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In this webinar, we will go through the ways in which Pinterest can be used for marketing, brand awareness and building relationships.

1. Navigation and controls
2. Creating backlinks to websites and social channels
3. Best practices
4. Terminology and language
5. Copyright issues
6. Q&A (feel free to post a q below!)

Pinterest, the hottest tech startup of late 2011 has been growing at an amazing pace. In early February, Pinterest surpassed 10 million registered users – up more than 500 percent in just five months. By comScore’s reckoning, Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other independent website – ever. Besides that, Pinterest is still using an invitation only registration system which has managed to gather over 5 million active users and become one of the leading traffic sources for many important websites.

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Pinterest: Basics and Beyond Webinar Slides

  1. 1. The Basics and Beyond of... Sponsored by... Ask questions at #TFWEB
  2. 2. Who Are These Guys at Talking Finger? A Social Media Marketing AgencyErik Granato Chris Durso Bill DeRosa Dana Bereza
  3. 3. Facts and Figures -Launched in March 2010 -Invite Only -1.36 million users daily -10.4 million registered users as of February 2012 -Hit 10 million U.S monthly unique visitors faster than any other independent site-Generating more referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.-Its the third most-visited social-networking site in the United States behind Facebook and Twitter-In February 2012, had a 2702.2% total unique visitors increase sinceMay 2011 There is also a 145% daily user increase since 2012 begun
  4. 4. Demographics and Use -Majority of users are female mothers (50% have kids) 25-34 yr olds make up 27.4% 68.2% female, 31.8% male -Average time of 15.8 minutes spent a day-Over 1/5 of Facebook connected users are on Pinterest daily (which amounts to over 2 million people) -Over 80% of pins are “repins” -28% have an income higher than $100k
  5. 5. Graphic/Image Sizes and Specs -The maximum horizontal width of a picture is 554 pixels. Anything larger will be resized -A good infographic dimension is 500 x 2500+,but never larger than 5000: Be Sure Text/Images are Large an Clean, Easy to Read -Although you can use up to 500 characters in a description, users seem to enjoy shorter ones. Settle for using main keywords and descriptors. If you need to add more information, do so in the comment section
  6. 6. The Pinterest Profile: Navigation and Controls
  7. 7. Add a Pin, ProfileUpload Image or Navigation Create a New Pinterest Information Board -Pinterest Guide -Help -“Pin It” Button -Tools
  8. 8. Profile/Logo Description160p X 160p 200 Characters Social, Etsy People you Repin or Website Links Most Often
  9. 9. Board and Profile Who isYour Information Editing Following You. Your Interactions: Who You -Follows Follow. -Likes -Comments
  10. 10. People That YouHave “Followed” Add a “$” to Your Reverse Chronological Description and of Random Pinners Link to ETSY or Links to Shopping Cart YouTube Videos Pins With a Lot of Interactions
  11. 11. SEARCH: Better ThanFacebook, but not Great Search Search Search Term was in Term was the Term was the Description Board Name Profile OR Username
  12. 12. Create a Board Name It Pick One if You Can or Choose “Other” Add Contributors? Create it!NOTE: You Aren’t Done...
  13. 13. Add Description!Save Settings!
  14. 14. Creating Backlinks to YOUR Websites, Blogs and Social Sites Paste A URL Create Link from ANY -Direct Link to Source. Image. This is MostIf You Own the Site Use Flexible...Click This This to See...
  15. 15. Uploading an Image to Create a Custom Link Pick the Board Description NOTE: Use keywords in description as this is the main search signal Pin It!!
  16. 16. Type or Paste Entire http Save Pin!
  17. 17. The Traffic We Drive MostImages to Facebook
  18. 18. Changing/Choosing Board Cover ImageHover Over Any Image Or Board and“Edit Board Cover” Will Appear.
  19. 19. Best Practices and Uses Focus Groups Contests Culture of the companyHelp Desk: Projects (Pictorial, YouTube, SlideShare): You Can Use Links From These Sites! The People Behind the Company
  20. 20. Be SOCIAL!Repin: This Will Allow You to Pin to Any of Your BoardsLike: Adds to theList of Your LikesComment: The Essenceof Social CommunicationRegardless, That Person Is Notified You Took Action
  21. 21. Facebook Plug-In’sThese Plug-In’s Help Bring Awareness toYour Pinterest Profile
  22. 22. Other Tools Pin It Browser Button: This Tool is Placed in Your Browser Bar. When You see an Image you Want to Pin Somewhere on the Internet, click the Pin It Button. It is a Simple Way to Pin Images You Find onto Your Own Boards Follow Button: Put This on Your Website. It Creates a Direct Link to Your Pinterest ProfilePin It Button for Websites: A Great Button to Use for Specific Images on YourWebsites and Blogs. This Allows Users to Pin Your Image on Their Boards.
  23. 23. How Does Pinterest Make Money? Can We Pay to Advertise? Previously...If you post a pin to Pinterest, and it links to an ecommerce site that happens to have an affiliate program, Pinterest modifies the link to add their own affiliate tracking code. If someone clicks through the picture from Pinterest and makes a purchase, Pinterest gets paid. They were using a service from
  24. 24. Latest Policy...“Right now, we are focused on growing Pinterest and making it more valuable. To fund these efforts, we have taken outside investment from entrepreneurs andventure capitalists. In the past, weve tested a few different approaches to making money such asaffiliate links. We might also try adding advertisements, but we havent done this yet.Even though making money isnt our top priority right now, it is a long term goal.After all, we want Pinterest to be here to stay!” So Be on the Lookout for Paid Advertisement Opportunities in the Future
  25. 25. Copyright Issues and Protecting Your Own Assets Watermark Any of Your ImagesBe Sure All Images You Own are Linked Back to Your Websites/Blogs/Social Profiles Put Your Logo or Name in a Corner of the Image
  26. 26. Copyright Issues and Protecting Your Own Assets When YOU Want to Use Images... Don’t Change URL’s of Images That Aren’t Yours: They Must Always Link Back to Original SourceDo Not Block Out or Modify Watermarks, Copyrights, Logos or any Other Identifying Marks When in Doubt, Don’t Use it!
  27. 27. Who Does It Well?Whole Foods Has a Great Combination of Food Boards (obviously!)but as Well Things Related to Food: Kitchens, Health, Art and Even Their Charity.
  28. 28. Who Does It Well? Brilliant Use of Finding Related Topics Such as Pets (They GoHand in Hand With Vacuuming!) Home Tips, Cooking and Other Random Yet Fun Topics.
  29. 29. Who Does It Well?I Love the Relations Here: The Delivery Truck Board Humanizes the Company, and Gives Us a Behind the Scenes. As Well their Culture as a Charitable Organization
  30. 30. Get inspired by others.Ok Ok, I know it is OUR Board but We Get a Lot of Compliments for our Employee Boards. Showcasing the Four of Our Personalities. This Has Become Very Popular.
  31. 31. Thanks you for joining us today./ TalkingFinger @TalkingFinger / TalkingFinger 203-491-0306