutions over this period • TalkTalk Business have played a key role in Mitel UK market share growth • TalkTalk Business are fully accredited on Mitel hosted and CPE solutions, offering a range of complementary services • Business grade network • SLA and Support • Complementary Applications •Mitel | Confidential •slide 24
    25. 25. Getting Started 3 Key Questions when considering Hosted1 Communications empowers your business and your people. Do you want to risk compromising this when moving to hosted unified communications? NO Previous hosted voice offerings were limited in capabilities and quality. Mitel Hosted is fully featured unified communications, delivering exactly the same as Mitel’s on- premise solution2 Hosted unified communications is only as good as the network it is delivered on. Are you confident in your service provider? YES TalkTalk Business provide business grade network connectivity TalkTalk Business offer quality SLA and support3 Is your Hosted choice a secure long term solution for your business communications? Mitel Hosted unified communications leverages our core MCD software stream. It is core YES to our business and core to our R&D roadmap Mitel Freedom provides long term flexibility of deployment and migration opportunities 25
    26. 26. THANK YOUGraham Bevington, Managing Director, EVPgraham_bevington@mitel.comVISIT WWW.MITEL.COM FOR MORE INFO•The information conveyed in this presentation, including oral comments and written materials, is confidential and proprietary to Mitel® and is intended solely for Mitel employees andmembers of Mitel’s reseller channel. If you are not a Mitel employee or a Mitel authorized PARTNER, you are not the intended recipient of this information and are not invited to theconference, and cannot participate in or listen to and/or view the presentation. Please delete or return any related material. Mitel will enforce its rights to protect its confidential andproprietary information, and failure to comply with the foregoing may result in legal action against you or your company.