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Google+ Vs. Facebook for Business


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Google+ vs. Facebook for the business professional to build and foster relationships. NOTE: Facebook doe snot allow you to "sell" on Facebook, that is what a fanpage is for. However, you can build relationships and create "lists" to simply engage on a personal level. Need more info?

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Google+ Vs. Facebook for Business

  1. 1. Our Focus Is Social Media!Our Focus Is Social Media! Social Media Marketing Agency
  2. 2. Vs.Utilizing for prospect and client engagement
  3. 3. General PointsPros Create and build personal relationshipsPeople do business with people they know Long term continual engagement
  4. 4. General PointsDo....Show interest in and listen to others Be real, be yourself Take time and do it right Have fun!
  5. 5. General PointsCons One bad post can hurt your reputationNew mindset and learning curve If you are a bore...
  6. 6. General PointsDon’t... Use platforms to shout your message Talk about yourself continuallyUse auto post programs
  7. 7. Text
  8. 8. Newest Major Social Network Fastest Growth In History
  9. 9. Newest Major Social Network Fastest Growth In History ...And by INVITE ONLY with a Gmail account!
  10. 10. Benefits And Features
  11. 11. Hangouts give users the ability to have a video chat with a maximum of10 friends at once (Facebook video chat is a call between two people)
  12. 12. TextCircles allow users to organize contacts into groups and spread them tailored content(wedding pictures with Friends and Family, Financial news with Colleagues...) based onwhat circle they are in. You can also follow anyone, no need to “request” the connection.
  13. 13. Text Major platform integration with other Googleproducts shown and more, such as Calendars and Accounting tools!
  14. 14. Excellent icon based links to other platforms/sites
  15. 15. Personal branding and search.Profiles are being indexed by Google
  16. 16. potential pitfalls
  17. 17. A lot of “Leaders” and early adopters, not many “followers” or consumers.
  18. 18. Mostly B2BCurrently, very weak in B2C communication and engagement
  19. 19. Google+ usage is slowly declining
  20. 20. Must have a Gmail account to joinUnless utilizing Gmail, another service to monitor
  21. 21. Large active user base Average user has 130 friendsThey spend 50 minutes per day on Facebook Broad demographics for B2B and B2C
  22. 22. Benefits And Features
  23. 23. “Timeline” will introduce better “Lists”to echo what Google did with“Circles”
  24. 24. Direct integration with fanpage
  25. 25. Added “Subscribe” to profiles. You will no longer need to “friend” someone to interact with their public posts.
  26. 26. Highly engaged and demographically diverse user base
  27. 27. “Viral” friend sharing/suggestions New “ticker” streams new relationships Suggestions based on existing relationships
  28. 28. potential pitfalls
  29. 29. Poor video conferencing (and only 1 on 1) Facebook’s TOS state “no direct selling” Up against Fanpages, which are MEANT for business
  30. 30. The Conclusion?
  31. 31. Do Both
  32. 32. Our Focus Is Social Media!Our Focus Is Social Media! Social Media Marketing Agency