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What not to do on Social Channels


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This is a simple presentation from a Tradeshow we exhibited at that was looping. See our other presentations for more robust information on this topic! Look through our awesome stuff here on SlideShare! PS: At the end of this presentation is a fun "behind the scenes" of the Talking Finger crew at a PR photo shoot…for your entertainment!

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What not to do on Social Channels

  1. 1. What not to do on Social Networks
  2. 2. Topics Auto-Posting Programs Talking and Not ListeningNot-Commenting/Engaging Back
  3. 3. Auto-Posting Programs These programs are great tools BUT they are not the right tool for multi-channel communication… why?
  4. 4. QuickTime™ and a AVC Coding decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  5. 5. Saying the same thing on different channels does the following:Tunes the audience out. Just like LoisTells your audience your lack of Social Media knowledge.Coca Cola doesn’t auto-post! Follow what the Fortune 500 companies do. …And then we have this problem! Content is everywhere and its simple. If done right, one Blog post can easily be staggered to hit Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.Different Channels NEED different content because the audience is different and they are there for a completely different/specific need.
  6. 6. Blogs tell a story. Twitter tells you what JUST HAPPENED Pinterest is where the girls areFacebook stores your ramblings, forever to be shared and commented upon YouTube is where you see the stuff you cant do or would want to Linked In is where you wear your suit
  7. 7. Content.Blog: Sushi...Blah Blah Blah...Sushi...etcTwitter: OMG this is the best sushi place ever! I love @Nobu#RockShrimpPinterest: Here are the pics of them making my dish! (insert 5 photoshere)Facebook: (Question Post) Whats your favorite sushi?YouTube: Take a look at the sushi chef making our rolls and all thepeople in here!Linked In: Update status. Let your connections that Nobu is a great hipplace to have a client lunch or dinner.
  8. 8. Talking and Never ListeningUse platforms to shout your message Talk about yourself continually
  9. 9. Social is a two way street.You need to pay attention to your pages.
  10. 10. This presentation is available on you can download it to your iPhone by scanning this QR-Code.