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Mobile Now Publishing 20120604


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A rundown of the accomplishments at MobileNow Group, a Mobile App developer based in Shanghai, China, founded by Jerry Lin

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Mobile Now Publishing 20120604

  1. 1. Publishing Introduction Shanghai June 4 2012 The information contained herein is the property of Mobile Now International Inc. and strictly confidential. It is intended for use only by the recipient then only to the extent necessary to consider a business relationship and retention and/or licensing of services with Mobile Now International Inc., and for no other purpose. The recipient is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, reproduction or use of this Company Presentation, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Mobile Now International Inc. By reading beyond the first page of this document, the reader agrees to be bound to these legal conditions and that any breach of would cause Mobile Now International Inc. irreparable harm and monetary damage.(c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  2. 2. Market SituationWith more than 650 000 apps across, the Apple App Store is a colossalmarket, which generated 3,5 billion of dollar of turn over for 2011 alone.The Apple App store is definitely the place to be but with so manycompetitors and more than 1000 new apps everyday on Apple App Storeit is becoming really hard to get some visibility and to transform yourgame as a “Killer App” OUR MISSION : Help you app to succeed in it’s release on the app store. OUR PROMISE : Generate mobile traffic, bring you visibility, an audience and an optimal media coverage. (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  3. 3. Super Ball Escape > Action adventure game designed to challenge balance and agility skills (Gyroscope Control). > #1 downloaded game in China within 3 days! Top 20’s around many other countries. > Available on iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad Reached #1 iPad Game rank in China (May 2011) Reached #1 iPhone Game rank in China (Feb 2011)(c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  4. 4. Super Ball Escape [Video] Escape to Freedom from crazy maze... beware of the patrol robots... become a rolling balance master... unlock special powers upgrades. UIWindow 1024 x 768 Youku Youtube 2011 Mobile Now Inc.
  5. 5. King of Frogs Top 5 Game in 62 countries (Puzzle / Family Cat, May 2011.) Puzzle Casual Game. Mass / Simple. For everyone! Features: Unlock the next levels, in App Payment, Story Mode + Quick Play Mode.(c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  6. 6. King of Frogs [Video] UIWindow 1024 x 768 Youku Youtube 2011 Mobile Now Inc.
  7. 7. Our Expertise w Press Marketing Relations Support Activities Creation of Marketing Content (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  8. 8. Creation of Marketing ContentCreate the perfect content for you game is essential to grab mediaattention but is also a crucial criteria for end users.iTunes page and the hierarchy of decision criteria for users to download:1) Screens shots2) Text description3) Rating with stars4) Comments(source: Appsteur survey) (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  9. 9. iTunes description Chinese English French Japanese (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  10. 10. Screenshots (enhanced marketing visuals / not just screenshots) King of FrogsSuper Ball Escape (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  11. 11. Video trailers - Viral Videos(Teaser creates the hype / Trailer converts to downloads) (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  12. 12. Press RelationsWith more than 3,000 Games, IT and Mass Mediajournalists contacts we cover all major relevant media inEurope/North America and Asia.Let Mobile Now inform the world how your latest app is amust have! (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  13. 13. Press release drafting and distribution (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  14. 14. We cover major IT / games media worldwide (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  15. 15. Managing professional reviews effective e-PR and Q&A management!Super Ball Escape (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  16. 16. w Marketing Support activities Maximize visibility Maximize downloads Cross promotion with our games network Get the best user ratings and reviews Get accurate and useful user statisticsWe help you to choose and implement the best marketing services dedicated to your app. (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  17. 17. Advertising Network PartnersWe help you plan your game advertising on the most popular and effective advertising platforms.We have direct relationships with the largest ad networks.Bring visibility and drives to more downloads of your game through advertising in:- other iOS applications/games- multiple ad networks- targeted to your audience (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  18. 18. Mobile Advertising Examples Video.Step1 Video.Step2 Ad banner sample Interstitial (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  19. 19. Maximize downloads and user ratingsUsing some of the best mobile services you can guaranty to maximize theamount of downloads and get a large amount excellent user reviews + 5 starsratings. (c) 2012 Mobile Now Inc.
  20. 20. Next steps > Roles Definition / engagement > Budget confirmation (Assets / Media) > PR / Marketing / Media Planning > Prepare video teaser creation brief > Start media planning groundwork(c) 2011 Mobile Now Inc.